Inventory for Jazzy and Nana's Treasures Thu, 10 Dec 2015 02:59:30 -0800 RSS feed for honiesbutterfly's items en-us HOT Hot Hot Item - You Are My Sunshine Necklace in long lasting rhodium <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Youaremysunshinesilver_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;12,75<br /><b>Category:</b> Necklaces & Pendants<br />1 inch pendant engraved with the words "You are my sunshine" on a 18 inch long, diamond cut curb chain that sparkles at every turn. Spring ring closure. Choose 22KT gold plated or long lasting rhodium plated. Made in America. These are made to...</td></tr></table> 12.75 243130484 starting 6 243130484 12.75 6 Necklaces & Pendants Gift boxed I love you a bushel and a peck & hug around the neck - Free Gift wit <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Bushel_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;14,00<br /><b>Category:</b> Necklaces & Pendants<br />Two pendants on one necklace makes this piece extra special! Open, 22KT gold plated heart is 3/4 inch in diameter. The rhodium plated 1 inch in diameter circle is engraved with the words "I love you a bushel & a peck & hug around the neck". Bot...</td></tr></table> 14.0 243125162 starting 2 243125162 14.00 2 Necklaces & Pendants Freebie Watchband Beaded Bracelet with any purchase of 20 dollars or more <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Watchbracelet_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;0,00<br /><b>Category:</b> Bracelets<br />This items is used and new. I took the watch parts out to use for my steam punk, and then cleaned and repaired the band. I then inserted beads. This makes the watch band a cute bracelet. The band itself is stretchable. The approx size of it i...</td></tr></table> 0 193609777 starting 1 193609777 0.00 1 Bracelets Training Your Dog : The Step-by-Step Manual <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Trainyourdog_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;5,00<br /><b>Category:</b> Nonfiction<br />Eight carefully planned lessons teach you to apply canine/human learning patterns to train your dog simply, effectively, and permanently., New Successful Techniques for Dog Training! Take eight private lessons from two of America's foremost obe...</td></tr></table> 5.0 191003505 starting 1 191003505 5.00 1 Nonfiction Amaco Craft Clay Machine - formerly pasta machine <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Claymachine_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;18,00<br /><b>Category:</b> Bead Tools<br />Sturdy, stainless steel construction and nine thickness settings for softening and rolling out slabs of any moist clay. Now you can make even, flat sheets, knead two colors together or simply soften any moist clay with the Craft Clay Machine f...</td></tr></table> 18.0 190965887 starting 1 190965887 18.00 1 Bead Tools English Springer Spaniels by Janet Henneberry and Diane McCarty (1980, Hardcover <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Dogbook_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;3,00<br /><b>Category:</b> Nonfiction<br />This book is all about getting, taking care of your new Spaniel. From feeding to house breaking and training. Great book with lots of pictures and illustrations.</td></tr></table> 3.0 189093041 starting 1 189093041 3.00 1 Nonfiction Complete Kitten and Cat Book by Norman H. Johnson (1993, Hardcover) <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Catbook_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;3,00<br /><b>Category:</b> Nonfiction<br />his guide is intended for cat owners. The author offers advice on what to look for when buying a cat, care of kittens, feline ailments, first aid, nutrition, neutering, breeding, traveling, grooming and showing. There are also details about bre...</td></tr></table> 3.0 189066239 starting 1 189066239 3.00 1 Nonfiction How to Have a Fabulous Wedding for $10,000 or Less: Creating Your Dream Day with <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Weddingbook_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;4,00<br /><b>Category:</b> Other Books<br />The Perfect Wedding Is About EleganceNot How Much You Spend Don't worry. You don't have to spend a fortune to have the beautiful wedding you've always wanted. Although the average cost of a wedding today ranges from 20,000 to 30,000, you can ea...</td></tr></table> 4.0 189041975 starting 1 189041975 4.00 1 Other Books The Joy of Flower Arrangement by Hiroko Fujita (1997, Paperback) <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Flowerarrangement_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;3,75<br /><b>Category:</b> Other Books<br />Featuring more than forty color photographs and diagrams, Joy of Flower Arrangement provides easy to master techniques on the basics of flower arranging from a distinguished authority. The first part introduces seven basic arrangements -- the f...