Inventory for Vintage Plus 2009 Sun, 20 Aug 2017 18:33:26 -0700 RSS feed for VintagePlus2009's items en-us Butterick 6196 History Period Costume Maiden Dress Size 6 8 10 Ladies F/F Uncut <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Image 28 thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $10.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Sewing Patterns<br />Butterick 6169 Historical Costume Size 6, 8, 10 Close fitting, lined, boned vest has princess seams and tie front. Very loose fitting, pullover top has elastic long sleeves and stiched hem. A (shown off shoulders) Flared skirt, floor leng...</td></tr></table> 10.0 488819580 starting 1 488819580 10.00 1 Sewing Patterns Simplicity 8488 Girls Sizes 3-6 Sleepwear Robe Nightgown Pajamas Sewing Pattern <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Image 52 thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $10.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Sewing Patterns<br />Simplicity 8488 Child Girls Sleepwear Sizes 3, 4, 5, 6 Robe A B shaped front gathered to self faced yoke has, V neckline, long sleeves, ribbon ties and lace trim. A has patch pockets. B has elasticed sleeves forming self ruffle and eyele...</td></tr></table> 10.0 488720071 starting 1 488720071 10.00 1 Sewing Patterns Vogue 9085 Very Easy Semi Fitted Pullover Top Collar Band Shaped Narrow Hemline <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Image 45 thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $12.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Sewing Patterns<br />Vogue 9085 Very Easy SIZE: 4-14 Misses' Top: Semi-fitted, pullover top has stand-up collar, notch, French darts, shaped hemline, bosons sleeves and narrow hem. A: Sleeve bands and three-quarter sleeves. B, C: Button cuffs and long sleeves...</td></tr></table> 12.0 457516084 starting 1 457516084 12.00 1 Sewing Patterns Lined Straight Wrap Coat Pattern Butterick 6669 Size 12, 14, 16, Cynthiia Rowley <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Il fullxfull.886149167 hzdy thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $12.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Sewing Patterns<br />Lined Straight Wrap Coat Pattern Butterick 6669 Size 12, 14, 16, Cynthiia Rowley Design Factory Folded Uncut. UPC 031664318958 Etsy</td></tr></table> 12.0 451602473 starting 1 451602473 12.00 1 Sewing Patterns Maternity Dress Tunic Pants Misses' 8 10 12 Vintage Butterick Pattern 4721 Facto <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Il fullxfull.607725055 tqpm thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $12.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Sewing Patterns<br />Vintage Butterick Pattern 4721 Maternity Dress, Tunic, Pants Misses' 8 - 10 - 12 This pattern is factory folded and uncut.</td></tr></table> 12.0 451602468 starting 1 451602468 12.00 1 Sewing Patterns Original Vintage McCalls 8564 12 to 16 inch Baby Doll Wardrobe Sewing Patterns C <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Il fullxfull.763531622 eqqh thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $24.95<br /><b>Category:</b> Antique & Vintage<br />McCall's 8564 This pattern is for small baby or toddler dolls wardrobes, that are 12 to 16 inches Some of those would be Cheerful Tearful, Baby Sue, Baby Cupcake, Snuglebum, Lullabye Baby, lil' Susan, Baby Waddles, Tiny Chatty Baby, and oth...</td></tr></table> 24.95 451602467 starting 1 451602467 24.95 1 Antique & Vintage McCalls MP343 Cinderella Snow White Belle Rapunzel Witch Pattern Size 2 3 4 <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Il fullxfull.655581234 40s5 thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $10.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Sewing Patterns<br />McCall’s MP343 Halloween Costumes, Dress-up clothes for kids play. Girls’ Storybook Costumes Sewing Pattern Size 2, 3 and 4. A- Rapunzel B- Cinderella C- Snow White D- Pretty Witch E- Belle Pattern is Factory Folded and Uncut. Envelop...</td></tr></table> 10.0 451602466 starting 1 451602466 10.00 1 Sewing Patterns Cabbage Patch Kids Butterick 6507 Pajamas Top Pants Nightgown, Size 16 inches <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Il fullxfull.797499698 oy2h thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $6.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Antique & Vintage<br />Cabbage Patch Kids Butterick 6507 Original Appalachian Artworks Copyright: 1984 UPC: 03166410007 Vintage CPK pattern. Package includes clothes to fit approximately 16 inches (40.5cm) Cabbage Patch Kids. Clothes include: pajamas and top wi...</td></tr></table> 6.0 451602465 starting 1 451602465 6.00 1 Antique & Vintage Toddlers Jacket, Overalls, Pants, Hat and Mittens Butterick 5713, Size <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Il fullxfull.757474314 awey thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $10.