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Mighty Haunted Male Bloodwolf Living Astral Entity - 1/2 Vampire - 1/2 Werewolf

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Welcome To My Offerings

Mighty Haunted Male Bloodwolf Living Astral Entity


   photo commission__connor_ilekham_assassin_by_kk_graphics-d5j0zg7_zpsce2fe2c1.jpg




~*~BloodWolf ~*~



Living astral Bloodwolves are an oddity,


Created from the mating of 2 unique


Creatures, A vampire and a werewolf.


This produces a totally unique breed of being.



Most people believe the wolf and vampire


have hate for each other.


Normally they do ~ But, in rare cases


Of love or other instances of mating,


Bloodwolves are created




I'd like to bring to you this

Totally unique Astral Living Male Bloodwolf.


This creature has the unique abilities


And strengths of both vampire and werewolf.


Strength, agility, super hearing & sight,


Increased sexual prowess, psychic abilities,


telepathy, mind control.


This powerful, protective being can infuse


His keeper with his strengths by removing blockage



Of the third eye, bring prophetic dreams,


Aide in divination, read minds, Increase your


Magical abilities, draw to you wealth and


Well being, Increase your physical strength,


Increase your night vision, increase your


Self confidence charisma & stamina.


........... & so much more.


Are you in need of this Bloowolf's aide?


If you feel the draw of this unque being,


Claim his vessel now


And, lay claim to his aide NOW!







Your entity is bound to a

Nice  .925 Silver  & Gemstone Pendant

Pictures are of the actual Piece

so that those who can See spirits

can see that there is an actual spirit

attached to this stone.

Comes to you in its own charging bag

and with all of their information,

and information on how to start the bonding process.








Jules Magick Moon Offerings








About Me:



My name is Jules.

I'm fully trained in the arts of conjuring

And other Mystical arts.

I'm a witch born and raised.

I come from over 150 years of witches.

Traditions Passed down to each

new generation of witches.

My aunts Taught me our sacred traditions,

as i have & am teaching my

4 daughters and grand daughter.

We take pride in our works and all we offer.

Every piece is a Mystical piece of work,

Witch owned and Witch Worked.


Have faith that you are receiving

A genuine Mystical Piece owned by real witches.




Many Blessings and Happy Spirit Keeping,

Jules Moon












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Priced $49.99. Categorized under Everything Else >> Metaphysical >> Psychic, Paranormal >> Jewelry. Condition: New. Welcome To My Oferings Mighty Haunted Male Blodwolf Living Astral Entity BlodWolf Living astral Blodwolves are an odity, C.