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Happiness Producer


Simply put, we are one of the fastest moving, fastest growing sites in person-to-person ecommerce. Our growth has been driven exclusively through word-of-mouth referrals, good press, and a quality-first customer support team. Since launching in late 2008, we have grown to over 3+ million monthly visitors and over 20 million items posted for sale. In February 2014 Bonanza was chosen as the #1 Preferred Marketplace (over eBay and Amazon) in the annual "Sellers Choice" awards on Ecommercebytes. Our Customer Support team was recently recognized by Zendesk as one of the top performers in support volume and satisfaction and was used as a benchmark in their quarterly report. We are now seeking to add a new member to the crack support team that has made this growth possible.

Job Description


Bonanza has gotten to where it is today by obsessing over customer experience. We are serious about putting our customer first and consistently creating a top-notch support experience. We believe that every message sent to our support team is an opportunity for us to have a conversation with our customer, and leave them feeling happy. And we believe there is nothing more powerful than giving a customer timely and accurate answers when they need them most.

Job Requirements

  • You have a knack for making others around you happy
  • You "get" that a person's time is precious and cannot be given back to them and the fact that they are emailing us about an issue on our site is a gift in itself
  • People migrate to you because you make them feel good about themselves
  • You always assume the best of people even though you have proof otherwise. 
  • You understand the statement, "There is no victory in proving your customer wrong."
  • At least 2 years experience of customer support (tech preferred but we will sacrifice tech experience for those who are strong in other required areas).
  • Wicked people-skills. You are diplomatic while being straight with people.
  • You thrive in fast-paced, multi-tasking environments. If you had a nickel for every time you successfully troubleshot a piece of equipment like a video camera, you would be a millionaire.
  • You are driven and do not mind working late hours if it means completing your task and serving the customer.
  • Experience dealing with customers over email and live chat
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Open, friendly, and supportive attitude
  • Tech savvy and experience with social networking sites
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Self-motivation with strong attention to detail
  • Knowledge of general web do's and don'ts
  • Must be available to work one weekend day

Job Benefits

  • You get free snacks and beverages (Healthy and not so healthy, but oh so good snacks)
  • We have chef prepared/catered meals twice a week
  • Ping Pong every day
  • We are right across the street from the Seattle Waterfront
  • We are a short walk from the Space Needle and Seattle Center
  • We work from home on Wednesdays
  • We are pet friendly (Monkeys are okay too, provided they can tell jokes)
  • Each February we work remotely for the entire month in some tropical location.
  • Each Friday we have a "Drink and Tell" session to end the week. We basically drink beer and show off what we got accomplished during the week. Good times!

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