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Extra-Strength Goofer Dust ~rattlesnake scorpion dust

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Extra-Strength Goofer Dust ~rattlesnake scorpion dust

This listing is for a 2x2 bag (about half an ounce) of Extra Strength Goofer Dust. It contains all the usual minerals, herbs, and insect curios as my regular Goofer Dust, but this special, limited edition batch also contains two extra-special, rare, costly ingredients:

  • real powdered rattlesnake, and
  • real scorpion powder.

This is some pretty nasty stuff, so please don't use this as a first resort when you're mad at your neighbor for parking on your side of the street. It's traditionally sprinkled where your enemy will walk in it, when you want to cross up and curse your enemy. It's a good idea to call your enemy's name when you sprinkle it and to call down what you want to happen.

Handle with care. Contains irritants and dried animal parts and/or insect parts. Keep away from children and pets. Avoid contact with eyes and try not to inhale the dust. Wash hands after using. Mix with local dirt to dilute, hide, and extend your supply. Do not burn as incense. For heaven's sake, use common sense.

When I make this Goofer Dust, I take a spiritual cleansing bath when I'm done. I recommend you do the same thing after using it.

Photographs are of sample kits. Curios, colors, and hues of herbs, oils, and candles may vary slightly according to the season when made and the ingredients.

I accept Paypal only. I use seller assistant and it files unpaid item claims automatically at 7 days post-purchase. If this happens and you need more time, and we have talked about it, drop me a line and I can manually tell it to leave you alone, up to a certain point.

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I will ship most orders within 5-7 business days of receipt of payment. Sometimes I can ship earlier, but most of my items are custom-finished and/or handmade, and I won't make any promises about a shorter handling time. I make everything myself, by hand, so if the handling time is too long for you, DO NOT BID. A one week handling time is standard, but large, custom, and international orders WILL take longer.

The FAQ covers shipping and handling procedures. Emails asking "has my order shipped yet" will be replied to with a link to the FAQ. Basically, if your item is marked "shipped" in your "my," it's shipped. If it's not, it hasn't. The answer to "when will you ship it" is "when it's ready." Custom work and personal attention takes time. If you like to pester sellers for "when will you ship my item" or "what is the tracking number," you and I will not get along: I will only send you a link to the FAQ.

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Please note that my handmade rosaries and jewelry come with a standing repair offer. If I made it, and it breaks or bends in a month or in six months, contact me; I can probably repair it for you. This offer does not apply to jewelry that I didn't make myself, though - if you bought an inexpensive rosary with a saints' medal attached, and it breaks, you and I will both have to be mad at my supplier and remember the maxim "you get what you pay for." But if you buy a piece I made myself, and it is damaged as a result of normal wear and tear, write and let's discuss it. Please note that wearing a ritual item to go dancing or swimming is not "normal wear and tear."

I also offer a mojo diagnostic service - if you wash or damage your mojo and aren't sure if it's still alright, write me. Sometimes I can "refresh" them without your having to purchase a whole new mojo from scratch.

Please do not put ritual oils or items on children, pets, or open wounds without consulting someone knowledgeable, and do not ingest.

My oils are ritual items, not cosmetics. All items are sold as curios only, as required by law. I use them myself, though, and many of my clients swear by them.

Please visit my blog at for info, updates, tips, tricks, spells, and answers to frequently-asked questions about hoodoo, conjure, and vodoun.

I am happy to answer questions about items and services. I will try to answer all email inquiries within two business days. I get about 100 emails a day, though, so please don't get mad at me if the response to your email is a form letter giving you a link to the FAQ page. The FAQ page is designed to keep me free from answering the same questions over and over again so that I have time to make, prepare, and package your items.

Note that we are not open and do not ship on weekends and federal holidays, so there's no point in freaking out if you email me Friday night and still don't have an answer Sunday night.

Please do NOT email me directly at my personal email for questions about items; I will only send you an auto-response directing you to contact me via the "Contact Seller" link in your "my." This is for protection of both seller and buyer, and to keep all your order info in one place.




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Priced $12.44. Categorized under Everything Else >> Metaphysical >> Other. ExtraStrength Gofer Dust ratlesnake scorpion dust This listing is for a 2x2 bag about half an ounce of Extra Strength Gofer Dust. It contains al t.