</td></tr></table> 3.75 188628907 starting 2 188628907 3.75 2 Other Books Jazzy's Love Expandable Rhodium Bangle Bracelet <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Il_fullxfull.543950561_a75x_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;11,50<br /><b>Category:</b> Bracelets<br />Charm is engraved with the word "Love" on one side and a raised Heart on the other side with an additional smaller heart charm. Our gorgeous and popular bracelets are available in rhodium finish. Feature a sliding mechanism, which makes every b...</td></tr></table> 11.5 153827533 starting 2 153827533 11.50 2 Bracelets Silver Tibetan Earrings 3 Sets <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Il_fullxfull.473721991_qhtv_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;7,00<br /><b>Category:</b> Earrings<br />3 Sets of silver Tibetan charms on silver plated fish hook earrings. These are simple light and can be worn on different occasions.</td></tr></table> 7.0 153827483 starting 1 153827483 7.00 1 Earrings Beaded Shell Choker <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Il_fullxfull.358363365_imsi_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;5,00<br /><b>Category:</b> Other<br />Hand beaded with shells on a memory wire. Choker is one size fits most. Terms 0f Service: I try to describe my items exactly as they are. I accept returns if the items are not significantly as described and the buyer pays for shipping of retu...</td></tr></table> 5.0 153827419 starting 1 153827419 5.00 1 Other Set 3 Ocean Critter Trivets <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Il_fullxfull.261048487_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;10,00<br /><b>Category:</b> Trivets<br />Set of 3. Can be used for decorations or hot plates. anything you wish. Back of plates do not have any hanging mechanisms on them though. Would have to use plate hangers if you wish to hang. or make your own angers for the back. The measue 8in ...</td></tr></table> 10.0 153827407 starting 1 153827407 10.00 1 Trivets Jazzys Handcrafted and Handmade Dream Catcher Rainbow Candle Holder <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Il_fullxfull.261958926_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;24,00<br /><b>Category:</b> Candle Holders & Accessories<br />5" ring Rainbow Wishing Web Candle holder. Made with wood base, natural moss, and feathers. Comes with 2 lime coconut candles. This is really a beautiful table piece. It has the doves of love in the middle.</td></tr></table> 24.0 153827399 starting 1 153827399 24.00 1 Candle Holders & Accessories Jazzys Mysterious Wishing Web Dream Catcher <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Il_fullxfull.261936975_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;25,00<br /><b>Category:</b> Other<br />Black and Gray wishing web. It has a black and gold plated dragon in the contains the energy and to make a bold statement of mystery and self control. Gray can assist in improving relationships toward more stability. Symbolism of t...</td></tr></table> 25.0 153827397 starting 1 153827397 25.00 1 Other Love Friend Forever Beaded Bracelet <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Il_fullxfull.473723190_3l5t_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;15,00<br /><b>Category:</b> Charms & Charm Bracelets<br />The bracelet that says it all! This expression bracelet has sterling silver finish and features three beads each engraved with one of the words, ??Love??, "Friend??, ??Forever??. And dangling heart pendant. Comes gift boxed with a verse card. L...</td></tr></table> 15.0 153827381 starting 1 153827381 15.00 1 Charms & Charm Bracelets Love Remember Forever Bracelet 7.5in <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Il_fullxfull.473774869_mx0c_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;15,00<br /><b>Category:</b> Bracelets<br />This is the bracelet that says it all! Keeping your memories alive bracelet is sterling silver finish and features three beads each engraved with one of the words, “Love”, “Remember”, “Forever”. And dangling heart pendant. It is gift boxed with...</td></tr></table> 15.0 153827463 starting 1 153827463 15.00 1 Bracelets Silver Tibetan Earrings 2 Sets <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Il_fullxfull.473715479_8ebp_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;5,50<br /><b>Category:</b> Earrings<br />2 sets of Tibetan charm earrings. Cobra on silver plated fish hooks. Double headed dragon on gold plated fish hook earrings. Both are fashionable, light weight and can be worn with anything.