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MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE Magick Spell Custom Wish Witchcraft Casting Ritual

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Magick Dream Wish Custom Wealth Money Lover Relationship Love Soulmate Fortune Good Luck Protection Spell Wicca Witchcraft Ritual Casting Haunted Light White Psychic Clairvoyant
Magick Dream Wish Custom Wealth Money Lover Relationship Love Soulmate Fortune Good Luck Protection Spell Wicca Witchcraft Ritual Casting Haunted Light White Psychic Clairvoyant

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"Make Your Dreams Come True" Ultimate Custom White Magick Wish Spell
~by Melanie, Whisper of Hope~
cast for You

Greetings friend and welcome!

       Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Melanie and I'm a white magick practitioner, spiritual worker, hermeticist and psychic counselor.

I've been casting and studying white magick, hermeticism and Eastern Medicine for more than 24 years. Basically I combine prayer, religious petition, energy healing and magick on behalf of my clients. I'm a person who uses strong relationship with Divine to help the interests of another.  

I hold World Metaphysical Association Full Board Accreditation, certified council member of International Natural & Holistic Healers organization and I'm Professional Psychic Intuitive.

Along with huge number of my private home clients I've started to offer my spiritual services online. The price reflects the work, ingredients (blessed herbs, oil blends, candles...) and time I need to put into the session. I would not dishonour myself or a buyer by selling for a pittance. 

I'm using only genuine light magick spells passed to me form my mentor and a long time companion - Eirwen, but most of them I've eventually modified for even greater effect and sucess rate. 

Upon request, I'll give you a general description of the magick I'm going to do on your behalf: what I will do, thorough instructions about what to expect after the magick work is done and steps you should take yourself to help effect the outcome. All of this because I believe that it's absolutely reasonable to give you a flavor of the work I'm undertaking on your behalf.

I'll use my experience, and my intuition/spiritual gifts to help guide you magically into the right work and right intent and outcome - I will not promise you the moon or encourage you in any unreasonable and unattainable goals.

I'll share magical feedback (relevant, client-specific information) I've gleaned from doing your work. Magick speaks to us through symbols, feelings, visuals, religious experiences, diviniations, natural happenings, intuitions, and I can decipher these omens and use them to shed light on your situation. This happens to be extremely profound to my clients.  

It's my intention to give you feedback about your particular situation even before doing magick and before you hire me - that's just ethical to me.

I stick my photo 'cause this is real me and I'm proud of who I am and what I do. To me, magick is true art and when used properly it's manifestation is true blessing in our lives.

Don't worry anymore – you are in good hands! I have many years of experience helping individuals, just like you. It’s my intention to create powerful and potent spells with utmost care and attention that are bespoke to the various people I work with. If I can be of a service to you and help you on your journey, please let me know.

It's time for you to feel love and to live life you’ve always been dreaming of...and I'm here to help you.

May Divine love always be with you, 


(If you want to know more about me, magick spells I'm using, my casting routine etc., please click here)

This very powerful magick spell comes straight from my own personal Book of Shadows where I have been collecting very powerful and potent magick spells and rituals for many years and is tried and true so I know that it works!

"Make Your Dreams Come True" Ultimate Custom White Magick Wish Spell
~by Melanie, Whisper of Hope~
cast for You
*BONUS Cast:
*for Special Offer, 20% Savings & Promotional Prices click here
Do you want the most powerful custom spell that is sure to work wonders in your life?
Here is the perfect spell for what you need!
Let me show you how my magic can work for you. 
Whatever you seek, will it be success, more money, find a job or get a better job, find a soulmate, bring a lover back in your life, more business sales, beauty, weight loss, better health, anti-depression, anti-anxiety, luck, protection, spell reversal,
or something that is more specific. 
This spell will increase good and positive influences in your life and eliminate
the negative energies with no harmful side effects - leading you to your goals. 
Plus as an added FREE BONUS I will throw in a FREE BLESSING SPELL.
Choose whatever you like to Make All Your Dreams Come True.
It's all you need to relieve yourself of life's day to day struggles!
This truly special magick cast has granted Love, Adventure, Travel, Success, Good Gambling Luck and so much More to so many people! Today is your turn.
Live the Life of Your Dreams! The Life you always knew was waiting for you!
This is a powerful session that is unlike anything else for sale on bonanza.

