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NEW Blue Hair Stretchy Bead Double EZ Magic Comb Clip

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Hello Everyone!!!!! Thank you for checking out my auction. Smoke Free and Pet Free Home. I am not against smokers or pet lovers. LOL!!! I got asked that question so I just want everyone to know that I have bad allegories so I can't be around smoke or enjoy pets. Usually when I go to ESTATE SALES I have to ask that question. I can't guarantee that anything I buy at the sales are but if nothing bothers me then I would say they are fine. ;-) DESCRIPTION Now this is a GORGEOUS Stretchy Bead Double Hair Comb and it's style and comfort is like nothing I have ever seen or felt before. I wish they had these when I was a child. These are really comfortable. I have never seen or felt anything like these before. They are easy to put in and easy to remove. They stay put all day. You can created different styles because they stretch. You can use them in thin, thick, long, short, curly or straight hair. Adults or kids can wear them. This actually belongs to a new friend of mine. I haven't known this lady long but I just love going to her boutique store. LOL!!! I met her through a good friend of mine. I am so happy my friend took to to her store. ;-) She sells these combs everyday in her Boutique Store for 12.99 and that is what I am going to list them for. :-) She said people have been asking for these combs. That some people call them Magic Combs or Magic Clips, Ez Combs, California Combs and Stretchy Combs. She told me that she has shop around when she was trying to locate a vender that sells these combs. She only wanted the finest quality to sell so it took her alittle while. She now has found a vender but she doesn't get to select the hair combs and she only gets so many in at a time . Anyway they are worth the wait. LOL!!! If you see one on here that you like then you better get it, because she may not get that color or style in again. I will be listing a few too so the more you buy the better I can discount S H on these. She does sell out real fast too so I may only have these a few days so I may have to remove the listing if they are no bids or not purchased. Right now, I do have these and they are ready to ship out. Really, It will just depend on how fast she get another shipment in. LOL!!! This GORGEOUS Stretchy Bead Double Hair Comb has Blue Acrylic Beads. It was twisted metal wire combs that are double 2 combs one on each end with stretchy elastic strands or beads. It is one of the Finest Quality hair pieces you can buy. No wonder she sells out quickly. :-) I want to tell you a couple of true stories about these hair combs. This is my experience with these combs. LOL!!! About a month ago I went over to a friends house. We were going to go shopping that morning so I know my friend gets up early so I just popped in without calling of course. LOL!!! ;-) Well, she hadn't eat yet or had her morning run. Yes!!! morning run. She always runs 5 miles every morning. I told her that we will get at least 5 miles of shopping in. LOL!!! She said that didn't count for her. That wasn't like running. Well, I didn't want to run and I didn't want to stay their alone either so she gets on her treadmill and start to run. I always wondered if she ran in the rain. LOL!!! I guess that is what a treadmill is for. Those rainy days. Anyway as she was running I noticed she had the beautiful bead thing in her hair. I told her that she better take it out before it fell out. That I didn't want her to trip on in or get it hung in her treadmill. You know things like that fall out when you run unless it is a rubber band that is real tight. Well she laughed and told me that it wasn't going anywhere for me not to worry. I just rolled my eyes and said OK. In the back of my mind, I knew I was right. LOL!! I couldn't wait to say I told you so. LOL!!! Well, she ran the whole 5 miles and she didn't touch it one time and it didn't move either. I couldn't believe it. I told her that would drive me nuts. I hate anything in my hair and always have since I was a child. She said it is so comfortable that you forget that it is even in your hair. She even took it out with one hand and showed it to me. LOL!!! Well, she wanted to take a fast shower so she just put the hair comb in my hair. It didn't pull my hair or anything. Now, that did surprise me. Well, She ask to to find her something to wear while she took a shower so I did. Then we were on our shopping journey. Well, about mid day she ask me if she could have her hair comb back. Well, I said I don't know where you left it. She just started laughing and said your serious aren't you. I was like. YEAH!!! I thought she lost her mind. I didn't know what was wrong with her. LOL!!! She said think about it. The sides of your hair is always in your face. How many times have you push your hair out of your eyes or out of your face this morning? Then she just grabbed the hair comb out of my hair. I just stood there. I didn't know what to think or say. LOL!!! I mean I didn't realize it was there until she took it out. Well, it wasn't no time until I was pushing my hair out of my face then I got bold and told her I want her hair comb. She said no way I am not giving it up. Buy your own! I told her I would so she took me to this Boutique Store. Well, I purchased one that day and I purchased a few more since then. LOL!!! Like I said, I hate things in my hair but these are so different. These are really comfortable. I have never seen or felt anything like these before. They are easy to put