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Sewing Patterns<br />Butterick 5713 Size L XL Factory Folded with instructions, envelope may have shelf wear, pattern in excellent condition. Toddlers JACKET, OVERALLS, PANTS, HAT MITTENS Loose-fitting, reversible jacket has partially, elasticized hood, pockets...</td></tr></table> 10.0 451602464 starting 1 451602464 10.00 1 Sewing Patterns Dollcraft Sew Pattern, Candy Family, Peppermint Doll, Soft Doll Body, Soft Body <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Il fullxfull.1060838625 al70 thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $7.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Modern (1970-Now)<br />Dollcraft Cuddle Kids 1984 Peppermint Style Number 106 Soft Doll Body Pattern and Clothes New in Package Unopened and Uncut This pattern is made by Dollcraft of Calgary. It is a complete pattern uncut. It contains pattern pieces and inst...</td></tr></table> 7.0 451602462 starting 1 451602462 7.00 1 Modern (1970-Now) McCall's M5494 Costumes Sewing Pattern Girls sizes 3, 4, 5, 6 Princess and Witch <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Il fullxfull.838943426 c6le thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $10.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Sewing Patterns<br />McCall's Costumes Sewing Pattern M5494 2007 Girls sizes 3, 4, 5, 6 Princess and Witch Costumes. Factory Folded and uncut. Envelope may has shelf wear from storage. Children's and Girls' Princess and Witch Costumes: Long dress has semi-fit...</td></tr></table> 10.0 451602461 starting 1 451602461 10.00 1 Sewing Patterns Burda 3167 Baby Coordinates Sizes 6 months to 3 years Eur 68-98 Jacket with Hat <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Il fullxfull.828245731 98tp thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $8.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Sewing Patterns<br />Burda 3167 Baby Coordinates Sizes 6 months to 3 years Eur 68-98 Jacket with hood with Hat Pull on Pants, Separate Hat with Ear covers. Very loose fitting. Drawstring waist for safety reasons, elastic is recommended to replace the drawstri...</td></tr></table> 8.0 451602460 starting 1 451602460 8.00 1 Sewing Patterns Simplicity 8004 Childs Kids Costumes Sizes Small to Large Dracula Vampires Witch <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Il fullxfull.626247324 fdiy thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $10.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Sewing Patterns<br />Vintage 1992 Simplicity 8004 Childs Kids Costumes Dracula Vampires Witches, Patterns all in one and More. upc: 039363130123 Sizes Small to Large. Boys and Girls This is uncut and factory folded never used. Instructions included. The packa...</td></tr></table> 10.0 451602459 starting 1 451602459 10.00 1 Sewing Patterns Dollcraft 1984, #305 Cuddle Kids, Giggles Soft Doll, Body Clothes, Giggles Style <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Il fullxfull.1060847537 pw8g thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $7.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Modern (1970-Now)<br />Dollcraft Cuddle Kids 1984 Giggles Style Number 305 Soft Doll Body Pattern and Clothes New in Package Unopened Uncut This pattern is made by Dollcraft of Calgary. It is a complete pattern uncut. It contains pattern pieces and instructions...</td></tr></table> 7.0 451602457 starting 1 451602457 7.00 1 Modern (1970-Now) Little Vogue 7824 Pattern Princess Costume Formal Dress Flower Girl Dress <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Il fullxfull.639263091 1chr thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $10.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Sewing Patterns<br />Vogue 7824 Pattern Princess Costume Flower Girl Dress Formal Dress Size S M L XL Children Children's Girls' Costume Dress evening length, has close fitting, shaped bodice,peplum, flared skirt, Velcro closing, bow and knot and above elbow ...</td></tr></table> 10.0 451602452 starting 1 451602452 10.00 1 Sewing Patterns Harem Aladdin Costumes Adults Women Simplicity 5359 Sizes RR 14 16 18 20 <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Il fullxfull.667787036 pfr7 thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $12.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Sewing Patterns<br />Harmen Aladin Costumes Adults Women Simplicity 5359 Sizes RR 14 16 18 20, Eur 40-46, FR 42-48, Factory Folded Uncut with instructions. Envelope may have some storage wear, tissue pattern undamaged.</td></tr></table> 12.0 451602447 starting 1 451602447 12.00 1 Sewing Patterns Simplicity 7073 Sewing for Dummies Doll Clothes Pattern Wardrobe for 11.5 Inches <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Il fullxfull.1060860747 334d thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $12.