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Disneyana 2000 Small World 12 w/ Backer Cards pin/pins

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Disneyana 2000 Small World 12 w/ Backer Cards pin/pins Description Disneyana 2000 Small World full set of 12 Limited Edtion with original Backer Cards sealed from the factory Pins. The pins are mint just the way Disney sold them to the dealer I purchaed them from at the Disneyana Confection. The backer cards are in good conditon but they may not be in "perfect" condtion. Disneyana 2000 Small World Series -- #1 'It's a World of Laughter' One in a series of 12 pins for the 2000 Disneyana convention. The pins celebrate "It's a Small World," and each pin was designed by a different artist to represent one line in the song. The first pin, for "It's a world of laughter," is by Joe Andrews. It shows a blue hippo laughing zebra and laughing hyena from the Africa portion of the ride. The pins come on cards printed with the corresponding line from the song. Disneyana 2000 Small World Series -- #2 'A World of Tears' The second in the Small World series -- for "a world of tears" -- shows Dumbo wearing a yellow hat. Tears are streaming down his face and he's standing in a pool of tears. The pin was designed by Bob Holden. Disneyana 2000 Small World Series -- #3 'It's a World of Hopes' The third in the Small World series, for "It's a World of Hopes," shows Quasimodo with a blue bird cupped in his hand. Behind him is one of the stained glass windows of Notre Dame. The pin window is glass, not cloisonne. The pin was designed by Jeff Ebersohl. Quasimodo is from the movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Disneyana 2000 Small World Series -- #4 'And a World of Fears' The fourth pin in the series, "And a world of fears," shows Scar the lion coming out from behind an African mask. The mask is orange, black and white. The pin was designed by Dan Campbell. Disneyana 2000 Small World Series - #5 'There's So Much that We Share' The fifth pin in the series, for "there's so much that we share," shows Chip 'n' Dale wearing grass skirts and beating a Polynesian drum. Behind them, a native wearing a mask is also beating the rum; there's a fire burst in the background. The pin was designed by Tim Whalen. Disneyana 2000 Small World Series -- #6 'That It's Time We're Aware' The sixth pin in the series, for "that it's time we're aware," shows the White Rabbit from "Alice in Wonderland." He's wearing a red coat and holding an umbrella and a large gold pocket watch. He's standing in a graphic red, green and teal background. The pin is designed by John Trent. Disneyana 2000 Small World Series -- #7 'There Is Just One Moon' The seventh pin in the series, for "there is just one moon," shows a girl from the Arabian section of the ride. She's wearing a pink hat and blue veil, and leaning on a yellow moon. At the top are orange clouds and blue and purple stars. The pin was designed by Ron Burrage. Disneyana 2000 Small World Series -- #8 'And One Golden Sun' The eighth pin in the series, for "and one golden sun," shows a little boy from the Hawaii section of the ride. He's wearing green swim trunks and standing on a red surfboard in the water. Behind him is a large orange and yellow sun. The pin was designed by Quynh Kimball. Disneyana 2000 Small World Series -- # 9 'And a Smile Means Friendship to Everyone' The ninth pin in the series, for "and a smile means friendship to everyone," shows a pair of monkeys from the attraction. They are hugging each other behind a large green leaf. In the background is an orange and yellow sun. Disney Mulan Disneyana 2000 Small World Set -- #10 'Though the Mountains Divide' (Shan-Yu) The tenth in the series, for "though the mountains divide," shows Shan-Yu from "Mulan" in a black hat. Behind him is a gray mountain. This is roughly the shape of a shield and was designed by Darren Wilson. Disneyana 2000 Small World Set -- #11 'And the Oceans Are Wide' The eleventh pin in the series, for "and the oceans are wide," shows Ariel (with a purple tail and purple hair!), from the Little Mermaid, against a free-form blue and teal ocean background. The pin was designed by Thomas Scott. Disneyana 2000 Small World Series -- #12 'It's a Small World After All' The final pin in the series, for "It's a Small World After All," shows six children of the World, wearing their national costumes, in a blue boat. Behind them are flags of the US, Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, France, Canada, Ethiopia and the UK. The pin was designed by Ralph Kent. All These pin I am selling in t his