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Spells Secret Magick Bag, Call Me , Have A and 12 similar items

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Spells Secret Magick Bag, Call Me , Have A Better Communication Celtic Cas

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ANGEL7SPA Hi my name is Maria I became aware of my psychic abilities at a very early age when I discovered that I could feel the emotions, and sometimes even hear the thoughts, of people around me. This discovery eventually led me to research and explore many aspects of spiritual and psychic phenomena. I received messages from my guardian angel when I was 12 years old. As I grew in understanding, my gifts also altered and expanded to encompass my new knowledge. I was reading the energy fields (thoughts, emotions, and past experiences) of people around me when I was 15 years old. And I was seeing images in my mind about their future. The reason why I can read multiple oracles..... Tarot, Spanish cards, runes, crystals, etc., and/or not used any, for my readings. Since then, my abilities have been tempered and refined by a wide array of life experiences and metaphysical growth. Today I continue my journey of spiritual exploration and development in an effort, not only to foster my personal growth but also to guide those who seek my assistance in any way I am able, mostly through psychic counseling. My readings are complete, and I'm sure I can help at least 75% of the worst situations. If you have the patience and you understand the laws of the universe, you can achieve all your goals. As psychic, I believe that we can change 70 % of upcoming events. I am also a healer. That’s why my psychic readings are complete and unique. I am transmitting positive energy as well as I‘m reading and changing your future. The only thing that I need from you is to open your spiritual path to me and give me your name and date of birth to have a strong connection. Important Note: As psychic advisers, we try to create a connection with your inner spirit but in some cases, we can fail in that connection. We are not God, we are a light of him. ALL LISTS IN MY STORE HAS TANGIBLE ITEMS AND SERVICES DESCRIPTIONS THAT MY CUSTOMERS RECEIVE BY MAIL, 0R BY EMAIL IN PDF FILE OR WORD FORMAT WITH METAPHYSICAL AND AURA STATE INFORMATION, OR IF THEY ASK FOR IT THEY CAN RECEIVE PRINTED AND BY MAIL AS WELL. VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION: 1. ONLY FIRST TIME CUSTOMERS HAS FREE AURA READING IF I OFFER THEM, SOMETIMES WHEN IS A BUSY TIME I CANNOT HANDLE IT ALL. PLEASE BE PATIENCE. 2. NOW I HAVE A BIG DEMAND OF CUSTOMERS AND HEALINGS I CANNOT GIVE PRECISE AND EXACT SCHEDULES, BUT I WILL FULFILL ALWAYS THE HOURS THAT I CHANGE, FOR EXAMPLE, IF YOUR SESSION IS AT 8:00 PM BUT I CANNOT MAKE IT AT THIS EXACT TIME, I WILL MAKE IT IN THE NEXT TWO HOURS. I AM CLARIFYING THIS BECAUSE I WANT ALL MY CUSTOMERS TO UNDERSTAND THAT I DO NOT NEED THEM TO PARTICIPATE WHEN I AM WORKING SO THE HOURS CAN BE CHANGE. 3. MOST OF MY LISTS OF CANDLES, AND SOME BRACELETS, HAS SPECIFICATIONS ABOUT THE FORM, THE SIZE, OR THE COLORS, BUT MOST OF THE TIME NONE OF THIS MATTERS, WHAT MATTERS IS THE MAGICK THAT YOU WILL RECEIVE IN EACH ITEM, IF FOR SOME REASON YOU WANT AN EXACT ITEM AS PICTURE SHOWS, PLEASE LET ME KNOW IN ADVANCE. 4. IF YOU BUY A SPELL OR PACKAGE OR ANY ITEM FROM ME OR ANY REIKI HEALINGS, YOU HAVE THE GUARANTEE THAT I WILL REPEAT MY WORK IF YOU DO NOT HAVE RESULTS IN 3 WEEKS TO ONE MONTH. 5. PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS BEFORE YOU BUY SOMETHING FROM ME IF YOU ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH REIKI OR MY WORK. WE DO NOT DISCRIMINATE RACE, RELIGION, CULTURE, STATUS, SEXUAL ORIENTATION, BELIEFS, CRAFT, EVERYBODY IS WELCOME IN ANGEL7SPA We are not doctors, we cannot prescribe medication or make a diagnosis or either make recommendations and process your health as doctors. By the law, you need to have 18 years old or more. By the law your need to take all this listings as a Entertaiment purposes. We work strictly with your Aura and your Inner spirit. To make you feel better and to Increase your energy, to relief your pain, Increase your chances of a good health, to balance your emotions and elevate your optimism. We elevate your aura to feel peace, happiness, and self-control. We increase the energy of your body, to control your depression or anger and relaxed you. We transmit our spiritual healings to you, to motivate you. And you are the antenna that makes universal force work thru your own subconscious mind. They are not limits in what