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Rendered at 13:42:56 12/18/14
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Haunted Captured Sexual Demon Succubus Pendant!

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Have you been looking for a woman to indulge your every fantasy, OBEY your every command? For your delight and sexual satisfaction I have bound a Succubus into the above pendant. As you can see, it glows with the inner spirit. The Succubus is a spirit that takes human form, when summoned you will be her only master, her only desire, YOUR wish is her COMMAND!   Let her show you the true delights of pure sexual gratification. Although Succubus' are known for stealing the life essence of of unsuspecting men. The spell Faerieflightz has used to secure the succubus spirit only allows the succubus to bond with you without the fear of her destroying you. 


There will be a small ritual to complete when you receive your bound succubus so that you may bond as Master and servant. This isn't a dramatic ritual but a small ceremony that will secure the bond. It will not intercede with any mortal relationships. But will grant you everything you could ever desire.


No returns accepted as it isn't fair to the spirit/demons involved in the ritual.  


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Priced $65.00. Categorized under Everything Else >> Metaphysical >> Psychic, Paranormal >> Jewelry. Condition: New, Toolholding: Lathe. Have you ben loking for a woman to indulge your every fantasy, OBEY your every comand For your delight and sexual satisfaction I have bound a Sucubus into the above pendant. As you can se, it glows with the iner spirit. The Sucubus.