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2 Carpenter Bee Traps--- Bee and Pest Control ~ Handcrafted in USA

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2 Carpenter Bee Traps

Get a Head Start on the Carpenter Bee's that will be Flying around your structures in Mid to Late February!

Made of Soft  Pine!

Eye Hook on Top for Hanging


Tested and Proven so Buy with Confidence.



Bee Trap is Shipped Without the Mason Jar!

You Supply the Mason Jar!

Band and Lid Secured to Bottom of Bee Trap!

No Chemicals and No Bait Needed

The walls and holes are cut at such angles that once the bee enters the chamber the only light it can see is the hole at the bottom and apparently he/she thinks that is his/her way out.



Simply screw an empty regular size Mason jar on the pre mounted Mason jar lid and Band.

Place carpenter bee traps anywhere you see carpenter bees or their pre-drilled holes.

You just hang the carpenter bee trap by the screw eye on top.

If you have a new structure and want to avoid a carpenter bee infestation, place the carpenter bee traps on the sunny side at the corners and peaks of your buildings for the best results.

If your structures are infested with carpenter bees plug the existing holes with wooden dowels or wood putty, and then place the carpenter bee traps over that location, by having the carpenter bee traps around your building, you will prevent new carpenter bee infestations.


Carpenter bees are large (1 inch) yellow and black bees which become active in early spring. They resemble bumblebees but do not live in colonies, have fewer hairs and pollen sacs on the hind legs. They appear around homes, barns, garages and other structures and are a nuisance. Although it is rare to be stung by one, their sheer size is scary and people generally stay clear of them.


Instead of getting rid of Carpenter Bees one by one, their nest is much more of a concern. These nests, if left untreated, will result in extensive structural damage and will result in costly repairs within a few years. The female will go in and out of the nest, so patience will show where the entrance is. Or if you see round holes about the size of the end of a pencil that is the entrance. There can be several holes in the wood. Killing individual bees with a liquid insecticide will not destroy the bee's young.


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Priced $34.95. Categorized under Home & Garden >> Yard, Garden & Outdoor Living >> Bird & Wildlife Accessories >> Other. Condition: New, Material: Wood. 2 Carpenter Be Traps Get a Head Start on the Carpenter Be's that wil be Flying around your structures in Mid to Late February! Made of Soft Pine! Eye Hok on Top for Hanging Tested and Proven so Buy with Confidence. "FRE SHIPING" Be.