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Haunted VAMPIRE TRANSFORMATION pendant~Undead~Underworld~~~~~DARK ARTS~~~~~~

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Sleep with this pendant under your pillow and you will begin to see changes in yourself on a daily basis. You will think faster, move faster,be faster. The changes will seem subtle at first to others, THEN the curious looks will come, the theres something different about you looks. No matter, for at night you WILL KNOW there is a difference as you travel through time, learn your craft, feed on prey and trust your instincts always. Then the changes will come on stronger, your face will reshape itself into a stronger more angular jaw, sharp eyes that have stronger vision than before, your skin shade will pale, your nails and teeth will become beyond strong and you will develop pointed fangs when your transformation is complete. Your body will develop more defined muscles and you may find you have grown an inch or two. You will experience telepathy with people who share your Vampire path. It is an unspoken understanding between those of the underworld, the undead. Do not fear, only open up your POSSIBILITIES OF BECOMING ETERNAL !!! This pendant is very old but sturdy. Returns not accepted as it isnt fair to the spirit/spirits involved.


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Product reviews for "Hauntedhollow Pendant"


Haunted PACT WITH THE DEVIL pendant- 10k gold 'S'~Sell your soul~REWARDS X 10

Item according to description
Purchased Hauntedhollow Pendant on Bonanza

~Haunted MAGIC TIME TRAVEL antique pendant~ travel BACKWARD & FORWARD thru time~

It does not work

I do not care about the quality of product but do care about the result. In the perspective of this, there was no result.
I have tried more than 7times according to seller's instruction ( it was handy-written in plain paper but it was very difficult for me to recognize the letters ) but there were no effects so far.
The seller told me that meditation for 10minutes is very challenging but I am not sure that is the reason that I failed.

Purchased Hauntedhollow Pendant on Bonanza
Priced $15.00. Categorized under Everything Else >> Metaphysical >> Psychic, Paranormal >> Spells, Potions. Slep with this pendant under your pilow and you wil begin to se changes in yourself on a daily basis. You wil think faster, move faster,be faster. The changes wil sem subtle at first to others, THEN the curious loks wil come.