listing were released at the Disneyanna Convention 5.2000 at the Comtemporary Resort WDW. Each of the 12 pins in the set are designed by a different Disney artist and factory sealed on specially designed display cards, with the artist name on the back. I will from time to time offer my extra pins that are from this set that I have that do not have backer cards, or may have backer cards from time to time. So if you are looking for some special pin from this collection and you do not find the item number you may email me through the system so I may provide you with the item number for that perticular pin. Bear in mind some of these pins are harder to find then others and I may not have that pin you are seeking except in this offering in the conditon you want it with it being factory sealed with the backer cards. Thes are beautiful pins. Here is your opptunity to collect all 12 in one clicke of a bid. They all have the Disney copyright on this pin. SO, if you are collecting pins, you will definitely want to have this set in your collection! check out others in my store for more Disney Pins. This item comes to from a smoke free home. THIS ITEM COMES TO YOU FROM A SMOKE FREE HOME. Check out sellers other great bargins this week. THIS PICTURE DOES NOT DO THIS ITEM JUSTICE. Thanks for looking. If the picture does not show up please hit the reload button for it is there. If not contact me and I will email you the picture of this item. If you do not feel this item is priced right let me know what you think I will take it into consideration when I relist my item. I do appreciate your imput on price for this item........ Remember I take lay a way too. You can reach me by email. STORE AND FIXED PRICED ITEMS MORE RARE ITEMS.  CHECK OUT SELLERS OTHER AUCTIONS I have what you are looking for. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR BID. I HOPE YOU WIN. Payment and Shipping Info S&H and insurance cost are inculed in the S&H cost. in USA Dollars and these amounts are for USA residents only. Shipping outside of the USA will be more. Email seller for s&h cost if you are outside USA. Payment Options Paypal payments required as per rules. I do accept lay a way with a 25% non refundable deposit due upon 7 days after sale if you want to make lay a way arrangements with me. I am very agreeable to your needs. Please email me with any of your needs or special requests I am here for you. Please email me though the system: ask seller a question. Shipping/Handling $12.95 Delivery Conformation and Insurnce is included for USA buyers is included in S&H cost listed here. Shipping outside of the US will be more. Insurance Rate $ Shipping Options FEDEX - DHL - UPS - Ground - USPS: Priority Mail, First Class, Parcel Post Mail the shipping cost listed for USA buyer applies to S&H cost listed here at sellers choice. I ship many differnt sized items and I use different methods for different item or items. Sales Tax  7% for Florida in-state buyers please add the tax to the total Terms ALL PAYMENTS ARE EXPECTED TO BE RECEIVED within 7 days if you need an extention I will be happy to let you have it I just need to know. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ASK ANY QUESTIONS BEFORE YOU BID.  The item you will receive is exactly what is described above.  PLEASE READ WHAT YOU'RE BUYING. Do not read into any thing title, discription and picture should match. If it does not email me if there is a error in the listing I will fix it immediately I am only human. You will get what I have posted.   SPECIAL! CHECK OUT MY STORES FOR OTHER GOODIES THERE FOR YOU TO BUY. There are many other items just like this CHECK IT OUT IF YOU DON'T SEE WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR LET ME KNOW. IF I HAVE IT I WILL LIST IT FOR YOU AT MY STORE. By clicking on this link below you will go to My store. 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In most overseas transactions up to 4 pounds and box limits I use first class mail which is the least expensive. If you want priority mailing please request that the cost is much more than first class. Please ask for these services before I send you your paypal invoice payment for this is not a normal service that I bill out for when shipping INTERNATIONAL. If your package is over 4 pounds and the box exceeds the size limit allowed then I automatically use priority mailing. Insurance is required outside the USA. All Packages will be insured for full SDR Value of purchase email me if you have any questions regarding this matter email me. • International purchases may require additional processing time; they need to be manually taken to the Post Office. • Sometimes shipping time may take longer than normal. Sometimes packages are held in Customs for a variety of reasons. Please be patient. Packages are not considered lost until 45 days after the package has been shipped. At the request of buyer or for some countries registered mail may required/or requested at buyer’s expense. ALL BUYER USA AND INTERNATIONAL PLEASE READ 1. PLEASE READ WHAT YOU'RE BUYING. Do not read anything into this listed that I do not say!!!! The Title, Description and Picture should match. If it does not email me if there is an error in the listing I will fix it immediately I am only human. You will get what I have posted. 