reiki can do for you. Reiki is universal life-force energy, It is directed by the universal intelligence. Reiki is Divine Love, the healing energy guided by Divine intelligence. Reiki never causes harm and always works for the highest good. History of Reiki Usui Mikao was born in Japan the 15th of August 1865. The name Reiki comes from Usui Sensei, who used this ancient form of healing in his clinic, Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai, outside Tokyo. The clinic was opened in the beginning of 1900’s and it still exists today, a century later. During the Meiji period, a large number of hand healing techniques were taught in Japan but most of these groups disappeared after World War II. One of the more important groups called Taireidou was lead by Morihei Tanaka, who was said to have been Usui Sensei's teacher. What exactly Usui Sensei learned from Mr. Tanaka is not known. Mrs. Hawayo Takata brought Reiki to the west. She received her initial Reiki training in Japan, up to level two, Oku-Den, and received her Reiki Master from Mr. Chujiro Hayashi when he visited Hawaii in 1938. In an effort to make Reiki acceptable in the west the practitioners presented Usui Sensei as a physician or a Christian monk, but later information has verified that he was a traditional Japanese businessman, loyal to his Emperor. Usui Sensei also worked with programmed crystals, breathing exercises, scanning and other eastern healing methods in his clinic. However, these methods were left out when Reiki was brought to the west. Usui Reiki Principles — Just for today do not worry — Just for today do not anger — Just for Today Honor your parents, teachers, and elders — Just for today Earn your living honestly — Just for Today Show gratitude to everything— -Just for today Thanks for all your blessings — Just for today Be kind to everything that has life The Reiki symbols cannot cause harm or be used with harmful intentions. Many people, therefore, question the need for secrecy and the symbols are now widely published in books and on the Internet. However, Reiki symbols can be only used with love, honesty, and for experience Masters. .The Three Reiki 2 Symbols CHO KU REI - The Power Symbol or the light switch, Put all the power of universe here. Directs energy to the physical body. Directs energy to the emotional body or subconscious mind. HON SHA ZE SHO NEN - The Distance Symbol is used to send Reiki to the past, present or future. Healing karma. Directs energy to the mental body or conscious mind. DUMO - is a Tibetan Master Symbol representing the fiery heat of the kundalini. FIRE SERPENT - is often used when passing attunements The Three Reiki 3 or Masters Symbols DAI KO MYO - is used both for attunement and healing and it works on the spiritual body level, healing the soul SEI HE KI - The Mental Symbol is used for purification, cleansing, and protection Important information about candles: All handmade candles are very flammable and must always be kept under supervision and in places where they can not create fires, especially candles conjured with herbs, oils and powders. Please use an iron or heavy metal container and keep them held in non-flammable places. Similarly, magic envelopes should be burned very carefully and outdoors. YOU ARE PAYING FOR SECRET MAGICK BAG WITH GIFTS INSIDE THAT WAS CONJURE IN 3 FULL MOONS 6 TIMES FOR BRING THE BEST ENERGY TO YOU AND MAKE YOUR PARTNER THINKING ON YOU. AND 3 POWERFUL CELTIC RITUALS IN ONE DAY TO MAKE YOUR PARTNER , CALL YOU, AND BEING NICER WITH YOU, TO HAVE A BETTER COMMUNICATION ,THIS SPELLS BRING FAST SOLUTIONS, FAST RESULTS ,IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS WITH YOUR PARTNER OR IF JUST WANT A GIVE KICK OF MAGICK REKINDLE YOUR RELATIONSHIP THIS IS THE SPELL FOR YOU. . I will I need your name , date if birth and your picture. (pictures are optional if you do not want a share it or you cannot share it) Is also a perfect gift please let me know if is for another person. NO REFUNDS , WE RECAST AFTER 30 DAYS , THE HIGH LEVEL OF RESULTS AND POSITIVE REVIEWS IN MY STORE GIVE YOU THE GUARANTEE THAT WE WILL DO EVERYTHING FOR GIVE YOU SATISFACTION . PLEASE DO NOT BUY IF YOU ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH MAGICK AND METAPHYSICAL PRACTICES. WE USE MANY CANDLES , SUPPLIES AND TIME FOR EACH SPELL, SESSIONS AND PACKAGES SO WE DO NOT REFUND. ALL MY ITEMS , PACKAGES AND LISTS ARE FOR 18 YEARS OLD AND MORE AND BY THE LAW FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY, WE ARE NOT DOCTORS, WE CANNOT PRESCRIBE MEDICATION.
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