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Brass Hammered Bangle Bracelet <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Braceletbrass_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $24.50<br /><b>Category:</b> Bracelets<br />vintage Brass Hammered Bangle Bracelet has the inside circumference of 8 1/8". is 1 1/2" wide. no markings could be found. in fantastic condition</td></tr></table> 24.5 271520654 starting 1 271520654 24.50 1 Bracelets Walt Disney's Christmas Concert 45 LP Vinyl <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Christmascon_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $15.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Records<br />Walt Disney's Christmas Concert 45 LP, the ALL MOUSE SYMPHONY and chorus under the direction of Ludwig Mousensky. 1957 sleeve does have some light pencil writing, record looks good but still selling where is as is</td></tr></table> 15.0 271519967 starting 1 271519967 15.00 1 Records Strike King Sexy Shad Lure NIP <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Luresexyshad_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $6.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Crankbaits<br />Strike King Sexy Shad Lure, brand new in unopened package</td></tr></table> 6.0 271519529 starting 1 271519529 6.00 1 Crankbaits 6 Glass Fragile Hummingbird ornaments <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="D-hummingbird_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $16.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Glass, Crystal<br />6 Glass Fragile Hummingbird ornaments, with gold trim, brand new never out of box except for the picture. they measure 3" tall, are so very dainty</td></tr></table> 16.0 269727425 starting 1 269727425 16.00 1 Glass, Crystal 12 Glass Star of Bethlehem Ornaments NIB <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="D-starofbethlem_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $15.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Glass, Crystal<br />12 Glass Star of Bethlehem Ornaments, brand new still in the box, they measure 3 x 2 1/4, so very pretty</td></tr></table> 15.0 269727088 starting 1 269727088 15.00 1 Glass, Crystal 6 Spun Glass Christmas Tree Ornaments <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="D-glasstree_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $15.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Glass, Crystal<br />brand new still in the box, 6 Spun Glass Christmas Tree Ornaments, measure 1 1/2" tall. great deal for these</td></tr></table> 15.0 269724967 starting 1 269724967 15.00 1 Glass, Crystal Two Pup Stockings & 1 for Dad <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="D-stockingsa_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $6.25<br /><b>Category:</b> Stockings<br />these two knitted stockings for your pups measure 12" long, not sure if ever used. the smaller one is for Dad</td></tr></table> 6.25 269724267 starting 1 269724267 6.25 1 Stockings 5 Angel Spun Glass Ornaments <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="D-angel_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $12.50<br /><b>Category:</b> Angels<br />5 Angel Spun Glass Ornaments, new in the box, there are 6, but some of the detail on the one needs to be reglued. they measures 2 7/8" x 1 1/2"</td></tr></table> 12.5 268783207 starting 1 268783207 12.50 1 Angels 2 Santas one Wood one Candle <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="D-santa_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $7.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Santa<br />2 santas in this lot, one is wood which measures 10" tall and has that ole timey look the other is a 5 1/2" candle, which was never burned but part of his right toes are missing. selling as is where is</td></tr></table> 7.0 268779929 starting 1 268779929 7.00 1 Santa Beautiful Angel Stocking <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="D-stocking_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $7.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Stockings<br />this beautiful needlepoint Angel stocking measures 19" from top to tip of the toe. not sure if ever used.</td></tr></table> 7.0 268777505 starting 1 268777505 7.00 1 Stockings 4 Glass/Gold Christmas Bells NIB <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="D-bellglass_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $16.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Glass, Crystal<br />4 glass with gold detail Christmas bells, brand new in the box, well I had to unwrap them to take the pics, a snowman, an angel, a reindeer and a tree. measuring approx. 3-3 1/2" maybe 4. I hate to unwrap them again. so very fragile they are.</td></tr></table> 16.0 268776993 starting 1 268776993 16.00 1 Glass, Crystal 17 Glass Christmas Ornaments <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="D-glassornaments_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $15.25<br /><b>Category:</b> Glass, Crystal<br />17 glass ornaments, set of 12 in one box never been unwrapped, 5 in the other which I took some pics of. they measure approx. 2". all brand new. stars, snowmen reindeer, trees and more. not exactly sure what as not unwrapping them.</td></tr></table> 15.25 268775587 starting 1 268775587 15.25 1 Glass, Crystal Vintage Tiara Amber Indiana Glass Biscuit Jar <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Biscuitjar_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $32.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Indiana<br />Vintage Tiara Amber Indiana Glass Biscuit Jar, measures 7 1/2" tall with the lid on, awesome condition with no chips or cracks</td></tr></table> 32.0 267594432 starting 1 267594432 32.00 1 Indiana Antique Hog Scraper <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Scraper_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $75.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Primitives<br />Antique Hog Scraper, measures 14" long, the wood part of the handle is missing, needs a good cleaning, edge VERY sharp. not sure if you'll find another like this one, been around a long long time.</td></tr></table> 75.0 267585753 starting 1 267585753 75.00 1 Primitives Cast Iron Christmas Bear Stocking Holder <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="D-stockinhldr_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $6.56<br /><b>Category:</b> Stockings<br />Cast Iron Christmas Bear Stocking Holder, measures 5" tall, brand new in box, never used. and is HEAVY!</td></tr></table> 6.56 267567120 starting 1 267567120 6.56 1 Stockings Vintage Depression Glass Silver Rimmed Bowl <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="D-glassbowl_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $35.25<br /><b>Category:</b> Unknown Maker<br />Vintage Depression Glass Silver Rimmed Bowl, not sure if it's sterling, silver plated or what-the ring. measures 8 7/8" across, 4" high. just a lil polishing and will look like you just bought it</td></tr></table> 35.25 267564895 starting 1 267564895 35.25 1 Unknown Maker Vintage Pressed Depression Glass Ice Bucket <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="D-icebucket_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $24.50<br /><b>Category:</b> Unknown Maker<br />Vintage Pressed Depression Glass Ice Bucket Hammered Handle from the 1930's. no chips or cracks</td></tr></table> 24.5 267561997 starting 1 267561997 24.50 1 Unknown Maker 9 Vtg. Red Green Gold Tassel Ornaments <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="D-ornamets10_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $8.75<br /><b>Category:</b> Other<br />7 red, 1 green and 1 gold tassel ornaments. total length is 7", these are vintage and believe the top part to be glass. not gold at the top of the red ones, they have gold 'string' and red glass</td></tr></table> 8.75 267548254 starting 1 267548254 8.75 1 Other Vintage Strand of Red Wood Christmas Tree Garland <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="D-garland_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $6.75<br /><b>Category:</b> Garlands<br />vintage strand of red wood ball garland, measures 108" long. fantastic condition</td></tr></table> 6.75 267547623 starting 1 267547623 6.75 1 Garlands Vintage Miniature Hanging Dartboard <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="D-dart_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $12.50<br /><b>Category:</b> Dart Boards<br />Vintage Miniature Hanging Dartboard, measures 5 1/4" x 7" when closed, awesome condition. so really adorable in person!! like a salesman's sample</td></tr></table> 12.5 267425738 starting 1 267425738 12.50 1 Dart Boards Antique Vintage Hand Made Baby Crib quilt <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="D-quilt_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $58.33<br /><b>Category:</b> Quilts<br />Antique Hand Made Baby Crib quilt, measures 34" x 44", yes it has been used, are some minor holes, not huge ones, great detail. truly OOAK as no antique quilt is ever the same as another</td></tr></table> 58.33 267424477 starting 1 267424477 58.33 1 Quilts Beautiful Disney Rhinestone Mickey Mouse Watch NEEDS BATTERY <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Mickey_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $65.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Watches, Timepieces<br />this beautiful Mickey Mouse watch by Disney, has rhinestones outlining the dial which measures 1 1/4 x 1. only thing wrong with this watch, it needs a new battery marked 'Disney mck833' on the back</td></tr></table> 65.0 267393489 starting 1 267393489 65.00 1 Watches, Timepieces Vintage Brussels Lace Tablecloth <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Tablecloth_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $165.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Tablecloths<br />this beautiful vintage white brussels tablecloth has never been used, just stored away. measures 44" x 44". awesome condition</td></tr></table> 165.0 267390307 starting 1 267390307 165.00 1 Tablecloths 3 Sets Vintage Embroidered Pillowcases Old Stock New One Money <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="D-pillowcross_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $13.50<br /><b>Category:</b> Pillowcases<br />these 3 sets of Vintage Pillowcases have crosses, sunflowers and flowers on each one, old stock but doesn't appear to have ever been used.</td></tr></table> 13.5 267389381 starting 1 267389381 13.50 1 Pillowcases Vtg. Electrified Porcelain Head Angel Treetop <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="D-toppera_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $15.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Angels<br />Vintage Electrified Porcelain Head Angel Treetop 10 Lights, measures 9" tall, fantastic condition, original box</td></tr></table> 15.0 267384164 starting 1 267384164 15.00 1 Angels Swing Set for Christmas Village <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="D-swing_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $6.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Villages, Houses<br />Lil girl on a swing, how perfect for your Christmas Village, not sure if ever used, new condition.measures 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 x 2</td></tr></table> 6.0 267381918 starting 1 267381918 6.00 1 Villages, Houses Vtg. Mother of Pearl Cufflinks <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Cufflinksmop_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $14.50<br /><b>Category:</b> Cufflinks<br />this set of mother of pearl cuff links are in fantastic condition, top measures 7/8" x 1/2". not sure if ever worn</td></tr></table> 14.5 267379953 starting 1 267379953 14.50 1 Cufflinks Vintage Christmas Corsage <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Christmaspin_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $7.25<br /><b>Category:</b> Pins<br />Beautiful Christmas corsage, measures 4 1/4" long, awesome condition</td></tr></table> 7.25 267149378 starting 1 267149378 7.25 1 Pins Mish Mash Jewelry lot <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Earringlot_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $9.85<br /><b>Category:</b> Mixed Items & Lots<br />Mish Mash Jewelry lot, pierced earrings, pendants tac pins...the flag pendant is marked 'sterling'</td></tr></table> 9.85 266811921 starting 1 266811921 9.85 1 Mixed Items & Lots 6 Bunny Tea Hand Towels <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="D-bunnies_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $16.50<br /><b>Category:</b> Towels<br />6 bunny tea hand towels, like new if not new condition</td></tr></table> 16.5 266811451 starting 1 266811451 16.50 1 Towels Minature Christmas tree Skirt <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="D-minitree_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $4.75<br /><b>Category:</b> Tree Stands, Skirts<br />this tree skirt is for a minature Christmas tree, not sure if ever used</td></tr></table> 4.75 266787063 starting 1 266787063 4.75 1 Tree Stands, Skirts 14 Assorted Christmas ornaments <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="D-ornamentlot_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $12.20<br /><b>Category:</b> Sets, Mixed Lots<br />14 assorted Christmas ornaments, all one lot. if I come across any other ones, will 'throw' them in also</td></tr></table> 12.2 266786145 starting 1 266786145 12.20 1 Sets, Mixed Lots Christmas Tree tin ornament Made in England <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="D-treetin_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $6.20<br /><b>Category:</b> Trees<br />Christmas Tree tin ornament, measures 8 x 5 x 2 1/2, hide goodness inside, Made in England.