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McLoughlin Bros Antique Christmas Gift Book St Nick Stories

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Printing Year
Needs repair

More about this item

An assortment of stories and poetry verse for children, probably aged 10 and older.

Well illustrated in black and white throughout. Frontispiece by Palmer Cox.
Many illustrations signed by Ernest Griset.

A word about this book from the seller.
This book contains no Christmas stories nor stories about Santa Claus. The subject of the stories
is diverse, but definitely not holiday themed. Presumably, the book was meant to be a holiday gift
for a child. It should be noted that some of the contents are a bit dark and graphic and may not
be suitable for impressionable children of this century. Parental guidance is suggested.

Printing Year
Copyright 1899.

McLoughlin Bros, New York.

Hard cover with cloth binding.

Book measures approximately 8.25 by 10.25 inches wide by high.
Unnumbered pages. 136 pages of printing.

Needs Repair - Read Copy.
Numerous issues that affect the collectability of this book but not the readability.
Covers and cloth binding attached together, but no longer attached to the book.
Considerable wear and heavy soiling on the covers. Front leaf is not attached and
has a small amount of writing on it. Frontispiece is almost entirely detached.
Pages are heavily sunned and very brittle. A good number of pages have torn
edges and/or corners. Top edge of all pages is slightly creased.

Shipping Details
Due to the fragile nature of this antique book, this item will ship to you boxed
and via expedited delivery service. The speed in transit and boxed delivery will
greatly help prevent any further damage.

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Priced $30.95. Categorized under Antiques >> Books & Manuscripts >> American. Binding: Hardcover, Printing Year: 1899, Category: Children's, Condition: Needs repair. Contents An asortment of stories and poetry verse for children, probably aged 10 and older. Wel ilustrated in black and white throughout. Frontispiece by Palmer Cox. Many ilustrations signed by Ernest Griset. A word about this bok from.