If you choose to proceed with this rare and unique Magick, making it a part of your daily life, you can truly change your life for the better in so many ways! 
You will wonder how you could have waited so long to utilize it's powers!
This spell can be as specific as you want it to be...
I will custom tailor the magick to fit your circumstance.
Whether you are facing a challenge or simply searching for more,
I can create this Unique Spell cast a just for You!
Prepare for a life filled with Passion, Purpose and Prosperity! 
Once the spell is cast, look at the other white magick spells in my offer and choose one that will enhance your life by bringing even more positive energies to your being. All of my white magick spells and rituals are designed to increase your happiness and passion in order to improve your quality of life.
Like this Spell, all of the rituals employ positive magical forces to remove negative energy from your life. These forces work in conjunction with the Universe to fulfill your needs and desires.
Start building a better, more prosperous life for yourself here.
Please keep in mind this spell is totally customized to you! Never Pre-Cast! My spellwork will not interfere with any other spell someone has done upon you! It's suitable for Gay, Bisexual, or Straight men or women.
Contact me for a free consultation and I will create or recommend you the spell that is best suited for you.
Do you wish to have a deeper connection with the Divine?
Imagine being connected with energy that created all things.
This spell will be performed in gratitude towards your faith.
Blessing is powerfull ancient light magick spell, powered by Divine universal energy, that will change things happening in your life for better.
This is an incredible gift that will be given to you from me for putting your trust into me.
It will align your energy in absolute harmony with the universe, bringing balance, love, and peace to your life! This is one complete casting and will consist of some deep and powerful changes for you. It releases you from fear and resolves the inner tensions. This intension directly engages bliss Divine energy toward you. Everything that happens around you will be effected in a positive way.
It increases good and positive influences in your life and eliminates the negative energies with no harmful side effects. I have had people say they start seeing good things happen in their lives as soon as the next day.
Releases you from unnecessary guilts, regrets and worries. It purifies sacred spaces, and dissipates all negative energy. Sends evil entities and spirits away.
Will have an effect on all of the things most important to you in this life: loved ones, health, family pets, home, job, money and assets, your future.
Your new positive energy will attract positive situations, and renew your optimism. All reality will take on a different form in your mind and with your eyes. You will experience Complete Serenity! It'll clear mental blocks, and heal wounds of the heart and soul!
Their white energy calms your mind! You will sleep easier, think clearer, and be more present in your life! Become one with the Higher Consciousness and experience peace and harmony. Connect to the collective consciousness that connects all beings of light! 
This amazing spellwork clears all barriers that are keeping your blessings from you! You are not here to suffer! This Magick reminds your spirit of its true purpose! Find serenity, peace and joy in connecting to Divine, knowing you are on the right path to enlightenment.
(This spell can be cast on you or someone else that you know who is in need.) 
Buyers please note
Please proceed with caution: at this point I usually urge my clients to think again - to reconsider if this is what they really want to happen and how it will affect their lives. Because there are so many aspects in our lives we don't usually think of. Manipulation of energy flows in combination with powerfull forces of nature with Divine intervention produce remarkable results - but NO reversals.
Stop for a minute and ask yourself: Why I came here? Is this really what I want? Do I desire needed change with all my heart? Only if you are 100% sure and truly ready to change the course of your life in desirable direction...I welcome you warmly. I'm eager to start working with you.
Black magick and multiple castings
I often get requests for practice of black magick – which is strongly against my beliefs. I will always cast only pure white magick – I believe that Divine gift from above should be used only for good causes. All my spells are done in harmony with Divine will and for the good of all concerned. That way, the universe gets the final say. Higher Mind will direct you and the energies you've raised so that your spell unfolds in the proper way, harming none.
Also, I don't offer multiple castings for my clients - if you request any service from me you can be sure when I cast I do it with all my best, so there's no need for multiple castings etc.
Spell casting
Upon received payment I'll contact you in order to acquire needed info from you (which will be used in spell preparation and during the casting) and with detailed step-by-step instructions what to do next.
My goal is to complete spell work for you within 48 hours of your purchase, according to it's complexity and depth. I can often complete sessions in a 24 hours or less, but have to give myself plenty of time as I usually see private clients through the day and have an energetic 8 year old.
From left to right: Special place in my home where my prayers and meditations are taking place; Wiccan Altar where I perform my magick spells
Also, many of my private clients have reported to me that they've experienced extremely pleasant sensation filled with warmth in frontal lobe and abdomen during the casting and afterwards. Some people have felt energy or tingling inside their heads, or completely covering their body. A slight pressure in the crown area and intense euphoria.   
Above: Setup for candle ceremony 
If you experience similar effects don't be afraid - that's perfectly normal. Because what we feel on our spiritual level often manifests on our physical bodies. The bliss state can occur hours and even days later.
How soon will I see results?
That's something my clients often ask. In my experience, there will be definite "movement" within a week. Many people report amazing and complete results the first day. Some spells are traditionally worked over a period of time, such as 9 days, after which one is instructed to "watch and wait" for 3 days. In these spells, the results are expected to come about after the waiting period is over. 
Usually I suggest to wait three weeks to see if there is any movement toward the results you desired - and three months to wait for definitive results.
During that period I offer costant support after casting is done. Additional answers to your questions and clarifications are free of charge.
If after this time you have not experienced the results that you desire then please contact me, and I will be glad to hear about your experiences and recast your spell for no charge, or refund your money in full.
Special offer, savings & promotional prices for limited period of time
I believe in the principle of fair exchange and these sessions usually retail for 50$ + in person. 
Due to my new online spiritual service: I am happy to reduce the cost in order to be able to help people who need it most and cannot travel to me; to gain good feedback and to help my bonanza profile.
Many of you may have been affected by the credit crunch so this price is formed to help you too.
You'll save additional 20% when buying two or more spiritual services from me. 
You can check my offer here.
Further more I provide coupon codes for my most loyal clients and persons who are deeply in need - only to generate more savings for you.
Shipping and payment
This spell will work no matter where you are located in the physical world as it works to align the powers of the universe to bring your desires to fruition. No charges for delivery for any worldwide destination as all work is conducted remotely and results are emailed.
Payment is accepted only through PayPal.
Thanks for your consideration!
This is a private listing. I'll delete all information and data we exchanged after your spell has been cast in order to protect your privacy. Preserving your privacy is my priority.
Please add me to your favourites - I'll be adding more genuine white magick spells in the next months.
Please check out the other genuine white magick spells in my offer by clicking here.
This is genuine work and is not to be taken lightly, please read my feedback here in order to gain a measure of my authenticity and integrity. Below are just a few words from my eBay clients:  

