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15x Spell Psychic Seduction Mind Control Manipulate Their Heart Mind Love Money

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Seeker You Have Found IT!


Lady Morgana, High Druid Priestess and

The Master Spellcasters of BetweenAllWorlds  Present This Power Talisman


A Secret, Ancient Extreme Power Spell

Cast Fifteen Times with the Assistance of Hundreds of Our Most Ancient Djinn Elders


Psychic Seduction

Ultimate and Extreme Mind Control


Dominate and Manipulate the Thoughts, Feelings and Physical Sensations of Others for Love, Lust, Career Success, Wealth, Power, Money, Respect, Popularity, Anything and Everythng!!!


Important: It is a huge responsibility to control the minds and destinies of other people.  We cannot be held responsible for use of this magick.


This rare and magnificent talisman
will change your life!!!





Celtic Druid Magick is the most powerful Mind Manipulation Magick in the known universe.  The ancient Celtic people lived in great awe and fear that a High Druid Priestess might single them out for this rare, ancient secret spell that was inherited by Lady Morgana.  This is the most powerful psychic seduction, mind control spell ever released to the public. Use it wisely!

Until now, we have reserved this spell for the most experienced users because its extreme potency is a temptation for the inexperienced to abuse this dangerous power.


But as part of the ongoing planetary awakening, we are finally making it available to the public.

Simply put, this most powerful spell allows you to control the feelings, throughts, heart and mind of other people.  You will be able to transmit, influence and manipulate what they think, feel and do with hypnotic mind control.  Now you have the power to have your way and get what you want!  Is it money, love, power, fame, popularity, influence, wealth, respect,  fine houses, cars, travel?  This extreme spell-cast amulet is magickally programmed to get you all you desire because your thoughts and feelings now dominate!

Others will never know that their new thoughts and feelings have been implanted by you.


Einstein proved that everything in the universe is energy, including thoughts.  This magick talisman allows you to harness the energy of your thoughts and project them to another mind.   


People then will be influenced to bend to your domination, your wishes, and your desires.

Now you can have the most important psychic power of all:

Ultimate And Extreme Psychic Seduction Mind Control.


What can mind control do for you? Basically, fulfill all of your desires.  Money, love, passion, power, respect, luxury, doesn't take too much imagination to realize that with mind control you can get what you want in all areas of life.

The strength of this spell is unsurpassed and you will feel it yourself as its power grows within you.


This power must not be abused.

With Control Comes Responsibility.

These are God-like powers. When you can see so much and control so much, you must remember your karma; you must remember to be kind.



What We Will Mail You:

Description:  This ancient, extreme power spell has been cast fifteen times and bound to a new attractive talisman-pendant suitable for men or women to wear. The selected talisman will vary depending on Spirit Guidance in this matter. 


Considering your privacy: If we have any information or instruction we mail it with the item. However, if for privacy reasons you prefer bmail instead, please let us know.

Remember to add us to your "Favorites" list and visit often to check out the latest one-of-a-kind magickal spells we will be offering.



You do not have to wear the talisman for the magick to work, as long as you keep it near.  For example, you can keep it in a pocket, or on your desk, or near your bed, and so forth.

You do not need to do anything to activate the magick.  No rituals or rites are needed by you, because we have done them all.  The pendant is charmed to begin activating when you receive it. 


All you need to do is stay positive and understand that no magick by any spellcaster works immediately.  All magick, no matter what others may say, grows stronger over time as the energies bond to you.  That is how authentic spells begin re-arranging cosmic law to manifest the magick.


All our spells and Spirits are 100 percent safe for you, your family, your pets, etc.


The written content of this listing (excluding template components) is under copyright protection of betweenallworlds and cannot be used without the express written permission of betweenallworlds.





The Mission Of Betwenallworlds

A vision came to of a most powerful Elder Master Spellcasters. We must help those in need during the great changes that are coming.

Up till then, we only worked with exclusive clients. You are familiar with many of them as world leaders and celebrities.  When Spirit tells us our work is done we will go back to working privately with the rich and famous.

Until then, we are vow-bound to help the average person with prices far below what we normally receive.

This is a rare and unique opportunity to receive real magic from authentic Master Spellcrafters that really works.

The combination of all our ancient power traditions and secret ancestral rites and rituals are the reason our magick is so powerful and effective.

It is your destiny to have found us at this time.

If you are the select few with the wisdom to grab your great chance now, you can change your life beyond your wildest dreams.

For we are:

Where the magickal becomes real.






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Thank you for visiting BetweenAllWorlds. Remember to add us to your "Favorites" list and visit often to check out the latest one-of-a-kind magickal spells we will be offering. Until then, we wish you the brightest blessings and say "Farewell" for










































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Purchased Betweenallworlds Spell on Bonanza

WEREWOLF IMPRINTING LOVE Spell 15X Ancient Secret Extreme Power Magick Haunted

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OMG!!! AMAZING!! Not long after I had the imprinting done, and I'd received the pendant, I had the most AWESOME DREAM of my loved one visiting me as a wolf and we had the most ENCHANTING time! The dream seemed so real and it touched my soul. Yes, this is the REAL DEAL!

Purchased Betweenallworlds Spell on Bonanza

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very powerful and active spirit, still in bonding stage..

Still in bonding stage but lots of reciprocation,very happy.

Purchased Betweenallworlds Spell on Bonanza

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It worked, very satisfied customer.

Purchased Betweenallworlds Spell on Bonanza
Priced $89.00. Categorized under Everything Else >> Metaphysical >> Psychic, Paranormal >> Spells, Potions. Condition: New, Brand: betweenallworlds. When you purchase multiple items at the same time, we can give dep discounts. Please inquire! * Seker You Have Found IT! Lady Morgana, High Druid Priestes and The Master Spelcasters of BetwenA.