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Other<br />Simplicity 7073 Sewing for Dummies Doll Clothes Pattern Simplicity Pattern Company Pattern 7073 Description Wardrobe for 11 1/2 Inch Fashion Dolls Simplicity sewing pattern 7073, part of Simplicity Early Spring 2002 collection. Pattern fo...</td></tr></table> 12.0 451602446 starting 1 451602446 12.00 1 Other Kitchen Accessories Set Simplicity 6144 Pot Holders Oven Mitts Casserole Mitt <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Il fullxfull.890549736 132a thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $6.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Sewing Patterns<br />Kitchen Accessories Set Simplicity 6144 Pot Holders, Oven Mitts, Casserole Mitt, Calendar, Organizer, Factory folded uncut, envelope may have shelf wear. Tissue pattern in excellent condition.</td></tr></table> 6.0 451602445 starting 1 451602445 6.00 1 Sewing Patterns Simplicity 4702, Fashion Dolls Clothes, 11 1/2 inches doll, Blouses, Skirt, Pant <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Il fullxfull.1060854883 t73g thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $12.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Other<br />Simplicity Pattern 4702 11 1/2" Fashion Doll Designed by: Andrea Schewe 2004 Pieces 34 and instructions to make: Blouses, Skirt, Pants, Capri Pants, Dress, Gown and Hooded Jacket. upc 0396328805</td></tr></table> 12.0 451602442 starting 1 451602442 12.00 1 Other Costumes Simplicity 4454 Halloween Misses Men Teens Sizes XS S M L XL Wizards <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Il fullxfull.647137225 ombi thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $12.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Sewing Patterns<br />Costumes Simplicity 4454 Halloween Misses Men Teens Sizes XS S M L XL Wizards Ghouls Hippy Cat Mice Factory Folded Uncut, 30 pieces in total. Envelope may show signs of shelf wear from storage. Pattern not damaged like new. upc: 039363281863</td></tr></table> 12.0 451602440 starting 1 451602440 12.00 1 Sewing Patterns Simplicity 9768 Crafts, Christmas No sew, Tree Topper, Ornaments Swag Tree Skirt <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Il fullxfull.1068608241 bvna thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $10.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Sewing Patterns<br />Simplicity 9768 Crafts, 1995 Christmas No sew, Tree Topper, Ornaments Swag, Tree Skirt, Wreath, House and Church. Directions for Baked and Decorated Gingerbread House. upc 039363172499 Pattern is Factory Folded and Uncut. Envelope has some...</td></tr></table> 10.0 451602439 starting 1 451602439 10.00 1 Sewing Patterns Retro 1950s Apron Collection Mccalls 2811 Pattern 5 Styles Design Full Wrap Bib <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Il fullxfull.741156581 jn30 thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $14.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Sewing Patterns<br />Mccalls 2811 Retro 1950s Misses' Aprons: Apron A has back wrap aprons B through E have back tie closure aprons B, D And E have contrast variations. All sizes included in this pattern Uncut And Factory Folded, some shelf wear on package. A...</td></tr></table> 14.0 451602422 starting 1 451602422 14.00 1 Sewing Patterns Simplicity Pattern 7643 Hugs and Stitches Size AA 1-2 Baby Toddler Jumpsuit Dres <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Il fullxfull.706077337 jhac thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $12.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Sewing Patterns<br />Simplicity Pattern 7643 Hugs and Stitches Size AA 1-2 Baby Toddlers Jumpsuit and Dress. Year date 1996 This pattern is factory folded and uncut. Patterns that have been cut are verified. Pattern has been neatly folded and placed in envel...</td></tr></table> 12.0 451602415 starting 1 451602415 12.00 1 Sewing Patterns McCalls Crafts 8552 VTG, Fashion Wardrobe Doll 8 Dresses Gowns Bridal Dress 11.5 <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Il fullxfull.967113560 ll17 thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $6.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Sewing Patterns<br />Vintage McCalls Crafts 8552, Fashion Wardrobe, 8 Dresses, Gowns, Bridal Dress, Fashion Dolls 11.5 inches . Vintage pattern has been cut with instructions and are in excellent condition. Envelope has minor shelf wear.</td></tr></table> 6.0 451602410 starting 1 451602410 6.00 1 Sewing Patterns Wedding Dress Bridesmaids Dresses Vintage Size 12 EUR 40 Simplicity 8413 Pattern <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Il fullxfull.970852726 j5fk thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $12.