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My name is Debra, and I have been a professional spellworker and summoner  for well over two decades. After some debate, I've decided to make my spells, as well as some of my own personal collection of haunted and enchanted relics, available to the world through this shoppe.  In my neverending quest for enlightenment and understanding, I've travelled the world, met many interesting people, and have seen some truly strange, yet magnificent things.  These are the experiences that I wish to share with you through my items and spellwork.



 photo 007_zpsef9c77b0.jpg


This listing is for this carved stone pendant, which has been bound to the ancient and omnipotent Anunnaki spirit Kilsor. 


The Anunnaki are an ancient race of interdimensional and extraterrestrial beings, who created mankind in their own image hundreds of thousands of years ago.  The Anunnaki were spoken of as gods, and worshipped by various civilizations throughout the years.  They not only created mankind, but introudced them to technology, allowing us to develop into the advanced race we have become.  The Anunnaki have a strong desire to help mankind develop and achieve success, as both a race, and as individuals. 


Kilsor is both an omnicient and omnipotent entity, with endless knowledge of the universe and its complete secrets and workings.  He has agreed to be linked to our realm through this vessel, in order to provide mankind with his ultimate and endless servitude, and share his great wisdom.  Whoever is master over his vessel will be able to call upon him for protection, guidance, and to help fulfill wishes and specific requests. 


The energy within this vessel is incredible, and can be sensed almost immediately.  Bonding with the vessel occurs automatically, without any spells or invocations, just by keeping the pendant around you some each day, in order to allow a transference of energy (it can also be worn, of course). 


Kilsor wishes to bring you knowledge, understanding, and enlightenment.  He will reveal all the secrets of the universe to you.  He also offers vast wealth and riches, as well as an extreme amplification of your natural psychic abilities.  Through his otherworldly guidance, you will become telekinetic, telepathic, have powers of mind control, mind reading, astral travel, and even levitation.  Kenos will also offer to perform specific tasks for you, to help better your own life, as well as the fate of humanity itself.


This pendant is an incredibly energetic and active vessel.  As such, it should be purchased only by those who truly understand and respect its power, and are seeking its use for the purposes of good.















If this isn't exactly what you're looking for, please check my other listings, or send me a message.  I'd love to be able to help you.  Thank you for looking.  Many blessings to you.




















As per bonanza policy, I must state that you must be 18 years or older to buy this item.  This item is for entertainment purposes only, and I cannot be held responsible for paranormal activities that may or may not occur through the use of this item.  This should not be viewed as a substitute for professional or medical advice of any kind.   


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Priced $149.99. Categorized under Everything Else >> Metaphysical >> Psychic, Paranormal >> Jewelry. Gretings My name is Debra, and I have ben a profesional spelworker and sumoner for wel over two decades. After some debate, I've decided to make my spels, as wel as some of my own personal colection of haunted .