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Why is "showing 0 products in (category)" when there are products?

I was shopping in another sellers booth and saw "Showing 0 products in "...

New item variations question

Hi all, Do the new variations only apply to certain categories, such ...

How do i find if one of my items have been added to a hand picked list?

How do I find if one of my items have been added to a hand picked list?

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◄◄◄ Word Find Challenge for Week of April 21st - Sign Ups And Early Start◄◄◄

New phrase ^I mean^ All these many letters and I am s...

Featured Sellers April 15-30th- Game In Progress- ANYONE can shop the Featured Booth

Purchased from ilovegems2009 (hair product and e-book). Have a wonderfu...

Game of the Week signups, April, Everyone welcome

congratulations animme

* * * Words in Word Game Thread 3

monitoring monitor ring moon goo new word: orangutuan

New on Bonanza

Simple Item Variations Now Live

Launched on April 02, 2014

Happy to announce that one of most requested improvements is now live on Bonanza. Earlier this month we (as in Jordan), launched a new version of item variations, and yeah, they are awesome! In a nutshell, sellers can now add custom variations to their items,...

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Introducing Boncoin

Since Google Checkout was taken down late last year, we've been spending much time scouring the earth (or at least the Internet) for alternative payment methods for our sellers. Admittedly, progress has been slow. We've made some headway toward finding a partner...

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Digital Downloads for All

Launched on March 21, 2014

Launching a feature twice, means we get to celebrate twice! It’s been just a couple of months since we launched our Digital Downloads feature for Bonanza Platinum Pro merchants. Since then, our seller community has offered some great feedback and made it c...

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