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Sewing Patterns<br />Vintage Sew Simplicity 8413 Pattern 1987 off Shoulders Wedding Dress Bridesmaids Dresses Size 12, EUR 40 The pattern has been cut with no damage to pieces. The envelope is missing top flap and has general shelf wear no damage to the tissue...</td></tr></table> 12.0 451602409 starting 1 451602409 12.00 1 Sewing Patterns Formal Dress Evening Dress Weddings Special Occasions Butterick 5875 <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Il fullxfull.886369590 fix3 thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $12.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Sewing Patterns<br />Formal Evening Dress Weddings Special Occasions Butterick 5875 Size 12, 14, 16 Factory Folded Uncut Envelope has shelf wear from storage tissue pattern has no damage. UPC 031664287742</td></tr></table> 12.0 451602408 starting 1 451602408 12.00 1 Sewing Patterns Lingerie Busteir, Sashes Gathered Ties, Pattern Simplicity 9180 4 Fitted Styles, <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Il fullxfull.1090132055 p277 thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $12.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Sewing Patterns<br />Simplicity 9180 Tops Busteir, Sashes Gathered Ties, Pattern, 4 Fitted Styles, Sizes 6-16, EUR 32-42, FR 34-44, Factory Folded Uncut, envelope has minor storage wear, Instruction included. upc: 039363239093</td></tr></table> 12.0 451602406 starting 1 451602406 12.00 1 Sewing Patterns Simplicity 5747 Men's Accessories Pattern Apron Log Carrier Tool Organizer Handy <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Il fullxfull.787727136 q8lc thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $12.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Sewing Patterns<br />Simplicity 5747 Sewing Pattern 2002 Men's Accessories One Size Pattern and instructions to make indoor and outdoor men's accessories: apron (cooking and work), log carrier, remote holder, tool organizer, hat, face warmer, stadium seat pillow ...</td></tr></table> 12.0 451602399 starting 5 451602399 12.00 5 Sewing Patterns Simplicity 9466 Sewing Pattern Formal Evening Wear Weddings Proms Tops Skirts Wr <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Il fullxfull.741251789 kpaz thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $10.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Sewing Patterns<br />Simplicity 9466 Sewing Pattern Formal Tops Skirts Wrap Size 6 - 12 Tops A, B and C have front princess seams and back buttons. Semi-fitted A and Fitted C have front slits. Fitted lined B has boning, optional trimming and can be made with or ...</td></tr></table> 10.0 451602381 starting 1 451602381 10.00 1 Sewing Patterns Vintage McCalls 4375 Size 6 Children Girls Kitty Benton Pinafore Pantaloon Pants <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Il fullxfull.741517910 14ph thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $12.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Sewing Patterns<br />McCalls 4375 Size 6 Children Girls Kitty Benton Pinafore Pantaloons Pants Detachable Collar upc 023795437554 The pinafore comes with a detachable collar to create two pinafores in one. Ruffled sleeves and a gathered skirt with tucks complet...</td></tr></table> 12.0 451602380 starting 1 451602380 12.00 1 Sewing Patterns Vintage Wedding Dress Pattern Simplicity 8476, Size 12, Bridesmaid Maid of Honor <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Il fullxfull.901746995 auly thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $15.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Sewing Patterns<br />SIMPLICITY 8476 size 12 Bust 34, Waist 26.5, Hip 36 upc 03936303578 Misses' Lined or Unlined Fitted Brides' or Bridesmaids' Dress in Two Lengths Dress with fitted bodice has sweetheart neckline back zipper full skirt, gathered to bodice...</td></tr></table> 15.0 451602376 starting 1 451602376 15.00 1 Sewing Patterns Vintage Butterick 4310, Flower Girls, Wedding Party Dress, Special Occasion, Sew <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Il fullxfull.1006433397 ikpn thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $10.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Children<br />Vintage Butterick 4310 Wedding party Dress Flower Girl Sewing Pattern 1995 Children's Dress and Petticoat Ankle-length Dress has close-fitting, lined bodice, flared skirt with front gathers, back pleats and gathers, back zipper, and bow and ...</td></tr></table> 10.0 451602372 starting 1 451602372 10.00 1 Children Butterick 4824 Vintage Gowns Dresses Formals Pattern Multi Size 8 10 12 <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Il fullxfull.611395097 ptdf thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $10.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Sewing Patterns<br />Butterick 4824 Vintage Gowns Dresses Formals Pattern Misses' Multi-Size (8 10 12) (14 16 18) (20 22 24) Uncut Factory Folded envelope may have some shelf wear but pattern excellent no damage with instructions. upc 034664249085 Lined dress,...