2. Shipping cost are stated here for USA buyers in all my sales and I know that I ship quickly (international buyers please email me for s&h cost). Each package I ship there is handling cost added to the cost of actual shipping. I have a varied inventory and this makes handling fees vary. For example: The handling fee for a pin would be different then sending for a collectible, art work etc. Some packages require more supplies which have become very costly we try and cut corners as best we can but every day we are faced with more expenses. Some of my packages are packed and shipped by a privately owned packing house. 3. Shipping Time I ship within 3 working days of your payment clearing and in most cases I ship sooner. I just give myself a 3 working day window in case of emergencies on my end. I tell you the worst and give you my best. If a package is delayed you will know why if the problem is on my end. This way you are never disappointed in my shipping time. I really try hard to do my best. 4. Shipping notices I send out I send out direct emails to you when I have either processed or shipped your package and give you the shipping date in this email for all post office shipments along with delivery conformation numbers USA buyers, for international buyers you will have the LC numbers come in this email. (For International buyers if you require a tracking numbers please request and pay the additional cost required.) Some emails have not been accepted by some email spam filters. 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Do you want to be notified of my sales and specials?  Be sure to sign up for my Email service for new listings and add me to your Favorites List!   00011 Shipping and handling Item location: Miami, Florida, United States Shipping to: Worldwide Quantity: Change country: Show all available United States ZIP Code:   Shipping and handling To Service Estimated delivery* Shipping insurance US $12.95 United States Standard Flat Rate Shipping Service Varies Seller ships within 15 day after receiving cleared payment. Included in S&H *The estimated delivery time is based on the seller's handling time, the shipping service selected, and when the seller receives cleared payment. Sellers are not responsible for shipping service transit times. Transit times may vary, particularly during peak periods. Domestic handling time Sales tax Will usually ship within 15 business days of receiving cleared payment. Seller charges sales tax for items shipped to: FL (7%). Return policy Item must be returned within Refund will be given as Return policy details 3 days after the buyer receives it Merchandise Credit ***ALL SALES ARE FINAL**** toysbyrena will accept returns ONLY if merchandise is not as described and it will be replaced with the exact item described in the description. The retuned merchandise must be shipped in exact condition as shipped to you. If an insured item is damaged in shipping email me for procedures we must follow to file a claim. I use different shipping methods and each shipper handles claims differently. The buyer is responsible for return shipping costs. Payment details Payment method Preferred/Accepted Accepted Pay with and your full purchase price is covered | See terms Seller's payment instructions I am a merchant with an electronic merchant account. I will send you an invoice to pay it will come under the name of Rena's Collectibles Please pay that invoice this is the method I prefer. 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Priced $399.99. Categorized under Collectibles >> Disneyana >> Contemporary (1968-Now) >> Pins, Buttons >> Theme Parks. Related Retailer: JCPenney, Related Retailer: Sears. Disneyana 20 Smal World 12 w/ Backer Cards pin/pins Description Disneyana 20 Smal World ful set of 12 Limited Edtion with original Backer Cards sealed from the factory Pins. The pins are mint just the way Disney sold them to the dealer I .