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China violet arenaceous lion play ball smoked censer censer

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Region Of Origin
Incense Burners
Excellent overall
Primary Material
Porcelain, Pottery

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Purple Lion plays with the ball incense burner

Material: copper mud

Specifications: the maximum diameter of about 12cm in diameter of about9.5cm high (with the cover ) about 11cm

Manual measurement of a slight error of 1-2 cm.

Purple mineral soil, is a kind of special mineral soil, namely iron clay siltstone, except purple and green mud, mud, these three kinds of mud called purple clay. By three kinds of substrate made of mud alone, or with different ratio of ingredients, different temperature atmosphere firing, showing a purple but not beautiful, red and not beautiful, but not Mexican black, such as iron, such as stone, Hu Jin Hu Yu, preparing the text to a device, a hundred beauty in the three stop, far away look, if you black young it Chen Mingting, chase and observable, Canruo Wan Yan floating elite. This is the embodiment of the most incisive Zisha mud, such as in the mud and coarse raw, cooked in mud and sand, sand, or shop cylinder is Valley wrinkled body, bead looms, more eye-catching.

With purple sand production of incense incense has beauty, relieving pain, eliminate fatigue, relieve depression effect, incense burner cover top and a hole for fragrant incense burning diffusion, sandalwood, incense fragrance slowly from the hole out, soft, Cheung aroma, mood will naturally gentle. More is to worship Buddha, meditation, tea, and a companion to share!


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This product is made of natural clay finishing firing, the glaze ice crack glaze ceramic body, because of its unique" cracks" known ice tea, the cup body crack at the flower layers, like vertical ice first crack, enamel smooth beautiful, delicate texture to highlight, with strong stereo feeling and art charm.
" Ice tea" tea cup for body like ice crack traces, hence the name, the tea natural selection of ceramic mud, using a unique processing technology from refining, having the appearance of bright delicate appearance, the cup wall thickness, not hot, fast heat dissipation! The unique Peacock shape design more complete set of tea added a bright spot, the entire product elegant and harmonious, is the home, office an" green health"
Ice crack glaze tea glaze Guangrun, light color uniformity. Glazed patterns like cracked ice effect is extremely good, the teacup natural selection of ceramic mud, using a unique processing technology from refined, with antibacterial, activation of water molecules function, form bright delicate appearance, high degree of permeability. Tea as gift box packaging, gift friends and family is the best choice.









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Priced $65.00. Categorized under Antiques >> Asian Antiques >> China >> Incense Burners. Age: Post-1940, Region of Origin: China, Type: Incense Burners, Condition: Excellent overall, Primary Material: Porcelain, Pottery. Purple Lion plays with the bal incense burner Material: coper mud Specifications: the maximum diameter of about 12cm in diameter of about9.5cm high with the cover about 1cm Manual measurement of a slight ero.