</td></tr></table> 5.5 153827447 starting 1 153827447 5.50 1 Earrings Enchanting Spring Butterfly Charm Choker Necklace <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Il_fullxfull.441708309_tgzc_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;15,00<br /><b>Category:</b> Necklaces & Pendants<br />Handcrafted and one of a kind. Pewter butterfly on a Rhodium choker.Gold Beads and stones affixed that make it a charming addition to your jewelry collection. Fits most size necks.</td></tr></table> 15.0 153827443 starting 1 153827443 15.00 1 Necklaces & Pendants Christmas Dream Catcher-FREE SHIPPING <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Il_fullxfull.274174019_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;18,00<br /><b>Category:</b> Other<br />Very beautiful and simple. 12" ring and hangs approximate 22". One of a kind</td></tr></table> 18.0 153827439 starting 1 153827439 18.00 1 Other Silver Tibetan Charm Earrings 3 Sets <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Il_fullxfull.473738763_np1z_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;7,00<br /><b>Category:</b> Earrings<br />Tibetan charm earrings. Can be used for all occasions. Light weight, simple and equally lovely. .</td></tr></table> 7.0 153827425 starting 1 153827425 7.00 1 Earrings Vintage Austria Vienna Water Pitcher <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Il_fullxfull.341570591_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;50,00<br /><b>Category:</b> Pitchers<br />Austria Vienna: Possibly that of P. H. Leonard, a New York importer of porcelain, who used a very similar mark c.1890-1908 and in business c.1890-1910 12" in height. base 4.5". This is a very beautiful water pitcher. It has one chip on the und...</td></tr></table> 50.0 153827373 starting 1 153827373 50.00 1 Pitchers Jazzys Dog House Expandable Rhodium Bracelet <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Il_fullxfull.540084281_h761_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;11,50<br /><b>Category:</b> Charms & Charm Bracelets<br />A dog is family you choose, when you bring a puppy into your home, you also bring him into your heart! This charm is a dog house with a dog bone hanging from it. Our gorgeous and popular bracelets are available in larger quantities for a reduce...</td></tr></table> 11.5 153827545 starting 2 153827545 11.50 2 Charms & Charm Bracelets Love Birds Coppe earrings <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Il_fullxfull.274160611_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;2,50<br /><b>Category:</b> Earrings<br />Pierced earrings. Copper with 2 doves. these are light weight and really lovely.</td></tr></table> 2.5 153827351 starting 1 153827351 2.50 1 Earrings Mom Expandable Rhodium Charm Bracelet <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Il_fullxfull.540089619_pxex_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;11,50<br /><b>Category:</b> Charms & Charm Bracelets<br />Charm is engraved with the word "Mom" on one side and "Trust" on the other side. Our gorgeous and popular bracelets are available in larger orders for a discount. Feature a sliding mechanism, which makes every bracelet adjustable as well as a '...</td></tr></table> 11.5 153827519 starting 3 153827519 11.50 3 Charms & Charm Bracelets SteamPunk Key to Time Necklace <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Il_fullxfull.435514893_uo4w_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;20,00<br /><b>Category:</b> Necklaces & Pendants<br />This item has been created and made by me. I used old watch parts and recycled products. The necklace is incased in a rope pewter frame and is one of a kind. You will never find another product made like this because not even I could duplicate ...</td></tr></table> 20.0 153827471 starting 1 153827471 20.00 1 Necklaces & Pendants Silver Tibetan Earrings 2 Sets, Baby Feet and Awareness Ribbn <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Il_fullxfull.473730441_b6ps_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;8,00<br /><b>Category:</b> Earrings<br />2 Sets of Tibetan charm earrings. The cancer ribbon earrings are rhinestone studded. Both pairs are delicate and simple for everyday wearing.</td></tr></table> 8.0 153827405 starting 1 153827405 8.00 1 Earrings Peace Dangle Earrings in Antique Gold Finish <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Il_fullxfull.473764431_lz1c_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;5,00<br /><b>Category:</b> Earrings<br />Antique Gold finish peace charm ensemble with white and light pink pearl beads on chains. Earrings hang approx. 2.5in.