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Fabric Toilet Tank Seat Lid Covers 4 Piece and 28 similar items

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Fabric Toilet Tank Seat Lid Covers 4 Piece Set

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Item Details

Picturesque Stitch Art
[description shown below image]

More details about this item

Fashionable and Adjustable 4-Piece Fabric Toilet Cover Sets Designed for US Standard Toilets With Round (Standard) Toilet Seats. They are Reversible For Up To Four Distinctive Looks.

**For a demonstration of how the 4-Piece fabric covers attaches to your toilet, please view my videos at

What you will receive with your purchase:

You are currently viewing the Adjustable 4-piece “Oh So Many Roses” fabric cover set (decorative props are not included in purchase). Included in the set are fabric covers for a “standard” (round) “toilet seat lid”, a two piece fabric cover for a “toilet tank” and a fabric cover for a “toilet tank lid”.

The “toilet tank” and “toilet seat lid” are made with a cotton fabric that incorporates a different but matching rose pattern. The “toilet seat lid” fabric has a mirage of pink and purple roses with green leaves on a tan background.

The “toilet tank” fabric has the same roses that are on the “toilet seat lid” fabric but the roses are arranged in a stripe pattern on the same tan background. On the other side is a tan tie-dye fleece fabric to add thickness and softness. The “toilet tank lid” is made with a gold satin fabric that matches the tan background on the fabric used to make the “toilet tank” and “toilet seat lid” covers.

And because the toilet cover set you are currently viewing is a 4-piece toilet cover set the “toilet tank” cover is constructed in two parts. The striped rose patterned “toilet tank” cover attaches to the “toilet tank” just below the flush lever. And the second part of the “toilet tank” cover which is a satin burgundy and gold scarf attaches to the “toilet tank” just above the flush lever. The scarf adds a touch of elegance to the overall design of this toilet cover set.

The fabric toilet cover set that you are currently viewing includes the “Integrated Air Freshener”.. A choice of one fragrance will be included with the “Integrated Air Freshener”. Below is a list of fragrances available. During checkout please list your choice of fragrance in the “Message to Seller” box. Additional fragrances are also available for purchase.

Choice of fragrances

Southern Jasmine - Romance – Sex on the Beach

Winter Garden – Odor Eliminator - Cypresswood

Please read before purchasing:

If the toilet cover set you are purchasing states the “Integrated Air Freshener” is included please list your choice of fragrance in the “Message to Seller” box during checkout.

Before purchasing a three or four piece toilet set, please ensure there is a 1” clearance between your “toilet tank” and the wall behind your “toilet tank” to allow room for the strap and buckle that attaches the “toilet tank” cover to the ‘toilet tank”.

Also, there are two ¼” cotton cords with cord locks at the top and bottom of the “toilet tank” cover that assist in attaching the “toilet tank” cover to the “toilet tank”. Without adequate clearance, you may not be able to buckle the strap or secure the cord locks behind the toilet tank although I do have thinner alternatives.

Convo me (e-mail) with any concerns prior to purchase. And even after purchase, my purpose is to make sure you are a happy and satisfied customer with your new fabric toilet cover set. If you have any problems attaching the toilet cover set after reading the instruction sheet or watching the installation video on You Tube, please contact me.


Fabric Toilet Cover Sets will be shipped by the United States Postal Service using “Priority Mail” (2 – 3 day) delivery to U.S. addresses. If you prefer to have your purchase expedited, the price for USPS Express Mail” (Overnight – Two Day) delivery is $$28.71.

Two fabric toilet cover sets shipped by the USPS Express Mail” will cost $37.86. If you would like to have your purchase shipped by USPS Express Mail” please leave a message in the “Message to Seller” box during checkout and I will send you a PayPal invoice for the price difference.

How it all started:

After purchasing matching curtains, rugs, towels and figurines to decorate and beautify my bathrooms, I could see that something wasn’t quite right. It was the toilet. Like most, my toilets are sterile white, cold, hard and look unpleasant. As a child, I remember my family decorated our toilets with 3-piece toilet sets made out of a rug like material with a rubber backing that crumbled (deteriorated) over time.

I searched locally and online for fabric toilet covers. What I wanted was a cover for my “toilet seat lid”, “toilet tank” and “toilet tank lid”. I only found the typical rug-like covers for the “toilet seat lid”. I even searched for a sewing pattern to make my own covers, but was unable to find one.

After purchasing a toilet tank and toilet seat to be used as a model, I designed my own fabric toilet covers. I made a toilet set for each of my bathrooms in different fabrics. Being extremely pleased with my toilet sets and the gorgeous effect they have on my bathrooms, I decided to make my toilet sets available to anyone interested in decorating their toilet(s) as well.

I designed the fabric toilet covers to be adjustable so that they will fit the majority of American standard toilets. The “toilet tank” cover and “toilet tank lid” covers are designed to fit the majority of American standard toilet tanks up to 60” around the tank. And up to 15” in height when measuring the toilet tank with the “toilet tank lid” off.

The adjustable fabric cover for the “toilet tank cover” will fit a “toilet tank lid” up to 10” x 19” inches. And the fabric cover for the “toilet seat lid” will fit a standard (universal) or elongated toilet seat lid.