</td></tr></table> 6.2 266785492 starting 1 266785492 6.20 1 Trees Vintage 1950's Rhinestone Brooch <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="D-broochbling_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $24.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Pins, Brooches<br />this Vtg. 1950's Rhinestone Brooch measures 1 1/8" across, 3/4" high, all the stones are there, not lightweight, no markings could be found</td></tr></table> 24.99 266784329 starting 1 266784329 24.99 1 Pins, Brooches Snowy 22" Christmas Tree <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="D-christmastree_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $12.75<br /><b>Category:</b> Artificial Trees<br />I was told this snowy 22" Christmas tree was bought at a Hallmark store, but are not tags on it whatsoever, not sure if ever used. sets in a tin bucket. new condition</td></tr></table> 12.75 266783712 starting 1 266783712 12.75 1 Artificial Trees Vtg. USA Pink Planter <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="D-planterpink-001_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $15.25<br /><b>Category:</b> Other American Pottery<br />this pretty vintage pink planter is marked '405-0 USA' on the base, measures 7 3/4 x 4 x 2 3/4 high, detail around the rim is beautiful, just can't get a good pic of it. no chips, cracks or crazing</td></tr></table> 15.25 266783017 starting 1 266783017 15.25 1 Other American Pottery Mikasa Heart shaped PotPourri Dish <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="D-mikasa_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $12.85<br /><b>Category:</b> Mikasa<br />brand new in original box is this Mikasa Heart shaped glass potpourri dish plus a bag of potpourri. the dish measures 7 1/2" x 7 1/2" with a depth of 1 1/2". never used</td></tr></table> 12.85 266782470 starting 1 266782470 12.85 1 Mikasa Heart Glass Ornament <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="D-ornamentheat_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $6.25<br /><b>Category:</b> Balls<br />not sure if this heart glass ornament was ever hung, measures 4 x 3 x 2 1/4 wide, so pretty with iridescence snowflakes on it. new condition</td></tr></table> 6.25 266781810 starting 1 266781810 6.25 1 Balls Vintage Small Wire Chicken Egg Basket <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Chickenwire_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $12.50<br /><b>Category:</b> Baskets<br />this adorable wire basket in the shape of a chicken has been around for a few years, smaller than most, measures 8" l, 5 1/4" w, 5" h</td></tr></table> 12.5 266776307 starting 1 266776307 12.50 1 Baskets Vintage Red Handled Striped Rolling Pin Very Different from Others OBO <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="D-rollingpin_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $87.22<br /><b>Category:</b> Other<br />I've never seen a rolling pin like this one. Yes it is vintage, with red handles and 3 stripes-2 yellow and 1 green. doesn't look like it's ever been used. awesome piece for those vintage Kitchen collectors</td></tr></table> 87.22 266775948 starting 1 266775948 87.22 1 Other 3 vintage Silite Food Trays <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Silitetrays_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $19.95<br /><b>Category:</b> Serving Trays<br />3 vintage Silite Food Trays, Chicago, Il, fantastic condition</td></tr></table> 19.95 266775743 starting 1 266775743 19.95 1 Serving Trays 3 Vintage strainers <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Strainers_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $9.85<br /><b>Category:</b> Other<br />3 Vintage strainers, largest measuring 7 1/4 long, with basket depth of 1 1/2 and the smallest-6 1/2 l with depth of 1 1/4. don't believe these have ever been used</td></tr></table> 9.85 266775594 starting 1 266775594 9.85 1 Other Antique Visual Measure Sifter <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Sifter_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $24.50<br /><b>Category:</b> Sifters<br />Antique Visual Measure Flour Sifter, 3 Cup, Made in USA,great condition</td></tr></table> 24.5 266775474 starting 1 266775474 24.50 1 Sifters Vintage 1960's Cast Iron Skillet No. 5 8" USA Birmingham Stove and Range <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Skillet_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $48.50<br /><b>Category:</b> Cast Iron<br />Vintage1960's Cast Iron Skillet No. 5 8" , marked "MADE IN USA" . Birmingham Stove and Range . . great condition</td></tr></table> 48.5 266775355 starting 1 266775355 48.50 1 Cast Iron Aeropostale faux fur Zip Hoodie XL <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Sweataerop_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $19.95<br /><b>Category:</b> Sweatshirts, Hoodies<br />Aeropostale faux fur inside, gray hoodie, says x large, but fits like a large, zips up front. worn only maybe twice</td></tr></table> 19.95 266774892 starting 1 266774892 19.95 1 Sweatshirts, Hoodies Blue Sky's "Friends Always" Ornament NIB <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="D-blueskya_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $9.95<br /><b>Category:</b> Blue Sky Clayworks<br />by Blue Sky, this 'Friends Always" porcelain figurine Ornament is new in the box, measures 3" tall, is a great gift for your bff.</td></tr></table> 9.95 266774752 starting 1 266774752 9.95 1 Blue Sky Clayworks Red/White Martha Stewart Christmas Tree skirt <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="D-christmaskirt_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $6.50<br /><b>Category:</b> Tree Stands, Skirts<br />not sure if ever used, this Martha Stewart tree skirt from the center to edge, measures 22", total around the bottom is 132", the center is 11" without the ties, with ties is 31"</td></tr></table> 6.5 266774484 starting 1 266774484 6.50 1 Tree Stands, Skirts VIntage Anchor Hocking Glass 10 in.Pie Plate 1 qt <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Pieanchor_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $12.50<br /><b>Category:</b> Ovenware<br />/intage anchor hocking glass 10 in. pie plate 1 qt, # 462. no chips or cracks.</td></tr></table> 12.5 266774236 starting 1 266774236 12.50 1 Ovenware Vintage Pyrex Glass 1 qt Casserole <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Pyrex682_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $14.50<br /><b>Category:</b> Pyrex<br />vintage pyrex glass 1 qt casserole with lid. no chips or cracks.</td></tr></table> 14.5 266774091 starting 1 266774091 14.50 1 Pyrex Vintage Corning Pyroceram Cornflower 2 qt. Casserole <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Corning_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $20.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Corning Ware, Corelle<br />Vintage Corning Pyroceram Cornflower 2 qt. Casserole dish with lid. amazing condition, no chips, cracks or crazing, # 6-15</td></tr></table> 20.0 266762702 starting 1 266762702 20.00 1 Corning Ware, Corelle Vintage 1950's Cotton Little Girl Gloves Size 3 Japan <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="D-gloves_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $24.50<br /><b>Category:</b> Gloves<br />Vintage 1950's Cotton Little Girl Gloves marked Size 3, Made in Japan. no matter how hard I tried I could not get a good picture of these. tiny pearls across the top and down the center, never worn but have gotten soiled being stored away for s...</td></tr></table> 24.5 266762520 starting 1 266762520 24.50 1 Gloves X-tra Large Vintage Hershey's Cocoa 5 LB. Tin <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="D-hersheys_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $75.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Cocoa & Baking Chocolate<br />vintage Hershey's cocoa 5lb tin measures 9 1/2" tall, and 6" square. bottom is loose from tin, is dent in the top and bottom looks like it was squished when someone forced the bottom back into place BUT is such a great hard to find collectible.</td></tr></table> 75.0 266762119 starting 1 266762119 75.00 1 Cocoa & Baking Chocolate Vintage Gold Gilded Frame w/ Monica Liu Watercolor Print <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Watercolormonica_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $65.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Paintings<br />this beautiful gold gilded wood frame measures 12 1/4" x 10 3/8". with where the print is measures 9 1/2" x 7 3/4". the watercolor print is signed by Monica Liu. there is glass in the frame fantastic condition for its age, no chips or cracks t...</td></tr></table> 65.0 265522731 starting 1 265522731 65.00 1 Paintings Vtg. Ladies Bromleigh Perfect Petite Wool Lined Coat USA Sz 8-10P <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Coattw_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $27.22<br /><b>Category:</b> Coats & Jackets<br />Perfect petite by Bromleigh ladies wool coat fully lined made in USA size 'appears' to be an 8 or 10 misses sleeve inseam measures 14" total length 40" I'm 5' 9" and the coat comes to right below my knees in like new condition very mino...</td></tr></table> 27.22 265522408 starting 1 265522408 27.22 1 Coats & Jackets Vintage Sterling Classy Swirl Ring Size 5 <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Ring925_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $28.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Precious Metal without Stones<br />I hope the pics do this ring justice, it's really neat in person. pretty sure it's a size 5, marked 925.</td></tr></table> 28.0 265521350 starting 1 265521350 28.00 1 Precious Metal without Stones Vtg. Women's MPH Olive Green Embroidered Boho Long India Dress Size M <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Dressmph_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $32.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Dresses<br />Not sure if this dress was even worn, in an olive green color, with embroidery on the top, by M.P.H., 100 % Rayon, made in India. buttons all the way down the front, is fully lined with a cotton material, ties in the back from shoulder to shou...</td></tr></table> 32.0 265519793 starting 1 265519793 32.00 1 Dresses Lot of 65 Assorted Vintage Craft Needlework Books Magazines <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Needlecross_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $62.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Other<br />this lot has approximately 65 assorted craft needlework books and magazines, which are as follows (not necessarily in order of pictures): 1) you have Crafting Traditions (sampler edition 1997), Crafts (1985, 2 1986), Crafts n Things (2-1979 wi...</td></tr></table> 62.0 265519709 starting 5 265519709 62.00 5 Other Anitque/Vintage French Rhinestone Hat Pin OOAK <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Hatpinfrance_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $75.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Pre-1920 (Edwardian & Older)<br />Vintage Black with Rhinestone Hat pin, marked 'France' on the back. total length is 3 1/4". top is 1 3/8" across. does need to be cleaned, but am leaving that up to the new owner. This is a One of a Kind piece, don't miss out on this.</td></tr></table> 75.0 265117731 starting 1 265117731 75.00 1 Pre-1920 (Edwardian & Older) Vintage 1966 Large Holy Bible 1000 pgs <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Bible66_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $99.75<br /><b>Category:</b> Antiquarian & Collectible<br />this 1966 Holy Bible is one of the largest I've seen in a while, over 1,000 pages, the perfect family Bible, where you can write births, marriages, family genealogy and more when I got this, was mildew on the leather cover, which I've tried to...</td></tr></table> 99.75 249077917 starting 1 249077917 99.75 1 Antiquarian & Collectible Vintage Child Verses by Eugene Field RARE Storybook 1931 <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Childv_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $75.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Antiquarian & Collectible<br />this vintage large story book, entitled "Child Verses" by Eugene Field, by the Saalfield PUb., Akron, Ohio in 1931. the book measures 12 x 10, a giant paper story picture book has amazing illustrations through out with child's verses below it....