</td></tr></table> 5.0 153827353 starting 1 153827353 5.00 1 Earrings Cabernet Sauvignon Handmade Polymer Beads <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Il_fullxfull.492388423_lq22_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;10,00<br /><b>Category:</b> Beads<br />CABERNET SAUVIGNON POLYMER BEADS 154 assorted sizes used as spacers or for any kind of jewelry making. Comes in a plastic wine glass with top. hand made and baked by myself and granddaughter. All natural finish. These are really quite beautifu...</td></tr></table> 10.0 153827345 starting 1 153827345 10.00 1 Beads Believe Charm Necklace with Silk Pouch <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Il_fullxfull.492358489_bs78_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;12,00<br /><b>Category:</b> Necklaces & Pendants<br />"In order to achieve, you must first Believe". This charm necklace features the word 'Believe' engraved on it. This simple necklace is very popular with many of my clients. It is inspirational, as well as fashionable. Features a 2 inch extender...</td></tr></table> 12.0 153827333 starting 2 153827333 12.00 2 Necklaces & Pendants Lots of Love Expandable Rhodium Bangle Charm Bracelet <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Il_fullxfull.557475584_8ke4_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;11,50<br /><b>Category:</b> Bracelets<br />How many ways are there to say "Love"? With our Love charm bracelet, there's plenty. Our gorgeous and popular bracelet is available in rhodium finish and every one has a heart tag. Designed to wear alone, or layer assorted styles for a more per...</td></tr></table> 11.5 153827327 starting 2 153827327 11.50 2 Bracelets FANTASY MAKERS Crackle Nail Polish Set/Lot~RED+BLUE+SILVER+BLACK~Wet N Wild HOT! <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Cracklenail_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;5,00<br /><b>Category:</b> Nail Polish<br />Crackle" Nail Nail Color Kit 4 polishes (.23 fl oz / 7 ml):</td></tr></table> 5.0 95477397 starting 1 95477397 5.00 1 Nail Polish Holiday Food Fun Cookbook <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Imag0118_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;8,95<br /><b>Category:</b> Cookbooks<br />This cookbook gives many different recipes for each holiday. For example, there are "Tombstone Brownies" and "Spooky Ghost Cookies" which I made for Halloween, and "Give Thanks Cornucopias" which I made for Thanksgiving. All of the recipes turn...</td></tr></table> 8.95 82142731 starting 1 82142731 8.95 1 Cookbooks The Chicken Poultry Bible Cookbook <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Imag0111_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;10,25<br /><b>Category:</b> Cookbooks<br />This is by far the best chicken cookbook i have seen. Not only does it have recipes but it has a few notes on the history of cooking with poultry. The definitiv sourcebook with over 800 illustrations. Terms Of Service: I try to describe my ite...</td></tr></table> 10.25 82140735 starting 1 82140735 10.25 1 Cookbooks The Big Book of Pasta <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Imag0110_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;15,00<br /><b>Category:</b> Cookbooks<br />This is a large, beautiful hardcover full glossy coffee table-type book. Cookbooks that follow this presentation format tend to serve best as coffee table conversation starters. But this is not that book. This book is about cooking pasta. It do...</td></tr></table> 15.0 82140289 starting 1 82140289 15.00 1 Cookbooks 3 Inspirational Christmas Plates <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Imag0096_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;20,00<br /><b>Category:</b> Cartoon, TV Characters<br />3 8x8 inspirational plates. You can hang with plate hangers or show them off on photo stands. All are in perfect condition/have never been use. These are really quite pretty for the home or gift giving. Terms Of Service: I try to describe my i...</td></tr></table> 20.0 82137279 starting 1 82137279 20.00 1 Cartoon, TV Characters Gifts from the Kitchen Cookbook <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Gifts_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;7,75<br /><b>Category:</b> Cookbooks<br />Brand new book. The recipes are simple, not a long list of ingredients. The bet part is that nearly all the recipes are very inexpensive to create. Great book! Terms Of Service: I try to describe my items exactly as they are. I accept returns ...</td></tr></table> 7.75 81716031 starting 1 81716031 7.75 1 Cookbooks New Concepts in Nude Photography <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Nude_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;11,00<br /><b>Category:</b> Textbooks, Education<br />NEW CONCEPTS IN NUDE PHOTOGRAPHY Allen, Casey Book Description: A.S. Barnes, New York, 1966. Hardcover. Book Condition: Very Good. Dust Jacket Condition: Good Profusely illustrated, partially in color. 