Live Auctions on Bonanza!

You may or may not know this but each and every day there are live auctions on Bonanza!  If you have ever been a part of a live booth auction, you can vouch that they are fast, fun, and quite social.  A perfect marriage with your booth chat feature and your Bonanza booth.  You can get a pulse on what auctions are occurring on any given day by visiting our message forums and typing "Auction" in the forum search field.  You will find many different themed auctions (Games, tributes, community auctions, etc).  That is the beauty of the Bonanza platform.  You can create any type of auction you like versus being nailed down to one type of auction.  We actually encourage you to be as creative as you like with the Bonanza platform.  

Have you ever visited a live booth auction on Bonanza?  If so, what type of booth auctions did you find the most fun to attend?  Have you ever hosted a live booth auction?  What are some of the creative ideas you have for live booth auctions?  Please do share your ideas and successess in the comments section.


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