</td></tr></table> 75.0 249074733 starting 1 249074733 75.00 1 Antiquarian & Collectible 4 Vintage Boontonware Berry bowls <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Boontongreen_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $8.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Other<br />4 Vintage Boontonware Berry bowls, 3 are mint green, the other mauve, all in gently used condition</td></tr></table> 8.0 249063947 starting 1 249063947 8.00 1 Other Mish Mash of Vintage Yellow Boontonware <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Boontonyellow_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $15.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Table Accessories<br />Mish Mash of Vintage Yellow Boontonware, 1 10" dinner plate 2 6 1/2" salad plates 4 5 3/4" saucers 1 5 1/2" cereal bowl all in gently used condition</td></tr></table> 15.0 249063742 starting 1 249063742 15.00 1 Table Accessories Lancome Black Velvet Evening Clutch bag <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Pursevelv_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $13.50<br /><b>Category:</b> Handbags & Purses<br />Lancome Black Velvet Evening Clutch bag, measures 8 x 5 x 2 3/4, handles measure 13", handles can be inside or out, magnetic snap, Lancome label inside, like new condition</td></tr></table> 13.5 248429149 starting 1 248429149 13.50 1 Handbags & Purses Vintage 1949/1950 Wood Candle Sticks Panama OOAK <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Candlewooda_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $145.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Candles, Holders<br />from Panama, 1949 or 1950 are these 21" wood candles to put in your large brass candle sticks. OOAK have never seen any this long</td></tr></table> 145.0 248399888 starting 1 248399888 145.00 1 Candles, Holders XL Levi Signature T shirt <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Shirtlevi_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $15.50<br /><b>Category:</b> T-Shirts, Tank Tops<br />XL Levi Signature T shirt, worn maybe once</td></tr></table> 15.5 248397955 starting 1 248397955 15.50 1 T-Shirts, Tank Tops Vintage Bell Trading Copper Navajo Wide Cuff Bangle Bracelet <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Copperbangle_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $32.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Bracelets<br />Vintage Marked Solid Copper Wide Cuff Bangle Bracelet, from the bell trading copper company, Navajo measures 5 3/4" from end to end, is 1" wide, awesome design. gently used, could use a cleaning though.</td></tr></table> 32.0 248396984 starting 1 248396984 32.00 1 Bracelets Vintage White Embellished Table Cloth 66 x 58 <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Tablelargewhiteb_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $78.25<br /><b>Category:</b> Tablecloths<br />Vintage White Embellished Table Cloth 66 x 58, a couple of stains but am sure new owner could get out, very pretty in person, pics just don't do it justice</td></tr></table> 78.25 248377602 starting 1 248377602 78.25 1 Tablecloths Vintage Linen Tablecloth 76 x 68 <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Table2_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $70.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Tablecloths<br />Vintage Linen Tablecloth, measures 76 x 68, good used condition.</td></tr></table> 70.0 248369177 starting 1 248369177 70.00 1 Tablecloths Vintage White Linen Tablecloth 68 x 50 <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Table1_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $65.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Tablecloths<br />Vintage Linen Tablecloth, measures 68 x 50, good used condition. not as bright light as pics show</td></tr></table> 65.0 248368913 starting 1 248368913 65.00 1 Tablecloths Cute Striped Summer Purse Handbag <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Purseshbluerd1_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $12.75<br /><b>Category:</b> Handbags & Purses<br />Great Summer Purse Handbag, measures 9 1/2 x 5 1/2 x 2 1/4, strap measures 26 1/2, velcro closure, inside side zippered pocket, zips...pre loved condition, but clean. no namer here</td></tr></table> 12.75 248363639 starting 1 248363639 12.75 1 Handbags & Purses Vintage Silver Tone Chrome Cuff Bracelet Different <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Bracesilver_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $9.95<br /><b>Category:</b> Bracelets<br />Vintage Silver Tone Chrome Cuff Bracelet, is different from other's I have seen, from end to end measures 6 1/4", looks almost like it's made out of chrome, but I have no idea. no markings could be found.</td></tr></table> 9.95 248244046 starting 1 248244046 9.95 1 Bracelets 3 Pairs of Embroidered "C" Men's Hankies NIB <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Hankiesmen_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $9.95<br /><b>Category:</b> Handkerchiefs<br />3 Pairs of Men's Hankies, embroidered with "C", NIB</td></tr></table> 9.95 248242533 starting 1 248242533 9.95 1 Handkerchiefs John Deere Tractor Wind chimes <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Chime_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $16.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Other<br />John Deere Tractor Wind chimes, gently used</td></tr></table> 16.0 248219288 starting 1 248219288 16.00 1 Other Sterling silver Necklace, Bracelet and Cross. <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Sscross_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $50.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Precious Metal without Stones<br />Marked Sterling silver Necklace, Bracelet and Cross. necklace measures 18" in length, bracelet 7", cross 1" x 3/4", brand new, never worn</td></tr></table> 50.0 248217719 starting 1 248217719 50.00 1 Precious Metal without Stones Pair of Lucchese (formerly Resistol) Women's Black Ranch Cowboy boots SZ 9.5B <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Boots_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $225.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Boots<br />Pair of Lucchese (formerly Resistol) Women's Black Ranch Cowboy boots, size 9 1/2B, worn once, picture of soles shown</td></tr></table> 225.0 248217108 starting 1 248217108 225.00 1 Boots Hand Made lot Kitchen Towel, Pot Holder, Candles <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Kitchen_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $8.25<br /><b>Category:</b> Towels & Dishcloths<br />this lot consists of a hand made towel, potholder, 2 swirly candles, and 4 lid candles. all homemade by a friend of mine. all brand new never used.</td></tr></table> 8.25 248215326 starting 1 248215326 8.25 1 Towels & Dishcloths 2 GIG USB Portable Thingamajig <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Usb_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $9.95<br /><b>Category:</b> Other<br />2 GIG USB Portable Thingamajig, you know what it is right??</td></tr></table> 9.95 248214713 starting 1 248214713 9.95 1 Other Genuine Sterling Silver Sapphire Diamond Tennis Bracelet, <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Bracediamsapph_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $135.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Genuine Gemstone<br />brand new in the original box, Never taken out or worn. 18 kt Gold over Sterling Silver, genuine sapphire diamond tennis bracelet, total length is 7 1/2"</td></tr></table> 135.0 248213758 starting 1 248213758 135.00 1 Genuine Gemstone Antique Art Nouveau German 800 Sterling Czech Satin Stones Bracelet <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Bracebutter_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $200.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Bracelets<br />this beautiful antique bracelet has Czech satin stones and is on German 800 sterling silver. there is detail around each stone and on the clasp is like a coat of armor. although the silver is unmarked it has been tested and confirmed by a repu...</td></tr></table> 200.0 247968399 starting 1 247968399 200.00 1 Bracelets Vintage Jester Pin Cushion <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Pincushionjester_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $10.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Pin Cushions<br />this adorable vintage Jester pin cushion sits 5 1/2" tall, has a porcelain head, cloth body and hat. gently pre loved condition</td></tr></table> 10.0 247958321 starting 1 247958321 10.00 1 Pin Cushions Vintage Unique Hand Blown Paperweight <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Paperwc_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $22.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Vintage<br />this vintage hand blown paperweight is unsigned, but very unique in its design. measures 4 1/2" tall, very heavy</td></tr></table> 22.0 247869674 starting 1 247869674 22.00 1 Vintage Antique Cast Iron Door Stop <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Door_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $42.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Cast Iron<br />Imagine this painted in pastel colors. it would be gorgeous, but still is in the black color antique cast iron door stop, measures 9 3/4 h x 7 1/4 w. I couldn't find any markings, but you may and prolly do have better eyes than I.</td></tr></table> 42.0 247868903 starting 1 247868903 42.00 1 Cast Iron Antique Blue Star Sapphire? Blue Rhinestones Choker Necklace <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Blue__2__thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $100.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Necklaces & Pendants<br />Antique blue star sapphire choker necklace I'believe' this to be a star sapphire has blue rhinestones throughout total length is 14 1/2" no markings could be found over 70 years old if not 100 selling as is where is</td></tr></table> 100.0 247792569 starting 1 247792569 100.00 1 Necklaces & Pendants Vintage Lot of 7 Aviator Pilot Books late 1970's/80's <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Bkpilot_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $60.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Other<br />This lot consist of 7 different vintage aviator pilot books, they are as follows: 1)Commercial Pilot Airplane Test, questions answers & explanations; an ASA publication; copyright 1980; 156 pages, paperback; no writing that I could find, good ...</td></tr></table> 60.0 247792231 starting 1 247792231 60.00 1 Other Vintage White Stag Shoulder Bag Purse <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Whitestag_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $16.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Handbags & Purses<br />Vintage White Stag Shoulder bag not really sure if navy blue or black adjustable strap to 44" purse measures 10 x 9 snap closure outer pocket under closure zippered pocket inside a couple (3 or 4) pencil/pen marks inside, other than that...</td></tr></table> 16.0 247684451 starting 1 247684451 16.00 1 Handbags & Purses Vintage Mitzi Navy Blue Leather Handbag Purse <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Pursemitzi_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $16.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Handbags & Purses<br />vintage mitzi handbag purse navy blue very soft leather like measure 12 x 9 handle measures 49 2 outside zippered pockets inside side zippered pocket zippered closure nice condition</td></tr></table> 16.0 247682511 starting 1 247682511 16.00 1 Handbags & Purses Nine West Light Mauve Handbag Purse <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="9west_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $16.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Handbags & Purses<br />Nine West Handbag Purse, would be great for church or a Hot date. measures 9 x 7 with a strap drop of 15". inside like new condtion, outside bottom has a couple small smudges. awesome purse</td></tr></table> 16.0 247681719 starting 1 247681719 16.00 1 Handbags & Purses Polder 4.4 Lb. Recipe Scale <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Polder_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $5.50<br /><b>Category:</b> Kitchen Scales<br />polder 4.4 lb recipe scale 4.4 lb./20 gram capacity reads in 1/2 oz /2 gram increments like new condition detachable bowl is dishwasher safe easy to read dial i will combine orders whenever possible KudoSurf Me!</td></tr></table> 5.5 242706844 starting 1 242706844 5.50 1 Kitchen Scales Vintage Preston &York Black Wool Long Coat, size 10 <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Coatpreston_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $50.