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Fast powerful |muscle and joint pain relief| migraine Painless Potion 2 oz Size

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Pain Ointment
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DMedicineWoman's Painless Potion!


A natural therapeutic aromatherapy pain cream with eleven essential oils for muscle and joint pain relief.

Fast, natural pain relief for aching joints, sore muscles, arthritis, fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease, too. This amazing blend of essential oils infused with our natural lotion base works fast to allow muscles to relax, reduces swelling and inflamation and increases bloodflow giving greater range of motion and freedom of movement. And it's not greasy, Painless Potion is all natural with no petroleum or chemicals! Soaks right in to eliminate muscle and joint pain, reduce swelling and inflammation, improve blood flow, and aid in healing. Painless Potion contains essential oils that will also soothe & help heal skin problems too (eczema, psoriasis, etc). The essential oils in Painless Potion are antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and they help dramatically to control edema (water retention and swelling).

Keep Painless Potion handy for colds, flu, sinus and/or ear problems, headaches. Just apply to face, forehead, cheek bones (sinus’), under ear lobes (along ear canals) and temples to aid in opening passages and promote draining by relieving swelling and congestion. Excellent for headache, sinus headaches and congestion, and even swimmers ear!.

Painless Potion contains the essential oils of cinnamon leaf, clove bud, eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary, peppermint, tea tree, bergamot, marjoram, white camphor, and wintergreen all in a proprietary base that includes shea butter, coconut oil,kukui nut oil, avocado oil, macadamia nut oil, and our pharmaceutical grade white beeswax. Yes, that's 11 essential oils that work together and function as active ingredients. This is truly a high quality product that far exceeds the results of any other topical cream made for muscle and joint inflammation. Compare our Painless Potion to what you presently use which might have 2 or maybe 3 ingredients that are actually therapeutic and beneficial. Although these products may feel "hot" or "cold" on your skin, when it comes to relieving muscle and joint pain, they have nowhere near the strength of the essential oil blend in Painless Potion. Each essential oil was carefully selected for use in this product because of it's natural, yet powerful, therapeutic effectiveness for problems associated with muscle and joint pain. After all, many of todays mass produced medications started out as a plant extract or even as an essential oil. The difference is that some of these plant extracts had to be synthesized inorder to keep mass produced manufacturing costs down. In the process, they also became something that our bodies consider foreign. Natural products such as ours actually become a working, healing agent that aid the natural body processes. Large manufacturers could never afford the overhead required to produce a handcrafted product like Painless Potion, let alone afford to use the best quality essential oils in it. And our quality control is second to none. We constantly test many essential oils from various suppliers to insure that you will be getting the absolute best quality products. And whenever possible, we use sustainable, island grown and produced ingredients and oils, some of which we make ourselves, and others we purchase locally.

Here in Hawaii, it's hands down our best seller, with many happy clients that purchase it regularly.

Testimonial from one of our clients:

"I just wanted you to know right away what a miraculous product I have found personally your Pain-less Potion to be, after having brought it back from your Farmer's Market at the Keahou Farmers Market last Saturday.  When I got home to Salt Lake City, Utah, my husband had reinjured his ankle after an 8 week recovery period prior to  my trip to HI.  I immediately put the potion on his ankle before he went to bed that night because the swelling was back and the pain was again extreme.  By morning, his pain and swelling was gone.  He was absolutely stunned, shocked and in disbelief!!  No pain.   Thank you so much.  He also has a recurring spine problem with pain due to a fall 17 yrs ago and subsequent surgery.  I will now use the potion on that part of his body and he may just become a new man!!!
Thank you so much!!!  I know you told me your names, but I have forgotten.  We are the two women (my daughter and I) who bought whatever we could to help our pain and also anxiety.  Thank you again for staying a half hour after you started clearing up to help us out...I know we already love your products.  I've given my other daughter your products also.I received your receipt, but now I'm wondering if you could send a pricelist, since the total of all we bought seemed very reasonable for all we received and I know my husband wants to get more of the potion already!!  You are awesome...."  

                                          -Sherri,  Salt Lake City, UT

Our handy 2 oz. size Painless Potion great for travel. You can take one along in your carry-on!.

No stiff neck, no "plane pain" anymore!

2 oz jar includes Free Shipping to USA destinations

International clients, please contact us for a shipping quote, and we'll send a "click to pay" invoice,

right here through Bonanza!


As always with D.MedicineWoman products, you can "Expect the Best!"

Thank You for choosing D.Medicine Woman Products


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Priced $24.00. Categorized under Health & Beauty >> Natural & Homeopathic Remedies >> Aromatherapy. Condition: New, Hand Crafted: Pain Ointment , Brand: DMedicineWoman, Country/Region of Manufacture: United States. DMedicineWoman's Painles Potion! A natural therapeutic aromatherapy pain cream with eleven esential oils for muscle and joint pain relief. Fast, natural pain relief for aching joints, sore muscles, arthritis, fibromyalgia, degenerative disc.