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Haunted – Instant Conjuration Carpathian Guardian Vampire VRIL ENERGY GENERATI

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Greetings to all and welcome to our Bonanza Store.  I'm very excited to begin this journey on this wonderful auction site.  As some of you may know, I come from eBay after the closure of the Metaphysical Category and I’m looking forward to meeting a lot of likeminded friends and clients.

My name is Luke and I thank you all for visiting my store.  I’ve been involved in the Metaphysical for over 20 years now and 6 years of that was spent on eBay.  A Most Trusted Seller with 100% positive feedback.  A PowerSeller for over 6 years running.

What you see here is only the beginning.  The Metaphysical Beginning!  In the future we will be posting guides and information to assist with your decision making processes and knowledge.

Thank you all and many, many blessings!







 -Metaphysical Beginnings-

Haunted – Instant Conjuration - Carpathian Guardian Vampire – VRIL ENERGY GENERATION


Spirit Type: Guardian Vampire

Number of Inhabited: 1 Guardian Vampire

Sex: Male or Female

Names: Only Provided to Master

Ability Rating: Extreme

Rarity Rating: Extreme

Value: Extreme

Rebindable: Yes

Vessel: Your Choice; Body, Ring, Pendant, etc.

Purchase Price: Very special Price : $200

** Offers will be Considered **

Recent Testimonies

My excellent friends, I want to thank you all for coming and viewing my latest Spiritual offerings. My name is Luke and if you have any questions, please let me know!  Enjoy these recent experiences from my clients who are just like you.


"As for the automatic writing, i love it,its made it so i can see my spirits more(out of the corner of my eye,that and i feel it them a whole lot more. I was told to listen so far so ive taken break from automatic writing to meditate with them more and as a result meditation has changed a lot.As for the automatic writing in general, its really incredible to feel my spirits just standing/sitting around me,waiting to guide my hand."

"Hi Luke the invocations went extremely well had quite a few experiences I did the multi spirit one first then the master to spirit I could here ******* much more there was a knock on the wall and I could feel the spiritual energy after wards I could feel like an electricity through my body and when I fell asleep my dreams were wonderful oh and by the way while meditating through the ritual I saw ******* through my third eye awesome will let you know how things go blessings xx"

"Hi Luke,

I hope you are well

Firstly, the good news - my husband passed his exams. The ordeal is over!
I am so glad it is finally over.
Thank you so much to both you and your master Djinn for helping him. He would not have gotten through this otherwise.

I can't thank you enough.

He bought a cake for the spirits after the exam to thank them too. It's party time for them all tonight.

Thank you for the update re the Angra Mainyu. I am excited to add the new spirit to my collection.

Take care and enjoy the rest of the evening.

Big hug and kiss to you my friend and once again thank you soooo much for everything. We really appreciate it.


The Carpathian Guardian Vampire – History

Carpathian Vampires are known around the world as some of the most powerful Vampires to have walked the earth.  They are truly dark spirits that present truly amazing benefits for their masters.

Unlike most spiritual Vampires these spirits truly do require blood which fuels their energies and their abilities.

While they don’t kill their prey when consuming blood they do weaken them greatly.  Of course the human master of such a special Vampire never has to worry about their blood being taken as the spirit will consume the blood of their enemies.

With the Carpathian Vampire and the consumption of Blood this energy is transformed to used to guard the master.  This is how these specialized Vampires became known as the Guardian Vampires.

As the Vampire Feeds, the energy of the spirit and the master is enhanced and grows to new heights.  This energy allows the master to think clearer, think smarter and enhances their own natural abilities and those that are given by the Vampire.

With the Guardian Vampire they of course provide protection on an incredible scale.  Protection from the world, spiritual, emotional and magick.

Imagine a Shield of Protection surrounding you that reflects evil, harm, unwanted spirits, harmful magick, hexes, curses and those that may be trying to drain you.

The Carpathian Guardian Vampires are very specialized in that the energy that they emit is known as Vril Energy.  For humans this energy has a profound effect upon us and is essentially a blessing energy.  It creates positive feelings, emotions and cures depression and darkness.


When a Vampire such as this pulls blood from another, that blood scrapped of the vital lif-force that fuel us.  That life-force is called VRIL energy.

As you may know, VRIL energy has been long sought and is rarely found in the human realms but amongst the spiritual realms it is readily available.  To be able to harness this energy through a personal level is extremely rare and through this Vampire, it’s not only possible but it’s a gift from this great spirit.

When your body begins to receive the VRIL energies from the Carpathian Vampire, it enhances the physical, mental and spiritual properties of the master.  It also protects the master from varying forms of negative energy including electromagnetic disruptions and pollution. 