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Coats & Jackets<br />Vintage Preston &York Black Wool Long Coat, size 10, 100% Merino Wool, Made in USA. from shoulder to hem measures 47", from armpit to armpit (lying flat) is 21". 3 hidden buttons then the top is visible. 2 side pockets, 2 extra buttons, from la...</td></tr></table> 50.0 227611799 starting 1 227611799 50.00 1 Coats & Jackets Vintage Cambridge Dry Goods Long Cotton Skirt Sz 8 w/ Horses <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Skirthorse_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $40.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Skirts<br />Vintage Cambridge Dry Goods Long Cotton Skirt Sz 8 w/ Horses; this 100% cotton Cambridge Dry Goods skirt is so soft. it has an elastic waist (unstretched 14") with belt loops. has 2 side pockets, size 8. from top of the waist to the bottom of t...</td></tr></table> 40.0 227581041 starting 1 227581041 40.00 1 Skirts Vintage Chain Link Bracelet <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Bracechaina_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $15.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Bracelets<br />Vintage chain link bracelet, measures 7" long, no markings could be found</td></tr></table> 15.0 225389254 starting 1 225389254 15.00 1 Bracelets Vintage BOMA Sterling Onyx Pierced Drop Earrings <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Earboma925onyx_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $45.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Earrings<br />Vintage BOMA Sterling Onyx Pierced drop earrings, measure 1 1/2" in length, fantastic condtion, but do need a good cleaning. Signed "BOMA 925"</td></tr></table> 45.0 225368740 starting 1 225368740 45.00 1 Earrings Perfect Hat 4 Your Lil Princess Hand Crocheted <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Hatgirlswhitemulti_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $30.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Hats<br />just made, HOT off me needle, very warm hat for that lil princess in ur life, hand crocheted. these are the two available right now, the black ones were special order(just showing) the country rose shows much lighter in the sunlight. machine...</td></tr></table> 30.0 222640426 starting 2 222640426 30.00 2 Hats Handmade Hand Crocheted Deep Violet Cowl Hat Scarf Shorter (#2) <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Cowlsmall_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $26.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Scarves & Wraps<br />this hand crocheted cowl scarf hat was made by lil ole me. measures 10 1/2" wide x 40" long. (#2) can be worn like shown, like a scarf, or whatever you wish, guaranteed to keep you warm!! machine washable/dryable. other colors will be availa...</td></tr></table> 26.0 193666551 starting 1 193666551 26.00 1 Scarves & Wraps Large Vintage Brass Horse Blanket Safety Pin <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Pinhorse_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $14.75<br /><b>Category:</b> Brass<br />this old horse blanket safety pin could also be used for a laundry tag pin. measures 4 3/8" in length, 1" wide at the widest point. very gently used. any questions please message me. hank you. I thank you for looking KudoSurf Me!</td></tr></table> 14.75 193626799 starting 1 193626799 14.75 1 Brass 3 AT&T Sim Cards <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Carda_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $7.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Other<br />3 AT&T sim cards I know nothing about these cards, as I don't have a cell phone, all I know is they are new and never used. selling as is where is I thank you for looking KudoSurf Me!</td></tr></table> 7.99 183719811 starting 1 183719811 7.99 1 Other Paylo by Virgin Flip Phone NIB <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Paylo__2__thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $7.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Cordless Telephones & Handsets<br />this is for a paylo by virgin mobile, a samsung entro flip phone. external color display, text messaging, speakerphone, voicemail & caller ID, and voice-activated commands brand new never used. I don't have a cell phone, so I really can't tel...</td></tr></table> 7.99 183718069 starting 1 183718069 7.99 1 Cordless Telephones & Handsets Silver tone Felt Mustache Necklace NIP <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Neckmous_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $7.86<br /><b>Category:</b> Necklaces & Pendants<br />This silver tone chain has a black felt mustache on it. total length of the chain is 28" black felt mustaches measures 3.75" brand new, only taken out for pictures. thank you for looking and please be safe</td></tr></table> 7.86 174851597 starting 1 174851597 7.86 1 Necklaces & Pendants Mozart: Musical Masterpieces CD, Classic Composers <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Cdmozart2_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $6.95<br /><b>Category:</b> CDs<br />Classic Composers Mozart Musical Masterpieces CD, delta music. not sure if this was ever played, but if it was, maybe once or twice. any questions, please ask prior to bidding thank you Genre: Classical Record Label: Classic Composers S...</td></tr></table> 6.95 174079393 starting 1 174079393 6.95 1 CDs 2 Craft Patterns Painting & Fabric NIP <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Patterns2_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $5.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Other Crafts<br />this lot is for two patterns, never used, new in their packages 1)suzy's full size original painting pattern, a fuzzy bear cheerleader 2)heritage packet, with 2 bunny patterns for clothing. found them in my stash so thought I would pass them...</td></tr></table> 5.0 173635429 starting 1 173635429 5.00 1 Other Crafts Natural Fragrance Ocean Breeze Incense Holder Coils Cones NIB <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Incensea_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $8.25<br /><b>Category:</b> Incense<br />natural fragrance Ocean Breeze Incense holder coils cones, brand new in the box, never used. ceramic incense holder, 6 coils, 12 cones</td></tr></table> 8.25 170806019 starting 1 170806019 8.25 1 Incense Black Leather Cloth Belt Size Medium <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Beltblue_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $8.95<br /><b>Category:</b> Belts<br />this belt is stamped 'genuine leather, M (medium). with a native american design, it's 34" long and 1" wide unisex, man or woman could wear this. great used condition</td></tr></table> 8.95 170370625 starting 1 170370625 8.95 1 Belts 2 Tank Tops Truhearts <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Tankpkbk_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $8.75<br /><b>Category:</b> T-Shirts & Tank Tops<br />2 tank tops here, gray is Truhearts, size medium, 95% cotton, 5% spandex. the pink is Hanes, xl, 100% nylon, but fits medium easily. gently preloved condition</td></tr></table> 8.75 170366897 starting 1 170366897 8.75 1 T-Shirts & Tank Tops Superior Multi Function Purpose Pocket Knife <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Knifemulti_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $7.25<br /><b>Category:</b> Factory Manufactured<br />Superior Multi function pocket knife, never used, but the 'ring' on the end is rusted. selling as is where is please be safe</td></tr></table> 7.25 161498857 starting 2 161498857 7.25 2 Factory Manufactured Four Charms 2 Enameled Ducks 2 Purses <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Charms4_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $4.25<br /><b>Category:</b> Charms & Charm Bracelets<br />2 Enameled Ducks, measuring 1" tall x 3/4" 2 gold tone purses, measuring 5/8" tall x 3/8" never used thank you for looking and please be safe</td></tr></table> 4.25 161496937 starting 1 161496937 4.25 1 Charms & Charm Bracelets Pair Vintage Porcelain Floral Candle Sticks <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Candlepor_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $9.95<br /><b>Category:</b> Candles, Holders<br />this pair of vintage candle sticks are porcelain.Measuring 5 1/4" tall, they have a gold painted rim and base with a floral design. no chips, cracks or crazing</td></tr></table> 9.95 160130601 starting 1 160130601 9.95 1 Candles, Holders Harpster Ohio Post Office Original Photo January 1964 <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Harpsterpo1964_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $6.25<br /><b>Category:</b> Cities & Towns<br />this Photograph was taken January 1964 of the Harpster Ohio post office. measures 3 1/2" x 3 1/2", pretty good condition considering it's age. one corner is bent thanks for looking and please be safe</td></tr></table> 6.25 157621441 starting 1 157621441 6.25 1 Cities & Towns Bicycle Steampunk Playing Cards Sealed <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Cards_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $6.85<br /><b>Category:</b> Playing Cards<br />Brand new in unopened sealed Package, Bicycle SteamPunk playing cards, by the U.S. Playing Card Company. 2012 thanks for looking and please be safe</td></tr></table> 6.85 150024843 starting 1 150024843 6.85 1 Playing Cards Aeropostale Cami Tank Top Size M <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Topaes_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $4.00<br /><b>Category:</b> T-Shirts & Tank Tops<br />Aeropostale Cami Tank Top. Size M, worn maybe twice, just has been in a drawer. lace around the neckline gently pre loved condition</td></tr></table> 4.0 142053261 starting 1 142053261 4.00 1 T-Shirts & Tank Tops Vintage Slate Blue Wood Shadow Box 19 x 11 <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Shadowden_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $16.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Shadow Boxes<br />In a slate blue, this wood shadow box measures 19 x 11 x 2 1/2, great condition, just possibly a lil dust may be included thank you for looking and please be safe and warm</td></tr></table> 16.0 141997035 starting 1 141997035 16.00 1 Shadow Boxes Annin Twin Pack Colonial Pulldowns 16 " x 96" All Cotton New Old Stock NIP USA <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Flaga_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $24.95<br /><b>Category:</b> US & State<br />Made by ANNIN, this twin pack of colonial pulldowns measure 16" x 96", 100% cotton, Made in the USA. these were given to us in either 2007 or 2008, brand new in unopened package. all weather-machine washable. great to show your patriotism fo...</td></tr></table> 24.95 141108137 starting 1 141108137 24.95 1 US & State Vtg. Aqua Woven Twin Double Bed Cotton Bedspread <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Bedspread_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $48.50<br /><b>Category:</b> Bedspreads<br />this vintage woven bedspread is 100% cotton, machine washable/dryable. measures 86 x 101, for either a twin or double bed. gently pre loved condition thanks for looking and please be safe</td></tr></table> 48.5 138125479 starting 1 138125479 48.50 1 Bedspreads American Heritage Music Set 2 CDs 55 Songs Music Library <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Cdamerican_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $4.99<br /><b>Category:</b> CDs<br />American Heritage Music Set 2 CDs 55 Songs Music Library 2003 King Records. good condition All my CD and Records are sold as is where is. thanks for looking and please be safe.</td></tr></table> 4.99 135927749 starting 1 135927749 4.99 1 CDs Vintage 1968 Ceramic Brown Drip Spittoon <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Spitton_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $9.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Other<br />Marked 3/68 on the bottom, this brown drip ceramic spittoon measures 5 tall spittoons are still used to this day for those who 'chew' no chips, cracks or crazing</td></tr></table> 9.0 135005403 starting 1 135005403 9.00 1 Other Lot of 12 Vintage Maps <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Maps_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $8.05<br /><b>Category:</b> Other<br />this lot consists of 12 different maps: 1) Amazonia-1992; 2)Celtic Europe-1977; 3)Colonization and trade in the new world-1977; 4)Mount Everest-1988 5) Land of the Maya (2)-1989; 6) Wild and scenic rivers-1977 7) the heart of the grand canyon-1...</td></tr></table> 8.05 134909653 starting 1 134909653 8.05 1 Other Vintage Plaster Pinecone Wall Hanging <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Plaste_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $19.95<br /><b>Category:</b> Wall Sculptures<br />this vintage piece shows pinecones, measures 19 1/4 x 6 1/2 x 1 amazing condition for being over 40 years old if I can ship for less I will and refund the difference</td></tr></table> 19.95 131908525 starting 1 131908525 19.95 1 Wall Sculptures Vintage Rhinestone Cross Pendant <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Crossrh_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $9.