</td></tr></table> 10.0 451602366 starting 1 451602366 10.00 1 Sewing Patterns Wedding Gown Butterick Pattern B4918 Misses' Retro Dress Prom Dress Ball Gown <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Il fullxfull.741259405 psmg thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $25.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Sewing Patterns<br />Retro Butterick Patterns B4918 Misses' Dress Wedding Gown Prom Dress Size AA 6 8 10 12 MISSES’ DRESS: Underlined and lined, strapless, floor length dress, has close-fitting boned bodice, fully gathered skirt, princess seams and back zipper. ...</td></tr></table> 25.0 451602351 starting 1 451602351 25.00 1 Sewing Patterns Wedding Bridesmaids Special Occasions Dresses Size 12 Vintage 1987 McCalls 3485 <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Il fullxfull.886365244 r4lv thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $12.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Women<br />Wedding, Bridesmaids, Special Occasions, Dresses Size 12, Vintage 1987 McCalls 3485 Pattern has been cut all pieces included and no damage. Envelope does have some shelf wear but intact. UPC 0237900695</td></tr></table> 12.0 451602324 starting 1 451602324 12.00 1 Women Simplicity Pattern 5878 Designs by Karen Z Men Women Teens Unisex Sewing Pattern <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Il fullxfull.893047734 sza3 thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $12.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Sewing Patterns<br />This Simplicity Pattern 5878 will create a jacket, vest or top for your favorite guy or yourself as it is a unisex pattern. This is a one size pattern with sizes XS - XL with finished chest measurements ranging from 42 - 58 inches. Finished...</td></tr></table> 12.0 451602316 starting 1 451602316 12.00 1 Sewing Patterns Vogue 2979, Wedding Dress, Pattern 2979, Size 12-14-16, Lined Dresses, Bodice <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Il fullxfull.902447855 gnkg thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $22.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Sewing Patterns<br />Vogue 2979 Wedding Dress Size 12-14-16 Lined Dresses, Bodice and Sleeves Lacey Factory Folded Uncut. Envelope may have shelf wear.</td></tr></table> 22.0 451602304 starting 1 451602304 22.00 1 Sewing Patterns Simplicity Pattern 8093 Size HH 3/6 Girls PJs Nightwear Top Bottoms Short Long S <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Il fullxfull.626265349 m5v2 thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $10.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Sewing Patterns<br />Simplicity Pattern 8093 Size HH 3 to 6 Girls PJs Nightwear Children's Nightgowns short to long, Pajamas pant bottoms pullover tops, long and short sleeves, Robe. All Materials to use should be Non Flammable for Childs' Factory Folded and ...</td></tr></table> 10.0 451602293 starting 1 451602293 10.00 1 Sewing Patterns Simplicity 8683 Women Lined Coat Three Length Belt Double Breasted Raglan Sleeve <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Il fullxfull.1058254354 l1w9 thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $12.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Women<br />Original Pattern by Simplicity 8683 Year-1993 Size-Misses' 12 thru 16 Style-Classic, Dress up/Dress down, Career, Business Woman, Winter Wardrobe Condition: Factory Folded and Uncut and Complete. Pattern and Instructions excellent. Oute...</td></tr></table> 12.0 451602252 starting 1 451602252 12.00 1 Women Butterick 4030, Cape Sew Pattern, Lower Calf Length, Long Cape, Front Button FF <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Il fullxfull.1113267883 i7z3 thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $12.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Sewing Patterns<br />Butterick 4030, Cape Easy Sew Pattern, Lower Calf Length, Long Cape, Front Button, Frog Closure, Collar Capelet, Contrast Collar, Hood Hoodie. Size Extra Small, Small, Medium Pattern is Uncut and Factory Folded. Envelope has some shelf wea...</td></tr></table> 12.0 451602248 starting 1 451602248 12.00 1 Sewing Patterns Costume Magic Mystery Marc Anthony Cleopatra Allura Skulltar Pattern McCall 4585 <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Il fullxfull.642409480 2w01 thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $12.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Sewing Patterns<br />Costume Magic Mystery Pattern McCalls 4585 Size Small 32.5 - 34 Marc Anthony, Cleopatra, Allura, Skulltar Factory Folded Uncut, Instruction included, Envelope has shelf wear pattern is undamaged.