144 pages Terms Of Service: I try to desc...</td></tr></table> 11.0 81715125 starting 1 81715125 11.00 1 Textbooks, Education 2 Apple Photo Frames <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Apple_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;10,25<br /><b>Category:</b> Frames<br />These look scruffy but they are supposed to. never used tags still attached. They both measure 3.5" x 5". however the stand differently. Terms 0f Service: I try to describe my items exactly as they are. I accept returns if the items are not s...</td></tr></table> 10.25 81701601 starting 1 81701601 10.25 1 Frames 2 brand new potholders <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Ovenmitt8_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;3,00<br /><b>Category:</b> Oven Mitts & Potholders<br />2 Brand new pot holders. one is a mit the other or everyday rectangle one. Terms 0f Service: I try to describe my items exactly as they are. I accept returns if the items are not significantly as described and the buyer pays for shipping of r...</td></tr></table> 3.0 81695397 starting 1 81695397 3.00 1 Oven Mitts & Potholders Brand New 1 Potholder/1 Mit <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Ovenmitt6_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;3,00<br /><b>Category:</b> Oven Mitts & Potholders<br />Tags still on. Never been used. . 1 pot holder and 1 matching mit. Terms 0f Service: I try to describe my items exactly as they are. I accept returns if the items are not significantly as described and the buyer pays for shipping of returns w...</td></tr></table> 3.0 81695281 starting 1 81695281 3.00 1 Oven Mitts & Potholders 2 Piece neoprene oven mitt set w/1 hand towel <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Ovenmitt_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;11,84<br /><b>Category:</b> Oven Mitts & Potholders<br />Brand new hand towel and 2 piece set of oven mittens that protects up to 300 degrees. Dark Blue and black. Measurements are 8" x 8.5" and 7" x 12.5". Terms 0f Service: I try to describe my items exactly as they are. I accept returns if the it...</td></tr></table> 11.84 81694729 starting 1 81694729 11.84 1 Oven Mitts & Potholders James Patterson/The Lake House <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Lakehouse_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;6,81<br /><b>Category:</b> Fiction Books<br />New. Read Once. Patterson is a great writer and keeps you on edge til the end. Terms Of Service: I try to describe my items exactly as they are. I accept returns if the items are not significantly as described and the buyer pays for the shippi...</td></tr></table> 6.81 81332469 starting 1 81332469 6.81 1 Fiction Books 2 Vintage Capodimontes/rose/flower basket <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Flower_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;25,00<br /><b>Category:</b> Other<br />CAPODIMONTE PORCELAIN FLOWER BASKET WITH PINK/YELLOW FLOWERS MADE IN ITALY. 3in x 3in. Bottom is marked with the capodimonte seal. It does have a small chip on one of the yellow leafs, hard to notice because it looks like a torn leaf. This is t...</td></tr></table> 25.0 81319197 starting 1 81319197 25.00 1 Other Lots of Potpourri Mix <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Imag0038_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;13,00<br /><b>Category:</b> Other<br />1 large bag is Preach Orchard 1lb, 1 Medium aprox 12oz and 3 small bags (1 oz ea.) I don't know what the other fragrances of the other 4 bags are but smell really good and light fragrance. Great for crafts or putting in dishes around the house....</td></tr></table> 13.0 81196113 starting 1 81196113 13.00 1 Other Avon 2 SSS Skin Products Brand New <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Imag0009_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;11,75<br /><b>Category:</b> Moisturizers<br />1 SSS Satin Glow Gel. Instantly hydrates skin. Use as your nitely body lotion. 6.7fl oz. and 1 SSS Minral gems body scrub. 8.4fl oz. Terms Of Service: I try to describe my items exactly as they are. I accept returns if the items are not signif...</td></tr></table> 11.75 81165981 starting 1 81165981 11.75 1 Moisturizers BEAUTIFUL Matted Poster of ELVIS <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Colorelvis_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;30,00<br /><b>Category:</b> Posters<br />A HUMDINGER OF COLORFUL PHOTOS MATTED AND PUT TOGETHER ON A POSTER BOARD OF ELVIS. INCLUDES WHEN HE WAS BORN WHEN HE DIED AND A LIST OF HIS NUMBER ONE SINGLES. MEASURES 20" X 16" Terms 0f Service: I try to describe my items exactly as they are...