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Necklaces & Pendants<br />meauring 1 1/2 x 7/8, this vintage cross pendant has rhinestones up and down gently pre loved</td></tr></table> 9.0 131902831 starting 1 131902831 9.00 1 Necklaces & Pendants Fashion Silver Pierced Earrings BNOC <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Earringsil_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $3.25<br /><b>Category:</b> Earrings<br />Brand new on the card, never worn are these fashion pierced earrings, measuring 1 1/2 in length</td></tr></table> 3.25 131902435 starting 1 131902435 3.25 1 Earrings Vintage Lot of 83 45 RPM Records Assorted labels <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Records83_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $89.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Records<br />This lot consists of 83 assorted 45 rpm records, none are new, I have NOT gone through them all, so can't really tell ya what is there, assorted labels. Selling for a family member, came out of her father's estate.</td></tr></table> 89.99 113761183 starting 1 113761183 89.99 1 Records Ladies White Stag Hawaiian Blouse Hibicus Size XL <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Shirtstag_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $8.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Tops & Blouses<br />Ladies white stag hawaiian blousefull of Hibiscus100% rayonsize xlgently worn</td></tr></table> 8.0 112807747 starting 1 112807747 8.00 1 Tops & Blouses Hand Crocheted Beige Afghan 42 x 50 <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Throwbeige_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $15.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Afghans & Throw Blankets<br />Hand crocheted Afghan Beige 42" x 50" like new</td></tr></table> 15.0 109333721 starting 1 109333721 15.00 1 Afghans & Throw Blankets Mauve Floral Chennille Sweater Large <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Sweatermauve_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $5.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Sweaters<br />oh this is ever so soft, mauve in color with embroidered flowers, mock turtle neck. tag has been removed, but am sure it's a large. padded shoulders another great sweater to wear with leggings gently pre-loved condition</td></tr></table> 5.99 108993179 starting 1 108993179 5.99 1 Sweaters Gorgeous Tapestry Fashionista Pillow <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Pillowfash_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $12.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Pillows<br />so beautiful in person, this pillow measures 19 x 12, with tassels on one end. like new, don't think it's ever been used</td></tr></table> 12.99 108969383 starting 1 108969383 12.99 1 Pillows 3 Hand Crocheted Hot Pads - Dish cloths Multi Color <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Dishbeige_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $6.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Dishcloths & Potholders<br />This lot is for 3 hand crocheted hot pads or dish cloths, 100% cotton, measuring from 7 1/2 x 8 1/2 to 8 x 9. brand new never used, made by ME!</td></tr></table> 6.99 108375697 starting 1 108375697 6.99 1 Dishcloths & Potholders Twinkle Twinkle Little Star/What Can the Matter Be 45 LP Robin Hood Records <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Twinkle_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $8.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Records<br />Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and What Can the Matter Be, 45 rpm, by Robin Hood Records RH42, both record and sleeve in good condition. As I have 100's of records, I don't really grade them so I sell all as is where is</td></tr></table> 8.99 108231723 starting 1 108231723 8.99 1 Records Mr. Lonely/Ja-da Johnny & The Hurricanes 45 vinyl with Sleeve <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Mrlonely_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $7.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Records<br />Johnny & The Hurricanes Mr. Lonely and Ja-Da, 45 rpm with Sleeve, the sleeve has 'old' tape on one side, but both seem in good condtion As I have 100's of records, I don't really grade them so I sell all as is where is</td></tr></table> 7.99 108227751 starting 1 108227751 7.99 1 Records Carpenters For All We Know 45 Vinyl AM 1243 <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Carpenters_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $7.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Records<br />Carpenters Don't Be afraid and For All We know, 45 rpm, record and sleeve in good condition, though a name is written on the label along with an address sticker All of my records are sold as is where is</td></tr></table> 7.99 108227057 starting 1 108227057 7.99 1 Records Two Green Bed Couch Quilted Pillows <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Pillowqui_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $19.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Decorative Bed Pillows<br />Two square quilted Bed or couch pillows. measure 16 x 16 square, very gently used. Here's the deal, if you want just the covers, I can cut the shipping costs down to 6.50, but other wise, will be shipping flat rate priority. Just contact me i...</td></tr></table> 19.0 108184377 starting 1 108184377 19.00 1 Decorative Bed Pillows Zoey & Beth Gray Ladies Shirt Large NWOT <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Shirtzoey_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $8.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Shirts, Tops<br />Zoey & Beth Gray Ladies Shirt Large NWOT never worn, has been hanging in my closet. long sleeves, but is a button so you can roll up to your elbows. 60% cotton, 40% polyester any questions please do contact me</td></tr></table> 8.99 108140519 starting 1 108140519 8.99 1 Shirts, Tops Glittery Round Pierced Earrings <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Img_9380_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $4.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Earrings<br />Glittery round pierced earrings, brand new on the card, reads at the bottom 'Hand Crafted in U.S.A." measure 1/2" across thanks for looking and have a great day</td></tr></table> 4.99 106607913 starting 1 106607913 4.99 1 Earrings A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court 1964 Mark Twain PB <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Bktwain_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $4.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Antiquarian & Collectible<br />A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, 1964, paperback, not sure if ever opened, pages lil yellowed from age but book is in excellent condition. A true classic</td></tr></table> 4.99 106531217 starting 1 106531217 4.99 1 Antiquarian & Collectible Warm Snowflake Hat with Ear flaps <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Hatflaps_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $8.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Hats<br />this hat reminds me of snowflakes, new without tag, insulated and warm thanks for visiting and do hope you will come back KudoSurf Me!</td></tr></table> 8.99 98059625 starting 1 98059625 8.99 1 Hats Vintage Eitenne Aigner Burgundy Leather Purse <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Aigepurse_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $6.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Handbags & Purses<br />this Authentic Eitenne Aigner burgundy leather purse measures 10 x 7, with the shoulder strap measuring 32 with the not in it. zips close, has a compartment on the inside, appears to be a stain on the inside material and on the bottom outside o...</td></tr></table> 6.99 97555831 starting 1 97555831 6.99 1 Handbags & Purses Elton John's "Your Song" 45 rpm 1970 <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Elton_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $9.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Records<br />this 45 rpm record has Elton John Singing "your song" and "take me to the pilot" off the UNI album not too many of these around any more I don't rate albums/records, as that's my husband's job, but this one looks in pretty good condition to me ...</td></tr></table> 9.99 96813623 starting 1 96813623 9.99 1 Records Vtg. Porcelain Lacey Soap Trinket Dish <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Soap_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $6.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Trays, Platters<br />this would be a beautiful addition to any bathroom or bedroom, measures 6 x 4 1/2, looks almost like lace around the edges. great to put soap or your trinkets in in new condtion but has been around for many many years</td></tr></table> 6.99 96807517 starting 1 96807517 6.99 1 Trays, Platters Gold Butterfy & Star Pierced Earrings 2 Pairs <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Earrings2_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $4.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Gold Plate/Fill (w/o Stone)<br />this is for 2 pairs of pierced earrings, one is Butterflies, the other Star the butterfly measures 3/8 x 1/4 the star 1/4" great for little girls brand new on original cards</td></tr></table> 4.99 95888301 starting 1 95888301 4.99 1 Gold Plate/Fill (w/o Stone) Vtg. 1960's Barrel of Money Bank <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Barrelmoney_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $9.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Other<br />from the 1960's, the "Barrel of Money" Bank is ceramic, measures 6 1/8" tall. the cork is missing in the bottom and also the 'made in Japan' sticker, but other than that great condition selling as is where is sorry about the high shipping, but ...</td></tr></table> 9.99 94891293 starting 1 94891293 9.99 1 Other When the Chips are Down Mean Old World Rick Nelson 45 rpm <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Ricknel_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $14.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Records<br />When the Chips are Down Mean Old World Rick Nelson 45 rpm sleeve in decent condition as is the recordDecca, No. 31756 selling as is where is</td></tr></table> 14.99 92747255 starting 1 92747255 14.99 1 Records Easy Belly Dancing CD 4 Your Pc Arc Media <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Belly_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $5.65<br /><b>Category:</b> Slightly Unusual<br />Easy Belly Dancing CD for your pc, by ArcMedia, step-by-step instruction, for windows or MAC Learn the Art of this beautiful and timeless dance gently used condition</td></tr></table> 5.65 86202981 starting 1 86202981 5.65 1 Slightly Unusual Iraqi Most Wanted Playing Cards NIP <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Iraq_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $8.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Other<br />yep, these were real HOT a couple of years ago, but still quite the collectible, especially these are brand new in an UNopened sealed package. Made in the Good ole U.S.A.</td></tr></table> 8.99 85221817 starting 1 85221817 8.99 1 Other Vintage Stangel Swan Ashtray Cigarette Holder <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Swanash_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $16.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Other American Pottery<br />Vintage swan ashtray and cigarette holder, made by Stangel (not Stangl), measures 10 1/2 x 3 x 4, gold glittered paint on top of the pink. is a minor chip on the one swan's beak on the underside, other than that, fantastic condition remember th...</td></tr></table> 16.99 81643199 starting 1 81643199 16.99 1 Other American Pottery Southern Lady Cotton Hummingbird Top Shirt Size L <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Humming_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $4.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Tops & Blouses<br />Southern Lady Cotton Hummingbird Top Shirt Size Large 100% cotton style 114B 2 colorful hummingbirds gently used condition thanks for visiting and do hope you will come back KudoSurf Me!</td></tr></table> 4.99 72072741 starting 1 72072741 4.99 1 Tops & Blouses La Floridita Fuerte Empty Churchill Wooden Cigar Box <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Lafloridita_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $24.95<br /><b>Category:</b> Cigar Boxes<br />La Floridita Fuerte Wooden Cigar Box, Empty, measures 9 x 9 x 2, used to hold 20 handmade 7 x 50 cigars which were handmade in Honduras. notice in picture 2, that the sides are curved. Hard to find. New condition. thanks for visiting and do ho...