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Butterbeer Mug Wizarding World Harry Potter Universal

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Harry Potter

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Butterbeer Mug from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando!

This frosted hard plastic mug is exclusive to the Wizarding World theme park. On the bottom of the mug is the official "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter" stamp. (see photos)


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*Not Microwave or Dishwasher Safe

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This item is personally purchased on demand from the shops in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park at Universal Orlando.

Shopping for something special from the Wizarding World? Message Kimberly1337 to request a custom order. Below are just a few of the wonderful gifts from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Shops at Universal Orlando.


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Hard to Find Online

Was happy to find this Harry Potter mug online. It was a replacement for one my grandson had bought at Universal Studios that I had dropped causing it to crack.

Purchased Wizarding World Mug on Bonanza

Wizarding World Harry Potter Zonkos Coffee Mug


It is an awesome item! I love it!

Purchased Wizarding World Mug on Bonanza

Wizarding World Harry Potter Wizard Mug Black Green Gold Universal NEW

Just as I expected - a lovely mug
Purchased Wizarding World Mug on Bonanza
Priced $13.97. Categorized under Toys & Hobbies >> TV, Movie & Character Toys >> Harry Potter. Condition: New, Brand: Harry Potter, Related Retailer: JCPenney, Related Retailer: Sears. Buterber Mug from the Wizarding World of Hary Poter at Universal Orlando! This frosted hard plastic mug is exclusive to the Wizarding World theme park. On the botom of the mug is the oficial "The Wizarding World of Hary Poter" stamp. (s.