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Candles~Latte Bowls~Retro~Parisian~Vignette~Wanderlust~Nostalgia~Grandma's Kitchen~Amelie
Created by Serendipity101
0-a-inez-1_thumb155_crop __57_thumb155_crop __57_thumb155_crop __57_thumb155_crop 1 view
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Born on 08/27/14
Helpful gift ideas for Virgo people, August 23rd to September 22nd. Happy B'day!!! SOLD 1
Created by quadrina
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Born on 08/22/14
Rings Circles Hoops
Created by windowdecornmore2
__57_thumb155_crop Il_570xn.639380686_tbb2_thumb155_crop __57_thumb155_crop __57_thumb155_crop 44 views
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Born on 08/25/14
A few of my favorite things
Created by Hrishi
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Born on 08/27/14
Bathroom Sets
Bathroom Sets
Created by FlashingLEDBoard
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Born on 08/22/14
Beach weekend!
Created by Bellagems61
Taxco_mexico_angel_fish_sterling_silver_brass_brooch_pin_thumb155_crop 15217_thumb155_crop __57_thumb155_crop _t2ec16n__yge9s7hhqllbqzkfusvo___60_57_thumb155_crop 2 views
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Born on 08/22/14
Lion's Pride
Pick a token from the King of Beasts
Created by chars-gifts
8839_35_thumb155_crop 000_2512_thumb155_crop 41v6ec7foul._sl1500__thumb155_crop _t2ec16j___ue9s3wbnombq4ybni_tg__60_57_thumb155_crop 24 views
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Born on 08/19/14
fun storage
fun jars
Created by lemonpie
034_thumb155_crop __1_thumb155_crop Anchor-hocking-98591-38-oz-heremes-jar_thumb155_crop 011_mhsc_thumb155_crop 0 views
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Born on 08/25/14
Dapper Dan
The art of looking good
Created by KeenEyeFinder
1_thumb155_crop __57_thumb155_crop 513wvzsbvjl._sl1500__thumb155_crop _24_kgrhqr__nwfit_6qz3cbsm_cfwhuw__60_57_thumb155_crop 24 views
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Born on 08/19/14
Rock N' Roll Revival
Created by vintagesuffolk
51-bwspnv_2bl._sl1500__thumb155_crop 411crzodotl._sl1500__thumb155_crop __57_thumb155_crop Dsc07441_thumb155_crop 33 views
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Born on 08/19/14
Elements of wedding decor
Created by liveclay
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Born on 08/21/14

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