</td></tr></table> 24.95 66155601 starting 1 66155601 24.95 1 Cigar Boxes Vintage 45 RPM Records Lot of 50 Assorted <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="45lot_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $99.95<br /><b>Category:</b> Records<br />Lot of 50 Vintage 45 RPM Records ARTIST-RECORD COMPANY-SONG Conway Twitty-Decca-If you were mine to love Loretta Lynn-Decca-Who'll help me get over you Loretta Lynn-Decca-Let's get back down to earth Kitty Wells-Decca-Carmel by the sea Jo...</td></tr></table> 99.95 44631521 starting 1 44631521 99.95 1 Records Pied Piper Records The Night Before Xmas <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Blacknite_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $9.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Records<br />the night before xmas pied piper records k-11-a arranged by hilday la centra ed. lewis trio . i will combine records when shipping. thanks for visiting and do hope you will come back</td></tr></table> 9.99 40868065 starting 1 40868065 9.99 1 Records Snare Drum Rudiments VHS by Tim Wimer <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Img_4420_1__thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $8.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Other Formats<br />snare drum rudiments vhs by tim wimer 60 minute guide like new isbn 1-893907-07-4 i will combine items to save YOU on shippin costs thanks for visiting and do hope you will come back</td></tr></table> 8.99 40858553 starting 1 40858553 8.99 1 Other Formats The Little White Duck Record Danny Kaye Decca <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Puddykat_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $8.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Records<br />the little white duck side 1, l5926 i taut i taw a puddy-tat side 2, l 6000 decca records danny kaye deccalite unbreakabe under normal use selling as is where is . i will combine records when shipping thanks for visiting and do hope you ...</td></tr></table> 8.99 40841434 starting 1 40841434 8.99 1 Records Playtime Old Mac Donald Had a Farm 33rpm <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Blackmacdonald_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $7.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Records<br />old mac donald had a farm part 1 &2 playtime playtime male quartet 305 pv ..39673 i will combine records when shipping. thanks for visiting and do hope you will come back</td></tr></table> 7.99 40779601 starting 1 40779601 7.99 1 Records Billy Boy Hickory Dickory Dock Peter Pan Records PP 212 <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Billyboy_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $7.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Records<br />Billy Boy Side 1 pp 212 hickory dickory book, mistress mary quite contrary side 2 pp-207 selling as is where is i will combine records when shipping thanks for visiting and do hope you will come back</td></tr></table> 7.99 40779420 starting 1 40779420 7.99 1 Records Vintage Playtime Sing a Song Sixpence 10 little indians 33 r <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Blacktenindians_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $7.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Records<br />sing a song of sixpence ten little indians mary had a little lamb pussy cat playtime gene kelly 342 pv co 41572 columbia records . i will combine records when shipping. thanks for visiting and do hope you will come back</td></tr></table> 7.99 40778384 starting 1 40778384 7.99 1 Records Jeannie (Conroy) Sings Christmas LP SC85013 <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Jeanniesings_1__thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $7.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Records<br /> Jeannie Conroy Sings Christmas LP at waterville valley, nh sc 85013 schooner productions good condition I don't list all the songs, I have so many lps, and so lil time. any questions, please contact me.  i will combine records when s...</td></tr></table> 7.99 40778155 starting 1 40778155 7.99 1 Records Aqua Blue Beaded Choker Necklace <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Bluebeads_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $8.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Bead, Beaded<br />aqua blue beaded choker necklace measures 19" in length no clasp stretches to 26" to fit over head like new condition I will combine items to save YOU on shipping costs thanks for visiting and do hope you will come back KudoSurf Me!</td></tr></table> 8.99 40647204 starting 1 40647204 8.99 1 Bead, Beaded Aqua Blue Beaded Choker Necklace <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Bluechoker_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $12.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Bead, Beaded<br />aqua blue beaded choker necklace measures 17 1/2" in length like new condition I will combine items to save YOU on shipping costs thanks for visiting and do hope you will come back  KudoSurf Me!</td></tr></table> 12.99 40647181 starting 1 40647181 12.99 1 Bead, Beaded Three Little Kittens/Pop Goes the Weasel Golden Records <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Yellowkittens_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $7.95<br /><b>Category:</b> Records<br />three little kittens side 1 pop! goes the weasel, rain rain go away side 2 mitchell miller and orchestra simon and schuster selling as is where is i will combine records when shipping thanks for visiting and do hope you will come back</td></tr></table> 7.95 40471701 starting 1 40471701 7.95 1 Records Travis & Bob We're Too Young & Tell Him No 45rpm <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Blacktooyoung_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $2.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Records<br />Travis & Bob tell him no & we're too young 45 rpm i will combine records when shipping. thanks for visiting and do hope you will come back</td></tr></table> 2.99 40471542 starting 1 40471542 2.99 1 Records Sesame Street Sing & Play Along 45 rpm <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Blacksing_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $8.25<br /><b>Category:</b> Records<br />songs from sesame street sing and play along by the puff'n toot singers and orchestra peter pan records 45 rpm 1302A and 1302B i will combine records when shipping. thanks for visiting and do hope you will come back</td></tr></table> 8.25 40471512 starting 1 40471512 8.25 1 Records W.D. Dumbo & When I see an Elephant Fly 1969 record <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Blackdumbo_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $9.25<br /><b>Category:</b> Records<br />walt disney productions dumbo & when i see an elephant fly 33 1/3 designed exclusively for use with general electric show 'n tell phono-viewer 1969 i will combine records when shipping. thanks for visiting and do hope you will come back</td></tr></table> 9.25 40470825 starting 1 40470825 9.25 1 Records Watermelon Pierced earrings <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Earwater_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $4.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Other<br />watermelon slice pierced earrings slice itself measures 1 1/4" gently used condition I will combine items to save you on shipping costs thanks for visiting and do hope you will come back KudoSurf Me!</td></tr></table> 4.99 40133358 starting 1 40133358 4.99 1 Other Vintage Linen Table Cloth 48 x 64 <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Tablelin_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $36.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Tablecloths<br />Vintage Linen Table cloth measures 48 x 64 excellent condition beautiful design very gently used if at all I will combine items to save YOU on shipping costs thanks for visiting and do hope you will come back KudoSurf Me!</td></tr></table> 36.99 39958902 starting 1 39958902 36.99 1 Tablecloths 6 Switch & 6 Outlet Sealers NIP <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Switch_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $3.75<br /><b>Category:</b> Sets<br />6 Switch & 6 Outlet Sealers New in package helps to eliminate drafts increase insulation I will combine items to save YOU on shipping costs thanks for visiting and do hope you will come back  KudoSurf Me!</td></tr></table> 3.75 39414476 starting 1 39414476 3.75 1 Sets Goldish Sun Face Pierced Earrings 2 in 1 <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Sunearr_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $8.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Other<br />Goldish sun faced pierced earrings 2 pairs in one take the sun off and have another no markings could be found I will combine items to save you on shipping costs thanks for visiting and do hope you will come back KudoSurf Me!</td></tr></table> 8.99 39320704 starting 1 39320704 8.99 1 Other Green Knit Stocking Cap <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Hatgreen_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $4.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Other<br />Green Knit Stocking Cap One size fits all gently used condition I will combine items to save you on shipping costs thanks for visiting and do hope you will come back KudoSurf Me!</td></tr></table> 4.99 39320659 starting 1 39320659 4.99 1 Other Always Be My Baby Sheet Music Mariah Carey 1995 <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Alwaysbe_1__thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $9.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Black Americana<br />always be my baby sheet music * words and music by mariah carey, jermaine dupri and manuel seal * recorded by mariah carey * 1995 * great condition i will combine items to save YOU on shipping costs thanks for visiting and do hope you wil...</td></tr></table> 9.99 39277579 starting 1 39277579 9.99 1 Black Americana Silver like Rope Mesh Lavender Beads Choker <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Silrhinechoker_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $12.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Necklaces & Pendants<br /> Silver like rope mesh choker lavender beads measures 16 in length new condition I will combine items to save you on shipping costs thanks for visiting and do hope you will come back KudoSurf Me</td></tr></table> 12.99 39160745 starting 1 39160745 12.99 1 Necklaces & Pendants Pink Beaded Silver Choker Necklace <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Pinkbeaded_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $9.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Bead, Beaded<br />Pink Beaded Silver Choker necklace total length 21" 2 strands of pink beads in new condition I will combine items to save you on shipping costs thanks for visiting and do hope you will come back KudoSurf Me!</td></tr></table> 9.99 39091825 starting 1 39091825 9.99 1 Bead, Beaded That's The Way Love Goes Sheet Music Janet Jackson <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Thatstheway_1__thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $8.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Black Americana<br />That's The Way Love Goes * words & music by janet jackson, james harris III & terry lewis * recorded by janet jackson * 1993 * black ice publishing * 8 pages * warner bros. publications inc i will combine items to save you on shipping co...</td></tr></table> 8.99 38857269 starting 1 38857269 8.99 1 Black Americana 2 Pairs Pierced Earrings Blue Round and Green Hoop <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Earrblgr_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $3.75<br /><b>Category:</b> Earrings<br />Two pairs of Pierced Earrings both are 1" in diameter gently used condition I will combine items to save you on shipping costs thanks for visiting and do hope you will come back</td></tr></table> 3.75 38509356 starting 1 38509356 3.75 1 Earrings Slaughter The Wild Life Cassette Sealed 1992 <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Slaugh_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $6.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Cassettes<br />slaughter the wild life cassette sealed in unopened plastic C184072 chrysalis 1992 heavy metal i will combine items to save YOU on shipping costs thanks for visiting and do hope you will come back</td></tr></table> 6.99 38292060 starting 1 38292060 6.99 1 Cassettes Rod Stewart Greatest Hits Cassette Sealed 1979 <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Stewart_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $7.