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Clairol Hairsetter Rollers Set Mist Steam 300Watts Hot

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Clairol Hairsetter Rollers Set Mist Steam 300Watts Hot

Clairol Custom CareSetter for Tighter Curls
Made in Denmark
300 Watts for very Hot Rollers and Stay Put Curls
With Clips included

The rollers come in size medium and small, total 20.  This is the set that all the ladies love since it has 300 watts of heating power.  No longer made, and a real gem when you need your hair to stay put.

Has a stand on the bottom that you can tilt it up toward you while in use.  Directions are printed on the bottom, add one half ounce water before pluggin the set in.  I like to suggest that if you have hard or mineral water to use distilled and it will keep your set running longer and better with less deposits.  Like we do our irons.
Cord storage on the bottom.

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Priced $42.00. Categorized under Health & Beauty >> Hair Care & Salon >> Sets & Kits. Condition: Used. Clairol Hairseter Rolers Set Mist Steam 30Wats HotClairol Custom CareSeter for Tighter CurlsMade in Denmark30 Wats for very Hot Rolers and Stay Put CurlsWith Clips includedThe rolers come in size medium and smal, total 20. This is the.