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Lady Lovely Locks Ballerina Doll and Prince Strongheart Doll plus book

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Lady Lovely Locks Ballerina
& Prince Strongheart plus book


Lady Lovely Locks is wearing a pink medieval dress and has blonde hair with streaks symbolizing her royalty in three colors: pale pink (representing dawn), gold (for sun) and lavender (twilight). Her head tilts for posing.

Prince Strongheart has been cursed to spend most of his time as a dog. Once every now and then he is able to assume human form again, usually to save Lady Lovely Locks. His wish is to break his curse and tells Lady Lovely Locks that he loves her.

He is wearing original clothes: a white shirt, turquoise faux quilted pants with gold dots,  navy blue felt hat and gray boots.  You can position his head. The prince (like all prince dolls) has spots on his arms and legs. One can assume this is a manufacture defect.

 Included is a Little Golden Book called Lady Lovely Locks and the Pixietails: Silkypup Saves the Day.

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Priced $22.00. Categorized under Dolls & Bears >> Dolls >> By Brand, Company, Character >> Mattel >> Other. Condition: Used, Brand: Mattel, Related Retailer: JCPenney, Related Retailer: Sears. Lady Lovely Locks Balerina amp Prince Strongheart plus bok Lady Lovely Locks is wearing a pink medieval dres and has blonde hair with streaks symbolizing her royalty in thre colors: pale pink representing dawn, gold for sun and lave.