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B&G Stainless Steel PCO Sprayer 18" Wand N 124-CC-18 B&G Pro 1 Gallon Sprayer

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B & G Sprayer Bed Bug sprayer

More about this item

B & G Pro Pest Control Sprayer Stainless Steel 18" Wand
B&G 1 Gallon Sprayer  18 Inch Wand  N124-S-18

B&G 1 Gallon Sprayer With 18 Inch Wand - N124-CC-18

B & G (BG) 1 Gal. Stainless Steel Sprayer w/ 18 inch Valve Multi-Jet Crack and Crevice Tip (Model #N124-CC-18)


B&G Sprayers are the highest-quality sprayers on the market today and have been used  and trusted by pest control professionals for over 50 years. You just can't get any better than a B&G. This particular B&G 1 Gallon sprayer features a positive tip shut-off (NO DRIP), heavy duty construction - built to last, unique "carpet protector" bottom ring, spare parts storage inside of ring and the protectors are easily removed for cleaning and provide the utmost in protection. The B&G 1 Gallon Sprayer comes with an 18-inch wand and a 4-way tip (the picture depicts the 9-inch wand, but you will receive an 18-inch wand).

MODEL - N124-CC-18

The world famous B&G tank sprayers have the highest quality stainless steel combined with special grade brass, and chemical resistant gaskets and hoses to provide durable and dependable service. They are the first choice of professionals throughout the pest control industry

B&G Sprayers are the highest-quality professional sprayers on the market today and have been used and trusted by pest control professionals for over 50 years. You just can't get any better than a B&G. Whether you are a pest control professional or a home owner making an investment in an excellent sprayer is a great idea. With proper care and storage this may be the only sprayer you ever have to purchase for all of your insecticide needs. MODEL - N124-s-18

The B&G 1 Gallon sprayer features:

•a positive tip shut-off (NO DRIP)
•heavy duty construction - built to last
•unique "carpet protector" bottom ring
•spare parts storage inside of ring
•protectors are easily removed for cleaning and provide the utmost in protection.
•18 inch wand to make applications in those hard to reach areas easy
•Every part on sprayer can be replaced (please call us if you need replacement parts)

B&G sprayers are a fixture of the pest control industry after more than six decades of development. These hand-operated sprayers are compact and portable. Functional design and quality parts provide ease of use and years of reliable service spraying pest control products or other liquids. Many parts are easily replaceable and well-supported by the manufacturer.

Extenda-Ban: This model features spray shutoff at the tip of the spray head. The four-way tip gives narrow fan, wide fan, fine pin stream and heavier pin stream spray patterns.

The B&G sprayer consists of three assemblies: the tank, the pump and the handle/wand unit. These vary in complexity and parts count, with the handle/wand being the most complex and thus more prone to problems. There are a variety of service kits for replacing worn items on these assemblies available from B&G, and they include pictorial guides to make replacement easier.

You should use the B&G Deluxe Sprayer Maintenance Kit to clean your B&G 1 Gallon Sprayer.  It comes with solution, brushes, and full instructions from B&G to properly clean the sprayer.  Because the sprayer consists of brass and stainless steel you should use special brushes when cleaning which the kit comes with. 


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Priced $261.24 (compare at $279.99). Categorized under Home & Garden >> Yard, Garden & Outdoor Living >> Gardening & Plants >> Pest & Weed Control >> Insect & Grub Control. Condition: New, Brand: B & G Sprayer Bed Bug sprayer. B & G Pro Pest Control Sprayer Stainles Stel 18" Wand B&G 1 Galon Sprayer 18 Inch Wand N124-S-18 B&G 1 Galon Sprayer With 18 Inch Wand - N124-C-18 B & G (BG) 1 Gal. Stainles Stel Sprayer w/ 18 inch Valve Multi-Jet Crack and Crevice Tip .