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International Goodies
Items from around the world to remind me of my travels...
Created by UniquelySocial
007_thumb155_crop 005_thumb155_crop 012_thumb155_crop 023_thumb155_crop 0 views
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Born on 04/16/14
A few of my favorite things
Created by bonzuser_ynmyt
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Born on 04/16/14
Mom's Favorite Shoes
Great shoes for Church, Office & Everyday.The goal is to look Your BEST!
Created by PrettyWomanFashions
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Born on 04/16/14
Antique & Vintage Jewelry!
Got to Love the Beauty of Antique and Vintage Jewelry!
Created by buccaneertrading
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Born on 04/07/14
Maxi Culture
Women's Ethnic Clothing Maxi Skirts
Created by muslimah43khatim
Ax205-803472-895827548_thumb155_crop 129292_p_1393755436596_thumb155_crop 129295_p_1393755658134_thumb155_crop _t2ec16f__ycfidw_lg6vbsh4qfw_og__60_57_thumb155_crop 1 view
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Born on 04/13/14
Mother's Day Jewelry!
Featured in this List is Great Mother's Day Gift's
Created by briangdesigns
Il_fullxfull.571758018_emqi_thumb155_crop 413ylrn94sl._sl1500__thumb155_crop B01208r_00022_thumb155_crop __12_thumb155_crop 9 views
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Born on 04/08/14
Sakura Time!
Created by Morrigu718
__57_thumb155_crop Unset_cameo-oriental-1_thumb155_crop __12_thumb155_crop _t2ec16j___gfibescnznbsq02-kgdg__60_57_thumb155_crop 3 views
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Born on 04/06/14
Country Born and Bred
Even a Kid can be Kountry
Created by MLgets1OutoftheBox
Bootsspinkpink1_thumb155_crop 31fmn3awlnl._sl1500__thumb155_crop _t2ec16dhjfwffz2yhgwybrwes9py7q__60_57_thumb155_crop __kgrhqeokoofjnr0kpg7bs_stedmzq__60_57_thumb155_crop 0 views
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Born on 04/11/14
Must haves
Created by Allaroundshop
Wicker_thumb155_crop Webersummit_thumb155_crop Kontiki_thumb155_crop Didningtable_thumb155_crop 9 views
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Born on 04/04/14
Be Jeweled!
Created by kimceramic
__3_thumb155_crop W3276_gold_tone_fashion_set_with_orange_glass_thumb155_crop __57_thumb155_crop 309088830_tp_thumb155_crop 24 views
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Born on 04/05/14
Summer Time!
It's coming quick!
Created by EndlessSummer
_t2ec16v__zee9s3_yz6gbq29ujwqhq__60_3_thumb155_crop Il_fullxfull.365276015_3g10_thumb155_crop __3_thumb155_crop White_strass_sandal_thumb155_crop 20 views
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Born on 04/05/14
I'm Feeling Blue
Created by xxLauree
Burn_select20140405-10888-1b7jon6_thumb155_crop Burn_select20140405-10171-10q1cfl_thumb155_crop Burn_select20140405-7086-1rbvn3i_thumb155_crop Burn_select20140405-643-kgdsqv_thumb155_crop 10 views
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Born on 04/04/14
Dolphin Love
Created by Dindin9
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Born on 04/03/14
A few of my favorite things
Created by IndieTrends
Il_570xn.440356423_se4m_thumb155_crop __kgrhqz__r_fgur_bks_broovtibrg__60_57_thumb155_crop _t2ec16z__yme9s5qhseqbrcgc0ebfg__60_12_thumb155_crop 0 views
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Born on 04/06/14
Lions And Tigers And Bears
Created by worldofmerchandise
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Born on 04/06/14

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