It combats stress.

Releases negative energies.

Banishes curses and hexes and bad luck.

Balances Chakras.

Cleanses Auras a promotes spiritual growth.

Allows for clearly communication with spirits and spiritual guides.

And so much more.

Introduction – The Guardian Vampire

 Since the beginning of mankind, the Guardian Vampire have existed; amongst this realm and the spiritual!

Often mentioned in sacred texts all over the world, we know that these incredible spirits were able to merge with mankind!  Able to help them, able to teach them to protect them!

Protect them from themselves.

Protect them from others.

Protect them Harm.





So much more.


These spirits are often confused with typical Carpathian Vampires but realistically they are completely different!  While both are extremely powerful and experienced in Magick, these spirits can easily shape-shift into many, many different forms; there are differences and those differences come in the levels of protection that they offer and the VRIL energy that is released to the master. 

Only Carpathian Guardian Vampires provide this type of blessing to their masters as that is what makes them so very special.

Instant Conjuration

This is an incredible chance my dear friends to have a powerful and VRIL Carpathian Guardian Vampire Conjured specifically for you.

When you have a Custom Conjuration completed on your behalf, a spirit is conjured using your own energies to draw out the spirit that desires to be with you the most.  This is extremely powerful and not a service that is exercised properly by other merchants.

Through the Custom Conjuration, your VRIL Carpathian Guardian Vampire that you have always desired is conjured and summoned specifically for you.

A Powerful Spirit that is exactly what you have been yearning for!   This incredible opportunity to have all that you have ever wanted comes from the hands of the Most Powerful Conjuror ever known, Mahmod!

A 7th Generation Master Conjuror who abilities go far beyond the world of Magick, far beyond that of other lower level Conjurors.  His abilities and skills are known around the world and he has taught not only I but many of the conjurors who have spiritual offers here on Bonanza and the internet today.  His powers and abilities to summon the most powerful of all spirits are unmatched and revered!

His knowledge and abilities are those that attended to the conjurations of many ‘like’ spirits.  His skills are simply unmatched by others.

Typical conjuration times for a spirit like this are 48 – 72 hours and for the conjurations to take place, I will be in touch after payment is received. 

Information will be gathered from you and the conjurations will begin.

Male or Female spirits can be conjured. This decision is up to you.

Blood Connection

The Master of this Vampire connects with the Guardian Vampire in a very special way.  There of course are the invocations that are included but also there is a blood connection.  This blood connection is only for the master and you will be told about this once you are ready to connection with this amazing spirit.

The blood bond allows for a connection that is much stronger than your typical association and presents the master with a great number of blessings including enhanced senses, psychic insight and so much more.

This Connection type is only for the master and will leave the master in an enhanced state.


Sexual Spirits

As with many of the Vampire an aspect of their powers and energies come from sexual relationships and interactions.  That is true with the Carpathian Guardian Vampire as well.

They are sexual.

They are seductive.

They are pleasing in more ways than you can possibly imagine.

The way that they interact with the master sexual will leave you breathless



Are you strong enough to handle this aspect?


It is YOUR Life


My friends, with these unbelievable Spirit, you must be desiring the ability to control your own life.  The ability to control the way and what means you live.  With this spirit and his abilities, you should know that incredible amounts of energy accompany.  This will take some getting used to, but the feelings of dizziness and fatigue will pass.  What will come is certainly amazing!

Please let me know if you have any questions as I am happy to address them.

I accept payment via PayPal.  If the package is to be shipped it will be done so by USPS.

As many of you know, I am a big fan of giving many Powerful Extras!  Once your package has arrived please contact me so that I can send you all the Invocations, Rituals and Extras so you may begin bonding with your spirit right away!  All of these will be sent to your email box in PDF format, if you desire a different format please let me know!  I send all of these Rituals, Invocations and Extras digitally to keep the prices on shipping down!


1600 + Positive Feedbacks and Counting!


The law requires that these types of items be sold for entertainment purposes only. You must be at least 18 years old to purchase any of my items and doing so at your own risk. I am not liable for misuse of this product, nor guarantee that the item will work magically. My items are not a substitute for professional, medical, spiritual or emotional care. The power is there, do you believe???



































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Priced $60.00. Categorized under Everything Else >> Metaphysical >> Psychic, Paranormal >> Jewelry. :SPECIAL NOTE TO AL FRIENDS AND CLIENTS: Gretings to al and welcome to our Bonanza Store. I'm very excited to begin this journey on this wonderful auction site. As some of you may know, I come from eBay after the closure of the Metaphysical .