</td></tr></table> 30.0 81079093 starting 1 81079093 30.00 1 Posters Elvis Elvis Elvis Beautiful Matted Poster <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Elvis_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;25,00<br /><b>Category:</b> Posters<br />14" X 11" display with a biograpy and filmograpy of himself and his pictures. This is a beautiful display of 2 black and white photos also. OMG he was such a beautiful entertainer with a heart of gold. Just look at those gorgeous eyes. Terms O...</td></tr></table> 25.0 81078013 starting 1 81078013 25.00 1 Posters Elvis on his FAMOUS BIKE Matted Poster <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Elvisbike_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;30,00<br /><b>Category:</b> Posters<br />14" x 11" MATTED COLORFUL PHOTOS OF ELVIS. INCLUDED IS WHEN HE WAS BORN WHEN HE DIED AND A FILMOGRAPHY OF HIS PICTURES THAT HE MADE. TRUELY A KEEPSAKE. Terms Of Service: I try to describe my items exactly as they are. I accept returns if the i...</td></tr></table> 30.0 80916589 starting 1 80916589 30.00 1 Posters Jazzy's Peace Wishing Web Key chain <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Jazzykey_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;11,75<br /><b>Category:</b> Key Chains, Rings & Finders<br />3" ring with suede leather. Navy blue, grey, blue and purple feathers. Glass Beads. This key chain can also be used on a rearview car mirror. In many diverse cultures blue is significant in religious beliefs, brings peace, or is believed to kee...</td></tr></table> 11.75 80916189 starting 1 80916189 11.75 1 Key Chains, Rings & Finders Flambeau Eau de Cologne <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Perfume1_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;27,99<br /><b>Category:</b> Fragrances<br />Flambeau, Turning the Heads of Men for Over Half a Century. Flambeau is French for torch, and it s exactly what admirers have been carrying for this hypnotic fragrance since it debuted in 1955. The prominent top notes of ylang-ylang combine wi...</td></tr></table> 27.99 80731309 starting 1 80731309 27.99 1 Fragrances 3 Books, reading/activity/Disney <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Book1_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;6,75<br /><b>Category:</b> Children's Books<br />1 Disney with 5 stories. This book does not have a movie projector with it. Statue of Liberty the story of in short for the young reader and a lots of FUN activity for the family. These are all new. and great for the. Should always have lots of...</td></tr></table> 6.75 79911585 starting 1 79911585 6.75 1 Children's Books 2 Books Kids ask WHY <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Whybook_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;4,00<br /><b>Category:</b> Children's Books<br />ONE BOOK IS QUESTIONS CHILDREN ASK ABOUT FOOD. THE SECOND BOOK IS WHY ABOUT ANYTHING FROM RAISINS TO GIRAFFES. REALLY GOOD READING BOOKS FOR THE YOUNGSTER THAT IS INQUISITIVE AND GOOD FOR PRESCHOOLERS TO 3RD GRADE. Terms 0f Service: I try to ...</td></tr></table> 4.0 79911461 starting 1 79911461 4.00 1 Children's Books Inspiration Home Decor Family Stepping Stone Wall hanging <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Wall1_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;12,00<br /><b>Category:</b> Home Décor<br />Measures 8' x 8". Looks scruffy buy that is the way it is supposed to be. This one says Family with a large F in the middle. the bottom of the saying says Family is the heart of the home. Terms Of Service: I try to describe my items exactly a...</td></tr></table> 12.0 79787473 starting 1 79787473 12.00 1 Home Décor Grand Canyon Country: Its Majesty and Its Lore <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Canyon2_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;6,00<br /><b>Category:</b> Other Books<br />Brand new. The Grand Canyon comes to life in more than 100 stunning photographs. From near and far they come, nearly five million each year, to see the Grand Canyon, long cherished as one of the nation's treasures. Grand Canyon Country explores...</td></tr></table> 6.0 79758927 starting 1 79758927 6.00 1 Other Books The Grand Canyon The American Wilderness <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Canyon_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;6,00<br /><b>Category:</b> Other Books<br />Time-Life Books 1973. Filled with large and beautiful photographs, this book serves double duty as an attractive coffee table book and an extremely educational guide to the natural forces at work within the stunning Grand Canyon. Author Robert ...