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IThank you for visiting us. I hope that you will find here what you are looking for. All our items are magical proven, and currently located in Israel - to here they found their way in many very interesting stories. I hope that these items will improve your life and bring you to the place you want. Natural Beauty Spell Powerful Beauty Spell by Hamjadah's Daughter This Charm was made and blessed by Hmajadah Ol-g'-Wahba, a well known Yemen Jewish witch. Hmajadah was born approximately hundred and ten years ago in a suburb of Sana'a - the capital of north Yemen. Her father was a jewelry maker and trader, and her mother was the community healer. Therefore, magic was never a stranger at Hmajadah's world. Hmajadah's community was a heterogeneous – a mix between Moslems, Arabs and Jews, that lived together in harmony. Due to her parents occupation Hmajadah was exposed to both Arabs and Jewish mystical worlds. When she was twelve years old her mother died in labor, and left her the region's senior witch in spite of her young age. Hmajadah had to study the magic quickly. And she did. Combining Her Studies of the 2 spiritual worlds, she forges magical items during sun and moon eclipses and full moons for it combines the Yemen faith of the sun and the Jewish faith of the moon. Not only that Hmajadah (and her daughter) are one of the only people in the world witch combine the knowledge in Yemen witchcraft and Jewish Kabala, she is also one of the only woman who where exposed to the Kabala's dark secrets at the eastern world. Bid in the first 3 days, win the Item and get 5% discount! Beauty Spell This is a Natural Beauty spell. Beauty is something we all lonng for. Women and men both seek beauty on a natual way that will not harm the beauty they were born with but embrace it and make it shine brighter. We need beauty not only for others to see but for ourselves. This spell will draw beauty in a natural way. There are many forms of beauty in nature but all that is natural is beautiful. I must remind though that Hamjadah always said that real beauty comes from the inside, and so she developed a way of letting it come from the inside of the person and not from the outside. I wish you the best of luck with this spell. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- BE SURE TO TREAD IT WITH RESPECT AND CARE! BE SURE YOU BELIEVE IN PARANORMAL SO IT WILL HAVE EFFECT! IT CAN FEEL YOU! BEWARE: The kabbalah is considered (in the Jewish community) as a very dangerous thing and only people who are above 40 are permitted to study it! This ring contains the power of the Kabbalah, so do not bid if you are not SURE of your mental powers! Payment: We accept only PayPal. Thank you for the understanding. Payment must be set within 72 hours. Shipment: We ship by express mail from Israel within 3 days from payment. Once the item is sent, you will get a mail with the tracking number. Avrage arrival time is 7 buisness days. Please contact us with problems only after 14 days Buy few items and save!: Every aditional item you buy will cost only 3 to ship! Remember to be happy and blessed! Thank you for looking at our Items! DISCLAIMER: The law requires that metaphysical/paranormal items be sold for entertainment purposes only. You must be at least 18 years old to bid. The seller is not liable for misuse of this product, nor guarantee that the item will work magically. The items are not a substitute for professional medical, spiritual or emotional care.

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