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BUDAPEST HUNGARY Silver Enamel Travel Shield Charm RARE

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BUDAPEST HUNGARY Silver Enamel Travel Shield Charm RARE

About the scene depicted on this charm: (From Wikipedia)

Budapest Hungary

Coat of Arms

Budapest is the capital of Hungary. As the largest city of Hungary, it serves as the country's principal political, cultural, commercial, industrial, and transportation centre.[2] In 2010, Budapest had 1,721,556 inhabitants,[3] down from 1980 peak of 2.06 million. The Budapest Commuter Area is home to 3,271,110 people.[4][5] The city covers an area of 525 square kilometres (202.7 sq mi)[6] within the city limits. Budapest became a single city occupying both banks of the river Danube with a unification on 17 November 1873 of right (west)-bank Buda and Obuda with left (east)-bank Pest.


Please note that enamel travel shield charms are slightly smaller than a dime.

Width: 1/2" x

Height: 5/8" (11 mm x 16 mm) to the top of the loop, not including the jump ring.

Weight: 0.35 grams

Silver Content:

Some of the enamel shield charms are Sterling Silver (925 - 92.5% silver), Some are 800 Continental silver (80%) and some are silver plate. Silver plate charms are sometimes marked 100 or not marked at all. It is not unusual for silver charms not to be stamped, but typically they are marked. I sell them as "silver plate" if they are not marked. Please see the specs in the "Description tab" above.

More Info:

Most of the travel shield charms that I sell are like new even though they are at least 30 years old and never been worn. I also sell many charms that have been removed from vintage charm bracelets that I collect from all over the world. The charms from Germany, Austria and Switzerland are almost all from pre-owned vintage bracelets.

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If you don't see it here feel free to email me your WISH LIST of places you've been.

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Vintage Enamel Souvenir Travel Shield Bracelet Charms

About Shield Charms

These vintage enamel souvenir travel shield charms were popular with European, British and American travelers in the 1940's, 1950's 1960's, 1970's, and are highly collectible items today. Women documented their travels by collecting a souvenir shield charm depicting the town or country coat of arms, state or country flag, state flowers, museums, zoos, town crests, a scenic picture of the area, castles, mountain ranges, famous landmarks or buildings, roadside attractions, animals, statues, college or high school mascots, a notable person from history or an event.

The colorful vintage / retro look is very appealing to collectors and are quite the conversation piece. Some have a vintage patina and some look like they are brand new even if they range in age from 30-60 years old. They are wearable postcards and miniature works of art. The older charms were handpainted while most in the 1970's were stamped. Many collectors mix shield charms in with silver charms or other enamel charms.

If you'd like to see a sampling of bracelets from my personal collection I'd be happy to show off my bracelets, jusk ask and I'll send pictures of them. I make travel bracelets from places I've been, or by theme. Some themes include famous people from history, flowers, animals, European castles, ski theme, boats, maps, islands, Italy, etc.

These charms were purchased while traveling or often given to women as gifts from their sweethearts, husbands or friends who were traveling abroad. They are rarely found in souvenir shops today.

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Priced $39.95. Categorized under Jewelry & Watches >> Vintage & Antique Jewelry >> Fine >> Charms & Charm Bracelets. BUDAPEST HUNGARY Silver Enamel Travel Shield Charm RARE About the scene depicted on this charm: From Wikipedia Budapest Hungary Coat of Arms Budapest is the capita.