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Can i make an already published coupon private?

Can I make an existing published coupon private (un-publish it), or does...

"coupon" changed to "discount" with no message.

I published a coupon for 10% off. At first there was a button in the li...

Google shopping

what is google shopping and what is the cost to use it? thanks

Red question mark on my page one of the items im listing

what does it mean

Game of the Week(month) signups, January, Everyone Welcome

@ bella, I don't have any memberships and a coupon showed up on mine as...

Twitter Tweet Retweet January 23 - January 30, 2015

h4. For jnjgifts: !

►Word Find Challenge◄ Jan 26 ►Sign-Ups◄ EARLY START

Once again, meteorologists have demonstrated how imperfect the 'science'...

~ Tweet for Tweet JANUARY 2015 ~ New players WELCOME

tweeted group 3 - 7 w/chat

New on Bonanza

Anouncing the Newest Bonanza Webstore Theme, Slalom

Launched on January 26, 2015

Howdy folks. I'm back with more news! Today we're releasing our latest Bonanza webstore theme, "Slalom." "Slalom" is our most visually advanced theme yet. With this theme, we bumped up the "wow" factor. That starts with the over-sized images on the home p...

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Just Launched: Simplified Fees Page and Inventory Export

Launched on January 08, 2015

Hi, I'm Eric, a programmer here at Bonanza, and this my first blog post ever! Please be gentle. :) Lots of updates this week! Hooray! In addition to being able to transfer items between seller accounts, we launched a simplified version of our fees page, as we...

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Transfer Your Bonanza Items Between Bonanza Accounts

Launched on January 06, 2015

Super happy to announce that today we have launched a new tool that will permit Bonanza sellers to transfer their Bonanza items from one booth to another! To use this tool, you will first need to link your Bonanza booths (no limit, you can link as many as you li...

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