Bonanza White + More Sale this Thursday through Sunday!


What would peanut butter be without Jelly?  If you answered "Peanut butter" you are right!  What would a White sale be without a Bonanza Rush?  If you answered, "boring," you are right again!  We agree, so starting this Thursday at 7am PST, Bonanza will host a multiple category, multiple day White sale Rush.  Shoppers can save up to 50%!



We will be featuring:

- Inside the home
Women's shoes
and clothing
Men's clothing, shoes and accessories       


Sellers with items in the following categories will be eligible to participate:  

Inside the Home
Women's Clothing, Women's Shoes
Men's Clothing, Men's Accessories, Men's Shoes

Sellers who wish to join this sale need to have their items added to the Rush (you can sign via your Rush page) for the above mentioned categories no later than this Wednesday at 7am PST (24 hours prior to the Rush sale).  While traditional White sales are exclusively for White linen, our White sale will be open to all items in the above mentioned categories.  Sellers can also right click on the above image and save the image to use when promoting the White sale abroad.

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