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Cassettes<br />rod stewarts greatest hits cassette 1979 sealed in unopened plastic warner bros records c133779 wbw5 3373 i will combine items to save YOU on shipping costs thanks for visiting and do hope you will come back</td></tr></table> 7.99 38291930 starting 1 38291930 7.99 1 Cassettes Eric Clapton Change the World Cassette Sealed <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Clapton_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $3.75<br /><b>Category:</b> Cassettes<br />eric clapton change the world danny boy cassette from the motion picture phenomenon sealed unopened i will combine items to save YOU on shipping costs thanks for visiting and do hope you will come back</td></tr></table> 3.75 38291824 starting 1 38291824 3.75 1 Cassettes Beaufort Festiv-Ale Baseball Cap <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Hatbeauf_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $5.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Hats<br />Beaufort Festiv-ALE Baseball Cap One size fits all backside reads 'brewin' on the river' like new condition i will combine items to save YOU on shipping costs thanks for visiting and do hope you will come back KudoSurf Me!</td></tr></table> 5.99 37435080 starting 1 37435080 5.99 1 Hats Ronnie Dove When Living Turns to Loving 195 <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Dove_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $9.36<br /><b>Category:</b> Records<br />Ronnie Dove When Liking Turns to Loving/I'm Learning how to Smile again Diamond records D-195 Tobi-Ann Music Pub. Corp & Unart Music corp great condition i will combine items to save YOU on shipping costs thanks for visiting and do hope...</td></tr></table> 9.36 37343925 starting 1 37343925 9.36 1 Records M. J. Hummel Collector Tin 1996 <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Hummeltin_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $6.50<br /><b>Category:</b> Other<br />M. J. Hummel Collector tin 1996 Olive Can Company measures 7 1/4 x 4 1/2 x 2 1/2 clean condition a little sticky on top as if had tape on it will combine items to save YOU on shipping costs</td></tr></table> 6.5 37072021 starting 1 37072021 6.50 1 Other Vintage Homer Laughlin Pink Floral Platter F50N6 <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Plathomer_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $19.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Homer Laughlin<br />Vintage Homer Laughlin Pink Floral Platter gold trimmed stamped F50N6 measures 13 1/2 x 10 3/4 minor age chip 1/2 x 1/4 have a lot of dishes in this pattern, just let me know if interested I will combine items to save YOU on shippin than...</td></tr></table> 19.99 31543868 starting 1 31543868 19.99 1 Homer Laughlin Vintage Porcelain Trinket Box Ducks <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Ducktrinket_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $14.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Trinket Boxes<br />Vintage Duck Trinket Box porcelain gold painted rim measures 2 3/4 x 2 x 1 1/4 fantastic condition no chips, cracks or crazing would be great for easter to put a treasure inside for your princess will combine items to save YOU on shippin...</td></tr></table> 14.99 30052599 starting 1 30052599 14.99 1 Trinket Boxes Vintage Melmac Stetson Platter Chicago <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Plattermel_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $16.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Other<br />Vintage Melmac Stetson Platter measures 13 1/2 x 9 3/4 chicago, Ill in gently used condition i will combine items to save YOU on shipping costs thanks for visiting and do hope you will come back</td></tr></table> 16.99 29610791 starting 1 29610791 16.99 1 Other Harry Potter 2nd Edition Deluxe Scene it? DVD Game <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Scenepott_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $16.99<br /><b>Category:</b> 1970-Now<br />Harry Potter 2nd Edition Deluxe Scene It? Trivia Dvd Game the spellbinding game with even more of your favorite Harry Potter movie clips 2 or more players 8 - to adult requires a tv, dvd player and remote control ISBN 978-1-933318-62-2 in...</td></tr></table> 16.99 29454680 starting 1 29454680 16.99 1 1970-Now Seinfeld Scene it? Trivia DVD Game <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Scenesein_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $9.99<br /><b>Category:</b> 1970-Now<br />Seinfeld Scene It? Trivia Dvd Game the trivia game about nothing with real Seinfeld clips 2 or more players by mattel comes with: 1 dvd, 4 movers, 144 trivia cards, 10 buzz cards, 4 reference cards, 1 six-sided numbered die, 1 eight sided c...</td></tr></table> 9.99 29453398 starting 1 29453398 9.99 1 1970-Now Disney Heat Sensitive Baby Spoon & Fork <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Merfk_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $3.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Utensils<br />Disney Heat Sensitive Baby spoon and fork from lil mermaid in very gently used condition i will combine items to save YOU on shipping costs thanks for visiting and do hope you will come back KudoSurf Me!</td></tr></table> 3.99 29412751 starting 1 29412751 3.99 1 Utensils Vintage Corn Husk Doll Shadow Box <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Shadowamish_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $9.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Figurines<br />Vintage corn Husk Doll shadow box measures 8 3/4 x 5 1/4 x 2 3/8 great for your wall in fantastic condition i will combine items to save YOU on shipping costs thanks for visiting and do hope you will come back KudoSurf Me!</td></tr></table> 9.99 29408509 starting 1 29408509 9.99 1 Figurines Vintage Pfaltzgraff Folk Art Hurricane Lamp Base Only <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Pfaltzcand_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $9.78<br /><b>Category:</b> Pfaltzgraff<br />Vintage Pfaltzgraff Hurricane Lamp folk art design is only the base no chips, cracks or crazing like new condition easy to find a globe for i will combine items to save YOU on shipping costs thanks for visiting and do hope you will come ...</td></tr></table> 9.78 29361552 starting 1 29361552 9.78 1 Pfaltzgraff Vintage Evenflo Doll Baby Nursing Glass Bottle <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Babybottle_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $9.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Antique & Vintage<br />Vintage Evenflo Doll Bottle glass measures 2 7/8" tall on the bottom is a '20' on the side it reads: config. reg.780,470 no chips or cracks only top missing I will combine items to save YOU on shipping costs thanks for visiting and do ho...</td></tr></table> 9.99 28617968 starting 1 28617968 9.99 1 Antique & Vintage Nabisco OREO Tin-1990-Limited Edition <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Tinoreo_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $2.25<br /><b>Category:</b> Cookies, Crackers & Pretzels<br /> nabisco oreo tin 1990 a limited edition. in fantastic, like new condition. measures 8 x 6 x 2 1/4.   i will combine items to save you on shipping costs. KudoSurf Me!</td></tr></table> 2.25 24862899 starting 1 24862899 2.25 1 Cookies, Crackers & Pretzels Don Tomas Cigar Empty Box w/o Ceegars <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Cigartomas_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $4.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Cigar Boxes<br />don Tomas box, measuring 6" x 3" x 1 1/4". has a clear slide top celaphane is still on it. there are NO ceegars i will combine items to save YOU on shipping costs KudoSurf Me!</td></tr></table> 4.99 24745982 starting 1 24745982 4.99 1 Cigar Boxes U.S. Army Insulated Canteen Cover 1 Qt. <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Cant_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $5.05<br /><b>Category:</b> Army<br />U.S. Army Insulated Canteen Cover 1 qt. S & S garment mfg. co. clips over your belt or pistol case in used condition i will combine items to save YOU on shipping costs thanks for visiting and do hope you will come back KudoSurf Me!</td></tr></table> 5.05 24697788 starting 1 24697788 5.05 1 Army Greist Sewing Machine Attachments & Rotary Buttonhol <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Buttonh_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $14.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Other<br />Greist Sewing Maching Attachments Greist Rotary Buttonholer all in original tin or box you see what you get in very gently used condition i will combine items to save YOU on shipping costs thanks for visiting and do hope you will come back K...</td></tr></table> 14.99 23984924 starting 1 23984924 14.99 1 Other Vintage Aluminum Scalloped Rose Candy Nut Dish <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Alumdish_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $13.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Aluminum<br />Vintage Aluinum Candy Nut Dish Roses all around scalloped edges 9 1/2" diameter gently used condition from 1930's to 1950's I have a matching one with handles thanks for visiting and do hope you will come back KudoSurf Me!</td></tr></table> 13.99 21930281 starting 1 21930281 13.99 1 Aluminum Vintage Aluminum Handled Scalloped Candy Nut Dish <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Alumhand_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $13.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Aluminum<br />Vintage Aluinum Handled Candy Nut Dish Roses all around scalloped edges 9 1/2" diameter gently used condition from 1930's to 1950's thanks for visiting and do hope you will come back KudoSurf Me!</td></tr></table> 13.99 21930029 starting 1 21930029 13.99 1 Aluminum Hammered Aluminum Covered Casserole Dish <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Alunbow_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $19.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Aluminum<br />Vintage hammered aluminum covered casserole dish 8 1/2" diameter 4" high Porcelain ball/marble top handle pie crust edging on lid in gently used condition thanks for visiting and do hope you will come back KudoSurf Me!</td></tr></table> 19.99 21929839 starting 1 21929839 19.99 1 Aluminum Metal Plant Stand <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Stand_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $16.25<br /><b>Category:</b> Plant Stands<br />Metal Plant stand measures 20 1/2" tall, 8" diameter like new condition Thanks for stopping by KudoSurf Me!</td></tr></table> 16.25 21656224 starting 1 21656224 16.25 1 Plant Stands HLI Oil Slick Oil Spreader Made In Japan Only at Bonanza <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Oil_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $15.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Other<br />Harper Lee Int'l Oil Slick! oil spreader made in japan for HLI never used fill with your favorite oil, and brush it on your pans adjustable brush applicator paypal, or money orders accepted. i will combine items to save YOU on shipping c...</td></tr></table> 15.99 21499295 starting 1 21499295 15.99 1 Other Vintage Walk-A-Matic for Joggers & Walkers 1969 <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Ped_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $9.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Other<br />vintage walk-a-matic for joggers & walkers pedometer 1969 chadwick-miller, inc made in japan item no. 76333 great condition i will combine items to save YOU on shipping costs KudoSurf Me!</td></tr></table> 9.99 21173133 starting 1 21173133 9.99 1 Other 5 Vintage Mellow Yellow Linen Napkins <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Napkins_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $9.76<br /><b>Category:</b> Napkins<br />5 vintage linen napkins mellow yellow in color green stenciled flower on each measure 11 x 11 all in great condition except for one has minor staining near the 'flower' fringed edges i will combine items to save YOU on shipping costs Kud...</td></tr></table> 9.76 21173056 starting 1 21173056 9.76 1 Napkins Vintage Pfaltzgraff Heritage Tankard 16 oz <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Pfalmug_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $9.75<br /><b>Category:</b> Pfaltzgraff<br />Pfaltzgraff Heritage Tankard marked 16 oz on the bottom #286 measures 4 3/4" tall a very minor age chip on the bottom as shown in the picture otherwise in fantastic condition i will combine items to save YOU on shipping costs thanks for ...</td></tr></table> 9.75 18946129 starting 1 18946129 9.75 1 Pfaltzgraff ISHI Last of His Tribe Theodora Kroeber <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Bkishi_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $2.52<br /><b>Category:</b> Children's Books<br />ISHI Last of his tribe by Theodora Kroeber paperback 1989 213 pages name on inside front and back covers good condition "He was the lone survivor of his tribe..from all that is truly known of Ishi and of his nearly lost culture, mrs. kro...</td></tr></table> 2.52 18606704 starting 1 18606704 2.52 1 Children's Books Set of Heart Pastel Placemats, Napkins, Rings <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Placeheart_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $12.