Many fabric toilet cover sets are also reversible so that you can decorate your bathroom toilet with up to four different looks to include: 1) Patterned face fabric on both the “toilet seat lid” and “toilet tank lid”, 2)Solid colored back fabric on both the “toilet seat lid” and “toilet tank lid”, 3) Patterned face fabric on the “toilet tank lid” with the solid colored back fabric on the “toilet seat lid” and 4) Solid colored back fabric on the “toilet tank lid” with the patterned face fabric on the “toilet seat lid”.

Customers interested in my toilet covers will find them in 2, 3 or 4-piece sets. Each toilet cover set is made with three layers of fabric. The face fabric, middle fabric and back fabric. The face fabric is made with a print fabric and the back face is made with a solid matching color fabric.

The middle layer is made with Pellon Thermolam because it is a very thick interfacing that adds to the overall thickness of the “toilet seat lid” for sitting comfort and noise reduction when closing the “toilet seat lid”.

2-Piece fabric toilet cover sets are specifically made for customers who choose to decorate the “toilet seat lid” and the “toilet tank lid” only. Should you purchase a 2-Piece toilet cover set and later wish to add a matching fabric cover for the toilet tank, please convo me and I will be happy to accommodate you.

The 3-Piece fabric toilet cover set you are currently viewing includes a toilet tank fabric cover that is designed with an opening in the fabric for access to the flush lever located on the front top left or on the side top left of the “toilet tank”. If your flush lever is on the right side of your toilet tank, please consider one of my four piece toilet tank cover sets. They are designed to fit American standard toilets regardless if the flush lever is on the top left or top right of the toilet tank.

The 4-piece toilet tank set you are currently viewing has a two piece cover for the “toilet tank” that allows easy access to the flush lever anywhere along the top of the toilet tank left or right side and between where the top “toilet tank” cover and the bottom “toilet tank” cover meet. In other words the 4-piece toilet tank set includes a two piece “toilet tank” cover that will give you the freedom to attach your toilet tank covers to toilets with the flush lever in a variety of positions along the top of your "toilet tank".

Many 3-piece and 4-piece toilet cover sets include a built-in “Integrated Air Freshener”. You will have a choice of fragrances to choose from in a variety of breathtaking scents to keep your bathroom smelling as lovely as it is beautiful.

All products are made in a “Smoke Free” and “Pet Free” environment.

Fabric Toilet Cover Benefits:

Beautifies your bathroom:

Decorative fabric toilet covers can beautify your bathrooms by adding to your already existing décor. By decorating your toilets you can turn an ordinary unappealing toilet into a beautiful and astonishing focal point. Fabric toilet covers are not only visually appealing but also appear to deliver a sense of warmth and comfort. Your bathroom décor will also have a more sense of completeness then it was with an all-white undecorated toilet.


Many of the fabric toilet cover sets are reversible. You can decorate your bathroom toilet with up to four different looks from one fabric toilet cover set.

“Integrated Air Freshener” to keep your bathroom smelling wonderful:

Three and four piece toilet cover sets with the included ““Integrated Air Freshener”” will keep your bathrooms smelling fresh for 30+ days. Fragrant refills will be available for purchase from my Etsy shop. 2-Piece toilet cover sets do not include the ““Integrated Air Freshener” because the IAF is integrated into the “toilet tank” cover which is not a part of the 2-piece cover set.


Other than aesthetics, one of the benefits you will enjoy when decorating your toilets with fabric covers is the actual added comfort they bring when you sit on your “toilet seat lid” while performing such tasks as shaving your legs, applying your makeup or when quietly meditating in the bathroom just to name a few. For the “toilet seat lid” cover, the “Pellon” Thermolam interfacing fabric will add an extra layer of fabric to shield you from cold “toilet seat lids” during the cold weather months.


Households with young children who drop or close the “toilet seat lid” hard will experience a reduction in noise (loud bang) made by the “toilet seat lid”. Since the toilet fabric covers are made with three layers of fabric this minimizes the sound or noise made when the “toilet seat lid” makes contact with the “toilet seat”. In other words, no more loud bang noises coming from the toilet in the middle of the night while you are sleeping.

Long lasting & Durable:

Unlike the store bought rug-like toilet seat covers, I do not use rubber or elastic products since they break down so quickly over time with repeated washings and bathroom moisture. Instead I use 100% cotton 1 ½” wide strap and ¼” wide cords for the strapping that attaches the covers to the toilet. My goal is to make toilet cover sets that are durable and will last a long time.


All cotton fabrics were preshrunk prior to construction. All fabrics are machine washable in cold or warm water. To avoid fading, please air dry (No dryer). All fabrics can be ironed except fleece fabrics which do not require ironing.

1. Color: Pink, Burgundy, Purple and Gold

2. Size: Fits most American Standard “toilet tanks” up to 60” around the tank and up to 15” in height when measuring the toilet tank with the toilet tank lid off. Fits “toilet tank lids” up to 10” x 19” inches and fits all Standard “toilet seat lids”.

3. Materials: Fabric, Plastic and Metal

Additional fabric toilet cover set info:

2-piece toilet cover sets includes: One “toilet tank lid” fabric cover and one “toilet seat lid” fabric cover.

3-piece toilet cover sets include: One “toilet tank lid” fabric cover, one “toilet seat lid” fabric cover and one “toilet tank” fabric cover. The tank cover has an oval shaped opening on the top left side for easy access to the flush lever.


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