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Brandt Coin Sorter and Money Counter Model 930 - Good Working Condition

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Brandt Coin Sorter and Counter

 Model 930

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  • Works and is accurate
  • Unit has been cleaned inside and out
  • Plastic has a few cracks as shown in the pictures
  • The nickel dial on the left does not always reset to zero
  • Lock does not work on the stand
Manufactured by Brandt, Inc.  in Watertown, Wisconsin, U.S.A
Model 930

Clean, Smoke Free

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Pickup in St. Meinrad, IN  (Southern Indiana)  -   I WILL NOT consider shipping this item.


Full Description:

The Coin Counter
 This coin counter was once used in a bank, and was retired.  It sorts Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, Quarters, and half dollars.  It comes with 2 money bags that attach to the bottom for the money to drop into when it is counted.  We placed several coins through it, and counted them.  It was accurate.  This unit also comes with the stand.

Unique Wire Digit Display
I think the most unique part of this machine is the numbers at the top.  If you look closely in the picture you can see how each number is really a wire that is lit up.  The numbers are basically layers of wires.  They Sure don't make them like that anymore!!



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Priced $450.00. Categorized under Everything Else >> Other. Condition: Used. Brandt Coin Sorter and Counter Model 930 Click images for larger view More photos above on top left of auction Condition Wor.