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Placemats<br />4 pastel heart placemats 4 matching napkins 4 wooden napkin rings all in like new condition i will combine orders whenever possible</td></tr></table> 12.99 18468222 starting 1 18468222 12.99 1 Placemats Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Co Lion, Baboon, Leopard Wall <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Animal3_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $18.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Other<br />Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company Lion, Baboon and leopard Plush wall hangers great for a boys room, man cave or even living room the lion measures 10 1/2 x 8 1/2 has the hanger at very top, but missing the one in the middle the baboon measures ...</td></tr></table> 18.0 18464300 starting 1 18464300 18.00 1 Other Vintage Vegetable Steamer Basket NIB <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Steamer_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $7.75<br /><b>Category:</b> Other<br />Vintage vegetable steamer basket, never used still in original box, easy self-adjusting sides. these are awesome for steaming. i will combine orders whenever possible KudoSurf Me!</td></tr></table> 7.75 17234046 starting 1 17234046 7.75 1 Other Blues Pinks Baby Blanket <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Blank_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $5.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Blankets & Throws<br />Blues Pinks Baby Blanket measures 60 x 40 believe it to be cotton, like raime very gently used condition i will combine orders whenever possible KudoSurf Me!</td></tr></table> 5.99 17121384 starting 1 17121384 5.99 1 Blankets & Throws Vintage Japan Beer Stein <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Steina_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $8.95<br /><b>Category:</b> Other<br />Vintage beer stein marked 'japan' on bottom measures 7" tall on one side says "wer ftoh aup etdeh lebehwill" the other side says "det trinkt seihbier u. schweige still!" fantastic condition, just needs a good wash. i will combine orders w...</td></tr></table> 8.95 16713180 starting 1 16713180 8.95 1 Other Shawnee Kenwood Sundial Casserole Bowl 1950's <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Ken_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $29.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Shawnee<br />vintage shawnee kenwood sundial casserole 1950's shawnee's kenwood line measures 10 1/2" from tip of each handle 3 1/4" high on bottom marked "ovenproof...Kenwood...USA 999 there are four small chips on the lid one on the handle but sti...</td></tr></table> 29.99 16712321 starting 1 16712321 29.99 1 Shawnee Vintage Green Depression Vasoline Plate <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Platevaso_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $9.95<br /><b>Category:</b> Pre-1940<br />green depression vasoline plate 3 sections on it, great condition, a couple very minor chips around the edges, not noticeable to the eye, but maybe to your fingers. but it does NOT take away the beauty of this plate! i will combine items to ...</td></tr></table> 9.95 16270647 starting 1 16270647 9.95 1 Pre-1940 Ladies Swimmer Tac Pin <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Swimmer_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $5.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Other<br />Ladies swimmer tac pin great for that swimmer in your family measures 7/8" like new condition i will combine orders whenever possible KudoSurf Me!</td></tr></table> 5.99 16213534 starting 1 16213534 5.99 1 Other Gold Brush Cupid Tac Pin <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Cupid_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $6.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Other<br />Cupid tac pin gold tone brushed measures 1" x 1" like new condition i will combine orders whenever possible KudoSurf Me!</td></tr></table> 6.99 16213479 starting 1 16213479 6.99 1 Other FTD Especially For You Pitcher 1989 Made In Japan <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Pitftd_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $3.50<br /><b>Category:</b> Pitchers<br />FTD Especially For You Pitcher 1989 made in japan no chips, cracks or crazing. like new condition i will combine orders whenever possible KudoSurf Me!</td></tr></table> 3.5 15914530 starting 1 15914530 3.50 1 Pitchers Cordella Bluet Pattern Creamer <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Corcream_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $6.50<br /><b>Category:</b> Made in Japan<br />Cordella Bluet Pattern Creamer made in japan 4" high no chips, cracks or crazing. i will combine orders whenever possible</td></tr></table> 6.5 15914120 starting 1 15914120 6.50 1 Made in Japan Buenilum Aluminum Bowl <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Bowlalum_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $15.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Aluminum<br />vintage buenilum bowl aluminum measures 3 1/2" tall top diameter 6 1/2" marked on bottom 'B. W. Buenilum fantastic condition i will combine items to save YOU on shipping costs KudoSurf Me!</td></tr></table> 15.99 14822229 starting 1 14822229 15.99 1 Aluminum Santa's Last Ride Cassette & Book Sing-Along NIP <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Img_4796_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $5.25<br /><b>Category:</b> Children's Books<br />Santa's Last Ride Cassette and Book sing-along leslie bricusee's magical christmas story music of henry mancini and leslie bricusee sung and told by vanna white brand new in unopened package i will combine items to save YOU on shipping costs</td></tr></table> 5.25 14447371 starting 1 14447371 5.25 1 Children's Books Cooks Tools 4 Natural Baking Shells NIB Made In France <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Bakingshells_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $9.95<br /><b>Category:</b> Baking Molds<br />cooks tools baking shells4 natural shells4 1/2 x 4 3/4beautiful serving dishesperfect for baking, broiling or browningany seafood mixture will look good and taste great in these shellsbrand new in unopened plasticmade in france i will combine ...</td></tr></table> 9.95 14014140 starting 1 14014140 9.95 1 Baking Molds Japan Pitcher Blue Floral Vintage <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Pitcherbluewhitejapan_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $14.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Made in Japan<br />vintage blue floral pitcher japan imprinted on base 7" tall old minor chip on rim 1/8" speck on handle base 1/8" no crazing or cracks pictures don't do justice i will combine items to save YOU on shipping costs thanks for visiting and do...</td></tr></table> 14.99 13785720 starting 1 13785720 14.99 1 Made in Japan Vintage Browns Wood Beaded Necklace <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Img_4528_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $9.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Necklaces & Pendants<br />Dark Brown & Beige Beaded necklace no markings just slips over your head 32" great condition not new, at least 25 years old i will combine items to save YOU on shipping costs thanks for visiting and do hope you will come back</td></tr></table> 9.99 12553859 starting 1 12553859 9.99 1 Necklaces & Pendants Couture Cuisine Recipes of Sewing Celebrities <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Img_4478_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $4.00<br /><b>Category:</b> Cookbooks<br />couture cuisine favorite recipes of sewing celebrities and sewing tips too sandra betzina and david hill 1989 190 pages like new condition i will combine items to save YOU on shipping costs thanks for visiting and do hope you will come ...</td></tr></table> 4.0 10702295 starting 1 10702295 4.00 1 Cookbooks 3 Bar Accessories Opener <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Img_4309_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $5.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Pourers, Stoppers<br />3 bar accessories gently used wine bottle opener pourers i will combine items to save YOU on shippin costs thanks for visiting and do hope you will come back</td></tr></table> 5.99 10481622 starting 1 10481622 5.99 1 Pourers, Stoppers Bandana Pirate Skeleton Head Still Bank <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Pirate_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $9.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Characters<br />Bandana Pirate skeleton Head Bank Glass eye patch reads 'bay harbor, maine' 5 x 5 x 4 1/2 great condition selling as is where is . i will combine items to save you on shipping thanks for visiting and do hope you will come back KudoSurf Me!</td></tr></table> 9.99 8813065 starting 1 8813065 9.99 1 Characters Two American Flag Pins Rhinestones & Enameled <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Img_4007_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $4.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Pins & Brooches<br />Two American Flag Pins/Brooches enameled measures 1 3/4 x 1 1/4 rhinestone 1 1/4 x 1 no marks on either one like new condition i will combine items to save YOU on shipping costs thanks for visiting and do hope you will come back</td></tr></table> 4.99 8662181 starting 1 8662181 4.99 1 Pins & Brooches Applebee's Platter Oneida Classic <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Platterapple_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $9.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Other<br />Applebee's Platter neighboorhood grill & bar marked 'oneida classics 04-04A' 14" x 10" excellent condition no chips cracks or crazing i will combine items to save YOU on shipping! thanks for visiting and do hope you will come back KudoS...</td></tr></table> 9.99 8541998 starting 1 8541998 9.99 1 Other Wood Angel Candle Holder <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Angelcandlewood_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $6.50<br /><b>Category:</b> Candle Holders & Accessories<br />Wood Angel Candle holder 11 1/2" tall x 3 1/2 x 7 3/4 like new i WILL combine items to save you on shipping costs thanks for visiting and do hope you will come back</td></tr></table> 6.5 7481700 starting 1 7481700 6.50 1 Candle Holders & Accessories Vintage Aqua Green Planter - McCoy?? <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Planteraqua_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $9.75<br /><b>Category:</b> McCoy<br />mccoy planter no chips or crazing this planter has been around for many years, but it's in great condition with no chips or crazing. there is a crack on one end, but does not take away from its beauty. no markings could be found-mccoy?? hull??...</td></tr></table> 9.75 4713753 starting 1 4713753 9.75 1 McCoy Sunset Stitchery Summer In The Park Crewel NeedleworK <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Stitchkit_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $9.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Other<br />vintage sunset stitcher crewel needlework summer in the park nip 16 x 20 1979 this vintage crewel needlework is by sunset stitchery, caled "summer in the park" brand new in unopened package, when finished measures 16 x 20, 1979. all you need is ...</td></tr></table> 9.99 4211039 starting 1 4211039 9.99 1 Other Vintage Lustreware Creamer - Made in Japan <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Creamerlustre_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $5.95<br /><b>Category:</b> Made in Japan<br />lustreware creamer made in japan 3 1/2" high no chips, cracks or crazing this lustreware creamer has made in japan on the bottom of it. measuring 3 1/2" high, it has no chips, cracks, or crazing, but does have a lil black specks about it whi...</td></tr></table> 5.95 3011923 starting 1 3011923 5.95 1 Made in Japan On-Wall Metal Accessories - Ivory -B1 Channel <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Wallaccessories_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $2.99<br /><b>Category:</b> Other<br />on wall metal mounters wiremold mounting B1 channel, cable or electrical wires by wiremold, on-wall metal accessories, heavy duty, easy to install, paintable, for mounting B1 channel, cable or electrical wires. that's what the package says, ...</td></tr></table> 2.99 2283924 starting 1 2283924 2.99 1 Other Gorgeous VintageUnmarked Platter <table><tr><td><a href=""><img alt="Platterolder_thumb155_crop" src="" /></a></td><td><b>Price:</b> $6.95<br /><b>Category:</b> Unknown Maker<br />beautiful vintage platter blues 11 1/2 x 9 1/2 no markings on this beautiful old platter which measures 11 1/2 x 9 1/2. no chips cracks or crazing. i will combine items to save YOU on shipping costs. thanks for visiting and do hope you wil...</td></tr></table> 6.95 1230562 starting 1 1230562 6.95 1 Unknown Maker