</td></tr></table> 12.0 451602247 starting 1 451602247 12.00 1 Sewing Patterns Misses Nightgown, Men's Sleepwear, Nightshirt Pajamas, Long Short Sleeve, Pants <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Il fullxfull.1104355941 af5p thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $10.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Sewing Patterns<br />McCalls 8530, Sleepwear Unisex Size Xlg Xxl Loose fitting pullover nightgown, nightshirt or pajama top has front placket opening and long or short sleeves, pants or shorts have elastic at waist. Sewing pattern is Factory Folded and Uncut....</td></tr></table> 10.0 451602245 starting 1 451602245 10.00 1 Sewing Patterns Simplicity 4987, Aprons 6 Styles, Choose Neck Strap, Tie Ends, Waist Bib Apron <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Il fullxfull.1070593318 kgna thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $6.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Sewing Patterns<br />Simplicity 4987 Set of Aprons Sewing Pattern. Six styles of aprons. V.1 and 2 have self neck strap and tie ends. V.1 has piping and side ribbon or cording ties. Lace trimmed V.5 with self lined bib. V. 6 has a skirt gathered to waistband w...</td></tr></table> 6.0 451602242 starting 1 451602242 6.00 1 Sewing Patterns Father Time Card Holder Decorations Vogue Craft Sewing Pattern 8735 Stocking <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Il fullxfull.872328476 tpq6 thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $10.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Sewing Patterns<br />Designed by Linda Carr, this is Vogue 8735 sewing pattern. Includes A: card holder with outfit 28" tall. Outfit A: includes robe, mittens and boots. B. Stockings 19" long. C, D ornament 6 1/2" tall. Vogue 8735 has Father Christmas Decorati...</td></tr></table> 10.0 451602238 starting 1 451602238 10.00 1 Sewing Patterns McCalls 3141, Home Decorating, Cover Essentials Sofa Cover Chair Cover, Pillow <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Il fullxfull.1072387508 r69o thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $11.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Sewing Patterns<br />McCall's 3141 Easy Sew Cover Essentials to create an exciting new look for your living room. Follow easy to do instructions for sofa chair covers, with optional hold all pockets. Decorative pillows and ottoman. upc 023795314114</td></tr></table> 11.0 451602235 starting 1 451602235 11.00 1 Sewing Patterns Neue Mode 55152 Vintage Pattern Girl Summer Dresses Spring Dress Girls Size 6-11 <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Il fullxfull.913662432 re3s thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $12.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Sewing Patterns<br />Neue Mode M 55152 Girls' Sizes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. Pattern features a dress with a double breasted bodice and a gathered skirt. There are three different collars one can make and it can also be made with short sleeves or sleeveless. These p...</td></tr></table> 12.0 451602233 starting 1 451602233 12.00 1 Sewing Patterns Vintage Neue Mode, Pattern S 55319, Girls Skirt, and Blouse Vest, Multi Style <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Il fullxfull.913668694 byrl thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $12.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Sewing Patterns<br />Vintage Neue Mode, Pattern S 55319, Girls Skirt, and Blouse Vest, Multi Style, Sizes 4 5 6 7 8 9 10, Unopened, Factory Folded upc 4004027553194 These patterns have instructions in six different languages.</td></tr></table> 12.0 451602231 starting 1 451602231 12.00 1 Sewing Patterns McCall's 7501, Sizes FW 18 to 22, Unlined Jacket, Tunic Top, Pull-on Pants <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Il fullxfull.1079226678 614t thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $12.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Sewing Patterns<br />McCall's 7501, Sizes FW 18 to 22. Unlined Jacket, Tunic Top, Pull-on Pants, Pull-on Skirt, Sports or Dress Wear, Non Stop Wardrobe Mix and Match Factory Folded Uncut. Envelope has some shelf storage wear.</td></tr></table> 12.0 451602230 starting 1 451602230 12.00 1 Sewing Patterns Simplicity Full Figure 7343, Size 18W-24W, Women's Tunic, Skirt Pants Wrap <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" alt="Il fullxfull.1125810847 q0nm thumb155 crop" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $12.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Sewing Patterns<br />Simplicity Full Figure 7343, Size 18W-24W, Women's Tunic, Skirt Pants Wrap, Slimming Style, Factory Folded Uncut, English, French, Spanish Insctructions. Women's Tunic, Skirt, Pants, and Wrap: Tunic A, B has round neckline, bust darts, back...</td></tr></table> 12.0 451602229 starting 1 451602229 12.00 1 Sewing Patterns