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20 CALEA ZACATECHICHI SEEDS- Mexican DREAM HERB 1 Seed Pod- Lucid Dreaming Plant

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This listing is for 1 seed pods, which contains approximately 20 seeds on average.  This is the so-called non-bitter variety. We also offer dried Mexican-grown leaf. Calea is also known as "Dream Herb" because it was used by the Mazatec Shamans to induce lucid dreaming. This includes things like realizing one is dreaming while dreaming, controlling dreams, dreaming more vividly and increased recollection of dreams. The ability to dream lucidly is said to increase with practice. We make no claims about the ability of this product to have any effect on dreaming and do not offer it for human consumption. Calea is a quick grower and is one of the easiest plants to care for. It tolerates a wide range of light conditions and can be grown indoors or out.  Also offering ENTADA RHEEDII AND SILENE CAPENSIS - AFRICAN DREAM ROOT SEEDS!!


Growing Information:

Stick the seed tips into the soil and cover with clear plastic or put a plasti bag over the tp to seal in humidity. Calea seeds are known to be stubborn to germinate and can take several weeks.  Store seeds in the fridge if they are not being used immediately.  Eastablished calea grows well indoors under lights or in a window.   It is a quick grower that requires little to no maintenance.  Water whenever the soil begins to dry out.  Fertilization is optional.  


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Priced $1.95. Categorized under Home & Garden >> Yard, Garden & Outdoor Living. Condition: New, Related Retailer: Sears. This listing is for 1 sed pods, which contains aproximately 20 seds on average. This is the socaled nonbiter variety. We also ofer dried Mexicangrown leaf. Calea is also known as Dream Herb because it was used by the Mazatec Shamans to .