</td></tr></table> 6.0 79758721 starting 1 79758721 6.00 1 Other Books 1999 First Editions Hot Wheels Car <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Hotwheels9_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;15,00<br /><b>Category:</b> Diecast-Modern Manufacture<br />Olds Aurora GT3 #5 of 26 Cars. 1999 First Editions Terms 0f Service: I try to describe my items exactly as they are. I accept returns if the items are not significantly as described and the buyer pays for shipping of returns. Please ask questi...</td></tr></table> 15.0 79685793 starting 1 79685793 15.00 1 Diecast-Modern Manufacture 4 Hot Wheel Cars new in package <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Hotwheels5_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;17,00<br /><b>Category:</b> Diecast-Modern Manufacture<br />3-D series 1970 Dodge Charger Daytona, Pontiac GTO 1967 Cocoa Puffs, CD Customs Series Shadow MkLla #3 of 4 cars 1996 First Editions #3 of 12 Models 1970 Dodge Charger Daytona Terms 0f Service: I try to describe my items exactly as they are. I...</td></tr></table> 17.0 79683563 starting 1 79683563 17.00 1 Diecast-Modern Manufacture 2 Road Champs Diecast & Plastic Jerr-Dan deluxe Collectable series <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Roadchamps_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;8,00<br /><b>Category:</b> Diecast-Modern Manufacture<br />1996 Jerr-Dan Sevells Auto Body Co NJ Flatbed, Jerr-Dan flat bed roadmasters 1994 Terms 0f Service: I try to describe my items exactly as they are. I accept returns if the items are not significantly as described and the buyer pays for shippin...</td></tr></table> 8.0 79683311 starting 1 79683311 8.00 1 Diecast-Modern Manufacture Keepsake Gift BOX with Bath/Spa Items <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Green_caddy_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;5,00<br /><b>Category:</b> Mixed Items<br />A cute keepsake box measures 8" x 8" x 2.5". Has a powder puff, bath sponge, small watcha ma callit 1 bottle of Bergamot & Chamomile bath crystals and 1 bottle of Bergamot & Chamomile gath gelee. Terms Of Service: I try to describe my items ex...</td></tr></table> 5.0 79599651 starting 1 79599651 5.00 1 Mixed Items Healing Waters Lavendar Gift Caddy <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Lilac_caddy_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;15,00<br /><b>Category:</b> Mixed Items<br />Never opened. terry cloth/scrubbing sponge. Lavender bath salts. 13oz of Lavender shower gel, bubble bath, body lotion and body scrub. Caddy measures 10.5 x 10". Terms Of Service: I try to describe my items exactly as they are. I accept return...</td></tr></table> 15.0 79595899 starting 1 79595899 15.00 1 Mixed Items Book The Annotated Jules Verne: 20000 Leagues under the Sea 1976 <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="20000_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;10,00<br /><b>Category:</b> Fiction Books<br />362 pages. Book is in excellent condition. Dust cover is worn in a couple of places. copyrighted 1976. The only completely restored and ANNOTATED EDITION. Terms Of Service: I try to describe my items exactly as they are. I accept returns if th...</td></tr></table> 10.0 79574013 starting 1 79574013 10.00 1 Fiction Books Inspirational Home Deco Blessings Stepping Stone Wall Hanging <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Wall3_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;12,00<br /><b>Category:</b> Stepping Stones & Rocks<br />Measures 8' x 8". has a large B on it with a saying on the bottom. It looks scruffy looking but that is the way it is supposed to look. The saying on the stone says Blessings Be sure to count them! Terms Of Service: I try to describe my items...</td></tr></table> 12.0 79566627 starting 1 79566627 12.00 1 Stepping Stones & Rocks Inspirational Home Decor Welcome Stepping Stone Wall Hanging <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Wall2_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;12,00<br /><b>Category:</b> Home Décor<br />Measures 8' x 8". With welcome on it and a large W in the middle. Look scruffy but that is the way it is supposed to be. Terms Of Service: I try to describe my items exactly as they are. I accept returns if the items are not significantly as d...</td></tr></table> 12.0 79564893 starting 1 79564893 12.00 1 Home Décor Inspirational Home Decor Stepping Stone Wall Hanging <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Wall_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> &amp;euro;12,00<br /><b>Category:</b> Home Décor<br />Measures 8' x 8". Has a large H in the middle. Looks scruffing looking but that is the way it is supposed to be. the saying on the bottom says home is where the heart is. Terms Of Service: I try to describe my items exactly as they are. I acce...</td></tr></table> 12.0 79563113 starting 1 79563113 12.00 1 Home Décor