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Here is where sellers can list any catch-all policies about their booth. If any of this information is essential to the buying process, the seller will also mention that within their item description -- so don't sweat it if you don't make a habit of looking at the details for every booth!

Booth overview

Buyer MUST follow “EMAIL US AFTER BUY” or “FAQ” section on listing, to avoid any delay/confusion.

Shipping policy

Items will ONLY be sent to the address which was registered on PayPal. Make sure you have a confirmed address, and gives all info required on ad.
Estimates 5-11 working day for normal/registered post, 2-4 working days for express for most countries.
We will ship worldwide Except Nigeria, Vietnam, India, Africa, Indonesia, and remote areas.
Buyers ( importers ) are responsible for import tax, if occurred. For instance, USA does not charge tax over USD $200 goods, Australia does not charge tax over AUD$1000 goods, so check your country’s law first.

Return policy

Returns only apply to item significantly not as described within 7 days of item arrival.
An official document of proof is needed.
Otherwise, upon refund approval, a re-stock fee of 30% excluding S&H is needed. Item(s) must be returned in brand new, un-opened condition and contain all original materials as of listing described.
No return for cases such as :
a. I don’t like the color,
b. I changed my mind.
c. I was expecting another stuff which is different than what was advertised.
d. My son bought it without my approval.
e. non-physical items
Or similar reasons.

For cell phones purchases, within 14 days from parcel arrival, only if DOA / defective happens, then:
1. Buyer send photo for proof (w/ IMEI). 2. We exchange you another stock. 3. Buyer pays shipping to send back ( w/ tracking # ).

“12 months warranty” for cell phones: – Effective from the parcel departure time ( IMEI will be recorded ).

Exclusions and Limitations :

This return/warranty does not cover the following:
a. Repair or replacement of parts, which are subject to normal use during the warranty period or to parts that, may require replacement in connection with normal maintenance.

Damage due to incorrect installations not in conformance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions. It is the responsibility of the installer to ensure that the unit is installed and operating correctly at the time of installation.

c. Damage caused by unauthorized modification, use, or repair.

Miscellaneous details

No return/exchange/complaints for other reasons, such as " I don’t like this color, swap another for me! " " I don’t need it anymore" " I changed my mind and prefer another model " " Why I pay custom fee? " Serious buyer please!

1. What does " unlocked " means here?
“Unlocked” means not sticking with only one certain carrier.

2. I heard some buyers got a defective/DOA item from other sellers?
Rarely happens ( which happened one per 300 stocks in the past ), more likely it broke during delivery. You are covered by this. Simply send us a photo of item for proof ( to avoid scammers ), and we exchange you a new one, also refer “Return Policy” section.

3. Check your carrier coverage before buying a phone.
US carrier list:
Canada carrier list:
Other countries:

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Miscellaneous booth facts

Freebie policy: One freebie per item bought
Combined item discount: None set

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