feedback  AMAZING, detail, spot on & accurate, a lady full of love & caring.  cocomomo9911

feedback  Absolute one of a kind Charmed Soul. Thrilled to have found you!  mkr1990

feedback  Than you so much - I know now and it feels like the sun - shiny and warm  mhor_rioghain

feedback  Kind, caring, and honest reading. Very detailed and insightful!  princess827   

feedback  Lovely seller. Thank you for everything :)   bigtofu85

feedback Personalized services, truly gifted person, highly recommended!  mimi_fantasy

feedback Thank you so much! Very positive experience!  jlynne*creations

feedback Excellent personalize service one of the best! Very accurate and honest. Thanku  tkarontostore

feedback Super fast response. Great seller, very caring and profesional. Thank you...:)  jay9503

feedback Great Seller. Caring and nice. Will not hesitate to buy from again!  kate_666

feedback Totally, totally outstanding!!! So talented and extremely gifted!!!!!!!  golfanytimeabby


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WEALTH & FINANCIAL ABUNDANCE Magick Spell Money Wicca Casting Witchcraft Ritual


I rate this 5 star for both, as she was very thorough in her writing as to what she did. The hard part is not knowing of when and where and how it will happen for my item to work. It hasn't really happened, after all, I do believe, But this takes time. I am not sure in time wise how long this will be. I believe, but nothing happened for what I wanted it to. But with any unknowns it just takes time. the reader was a very nice and clear in her writings. I think if one believes, its just what will come my way "someday" and that could be a long time or a short time. Having total belief is what I have, but the unknowns take time for what ever needs to work, and that Im not sure how long that will be.

Purchased Melanie777 Spell on Bonanza


Did not work for me..

Even being in a Positive state this did not work, That's the HONEST TRUTH, There were no signs of any results and I would not Recommend...Being Nice does not mean they're spells work.

Purchased Melanie777 Spell on Bonanza
Priced $19.98. Categorized under Everything Else >> Metaphysical >> Psychic, Paranormal >> Spells, Potions. Brand: Magick Dream Wish Custom Wealth Money Lover Relationship Love Soulmate Fortune Good Luck Protection Spell Wicca Witchcraft Ritual Casting Haunted Light White Psychic Clairvoyant, MPN: Magick Dream Wish Custom Wealth Money Lover Relationship Love Soulmate Fortune Good Luck Protection Spell Wicca Witchcraft Ritual Casting Haunted Light White Psychic Clairvoyant. Make Your Dreams Come True Ultimate Custom White Magick Wish Spel by Melanie, Whisper of Hope cast for You Gretings friend and welcome Alow me to intro.