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Haunted Ring Silver Circle Bring Losses Back Offer Only Magick 925 7 Scholars

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*** THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR COLLECTORS!!*** GREETINGS ALL!! Insurance is not necessary! WE ensure the safe arrival of our items!! :) Please note that these items and services must by law be sold for entertainment purposes only. We cannot make any claims or guarantees relative to any outcome(s) pertaining to products we offer. We are also required to state that our Magickal items are sold as curios!! WE DO take our Religion and lifestyle very seriously and our practices are hundreds of years old, rich with great knowledge, skill and history. With that said, our items or services are not intended nor should they replace any proper medical or psychological care. Blessed be. )O( CURRENT MOON THIS MAGICKAL CANNOT BE INCLUDED IN ANY DEALS FOR SCHOLARS OR OTHERWISE! IT IS TRULY A RARE AND PRECIOUS MAGICKAL! OFFERS ONLY PLEASE...NO DEALS OR BUY 1 GET 2 OR 2 SPECIALS MAY BE APPLIED. OFFERS OF 237 OR MORE ONLY WILL BE ACCEPTED THIS IS A ONE OF A KIND THE ORIGINAL 1000X RETURNING LOSSES MAGICKAL THIS AMAZING AND TRULY RARE, ONE OF A KIND VESSEL OF POWER HAS BEEN BLESSED BY EACH SCHOLAR AND THEN THOSE WHO WERE WELCOMED INTO THE FOLD AFTER OTHERS HAD PASSED AWAY OR HAD MOVED ON!!! THIS IS A RARE 200X SILVER CIRCLE BRINGING LOSSESS BACK TO ONE MAGICK!!!!!! ABOUT THE RING: size 7 STUNNING MARQUISE CUT BLUE TOPAZ WITH WHITE TOPAZ ACCENTS FINE STERLING RING ONLY ONE WILL BE LUCKY ENOUGH TO BRING THIS ONE OF A KIND VESSEL HOME!!!!! This RARE RING was "Blessed" 300X by 7 HIGH Scholars OVER MANY YEARS in a very, Covert and Secret High ceremony. This SECRET Latin ritual ceremony calls upon very guarded and hidden sources of Ancient SECRET energies that draw in and channel power through the amulet to the bearer!! The Secret Blessing "ARGENTUM CIRCUMDO" IN LATIN OR SILVER CIRCLE" is performed in a Complex and long hidden ceremony. This Blessing is performed by the 7 who call themselves:"Infinitate Secretas Sodilitas" (Infinite Secrets Society) and Albina says THIS IS A ONE OF A KIND MAGICKAL!!" **THIS RARE 300X BLESSING WILL UTILIZE A POTENT SILVER STREAMS ENTERTWINED INTO A LARGE CIRCLE OF POWER THAT WILL ALIGN WITH ONE AND STREAM OUTWARDS WITH A MAGNETIC ENERGY THAT LOOPS BACK TO ONE PULLING ALL THAT ONE HAS "LOST" BACK INTO ONE'S ENERGY FIELD!!! THIS AMAZING 300X EMPOWERED CIRCLE OF ENERGY WILL RETURN LOST LOVE, PEACE OF MIND, SECURITY, PROPERTY, MATERIAL GOODS AND EVEN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY **GRANTS THE BEARER THE POWER TO "DIRECT" THE SILVER CIRCLE TOWARDS A SPECIFIC LOSS WITH A SINGLE PHRASE **ALLOWS ONE TO EMPOWER LOCATING AND EVEN REVEALING WHO WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR ONE'S LOSSES **GRANTS ONE AN IMMEDIATE SOLUTION TO FEELING THE WEIGHT AND HEARTBREAK OF ONE'S PAST LOSSES **CIRCUMVENTS ANY 'BLOCKS' AND BREAKS ALL RESTRICTIONS OF THE SOUL'S RECORDS WHICH KEEP ONE IN A CYCLE OF BEING "TAKEN FROM" AND REPEATING THE CYCLE OF LOSSES IN MATERIALS, FINANCES, PROPERTY AND LOVE!!! **300X EMPOWERS BREAKING THE CYCLE AND STOPS ONE FROM REPEATING THE SAME NEGATIVE LOSS CYCLES AND BEHAVIORS THAT RESULT IN LOSS WHILE RETURNING ALL ONE HAS LOST **ALLOWS THE BEARER TO RETRIEVE LOST ENERGIES, LOST BALANCE, LOST WELLNESS AND PEACE THAT HAS BEEN HARMED AND DIS-EMPOWERED BY ONE'S LOSSES WIHT A POTENT 300X CHARGE Albina adds that one may often "dream in LATIN" as one is aligning with this VERY potent RING ! She says one should not fear this, the HIGHER Magickal can actually assist in helping one access the "locked" abilities, powers and attributes! She sends her sincere wishes and heartfelt Blessings to the person she feels will claim this amazing Magickal )O( Albina advises that one WEAR OR CARRY as often as possible over a period of 1 week. She also advises that one wrap this AMAZING ANTIQUE in a white cloth or a piece of fine fabric before storing it away. In closing Albina sent her "sincere and Warm" wishes! My Own Warmest wishes and Thanks to Albina for all of her devoted time and energies! (description exceeds maximum possible length)
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Cassia4's Spirited Jewelry "Feel the Magick" Haunted Rings Spell Cast Jewelry

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