in and easy to remove. They stay put all day. You can created different styles because they stretch. I just love them. Story 2 We had our family reunion a couple of weeks back. I got to see a lot of my out of state family that I don't get to see to often. Some was way distant. I didn't know I was even related to them. LOL!!! You got the great, great, and the 4th and 5th cousins. It is like seeing your family tree in real life. LOL!!! Well, we have a huge family tree and of course everyone wasn't there. They were a lot of people there though. Several people said that they like my hair comb and how pretty it was. They never really said anything about me. LOL!!! Of course, I really haven't changed so why should they. LOL!!! Anyway, I saw a cousin of mine that I haven't seen in a long time. She had gotten married and had a alittle girl. Her little girl is 6 or 7 now. I was like WOW!!! She is older then me though. Time sure has flown by. I just didn't realize that her life had changed so much. We were trying to catch up on things and her little girl was playing of course. Her little girl has got the longest curly blond hair. Just gorgeous hair! Her mother kept getting one to her because she was taking down her hair. LOL!!! Her mother had a hair brat in each side up in a pony tail with a scrunchy and a rubber band. The little girl was taking it down because it was bothering her. OHHHH!I!!! know how she feels. I had long hair when I was a child and I was made to wear stuff in my hair too. Now mine is around my shoulders. LOL!! Anyway, her mother told her to look at my hair that I am wear something my hair and I am not bother it. Her mother told her that if she kept taking it down that she was going to ground her and take away her toys. I told my cousin that my hair comb was different and I took it out with one hand and I showed it to her. She looked at it and said that want hold her girl's hair up and laughed. Well, I just put it in her girl's hair. That one comb. I twisted it up and put it in a pony tail. It was up and it looked great in her blond curly hair. LOL!!! Her mom said I give her 5 minutes and it's out. She will pull on it until she gets it out. She said weren't you the same way when you were her age. You couldn't stand anything in your hair either. Well, I didn't know if it would really say or not. She has got thick long curly hair so I didn't know if it was hold up to much hair. She went on playing while me and her mom was catching up. We had been taking and eating and time was going by so fast. LOL!!! I noticed that she still had the hair comb in her hair and it hadn't moved and as far as we know she hadn't touched it. LOL!!! I said well it's still up and smiled. Her mom looked at me so funny. I said her hair is still up. She looked and said my word unbelievable. I said watch this. I went over there and just gently took it down with one hand. I don't think she realize what I was doing. LOL!!! Then she said what are you doing with my hair. I said you don't like your hair up and she said I do when you fix it. She said mom hurts. I said she don't mean too. It's the things she puts in your hair that hurts. Her mom said can I buy that hair comb from you. I said no because I am giving it to her. She likes it and it didn't bother her so I want her to have it. I thought her mom was going to cry. They both hugged me. LOL!! I told her mom to try it different ways. Just to use her imitation. I showed them some ways that my friend puts up her long hair just to give her some ideas. They had to leave and get back. I gave them my phone number and told them to call me. I got her number too. Well, I found out that her girl had been wearing her hair comb all the time. LOL!!! That she had been taking it to her mom and asking her mom to put it in for her. Her mom says she tries to put it in herself at times but she hasn't quite gotten the hang of getting all her hair up yet. LOL!!! I thought that was cute. Her mom said that she has wore it a couple of times but only when her daughter is asleep. She said she got caught with it in so now her daughter wants to sleep with it. She said I didn't want to take it away from her. I just wanted to see what it felt like and I forgot I had it in. LOL!!! I laughed so had I thought I was going to hit the floor. Well, I started thinking. If she liked it that much, then she would need a change. You know us girls needs a change every once in a while. Why do you think we own several outfits, purses, shoes and etc. for? I went at got her 6 more and shipped them to her. I called her mom and and ask her to put her daughter on the phone and I told her that there is a little package that is being sent to her by the mail carrier for her to be expecting it. She got so excited that she told her mom that she was getting a package that she had to stay up until it got there. LOL!!! Her mom ask her what was in it and she said a package. She said I getting a package. Her mom said what is in the package. She said mom I am getting a package. She waited a couple of seconds and said are they something in it? I said yes and it is a surprise. LOL!!! She said mom my packages has got a surprise in it. Her mom said OK! Her mom got back on the phone and said I just got to know what in it. She said she was just happy thinking it was just a packing. She didn't care if if had anything in it or not. She said it is going to drive me crazy trying to figure out what you are sending her. I said just wait and see. Well she got it in a couple of days and she couldn't wait to call me. I didn't get in to the late evening and her mom said that they starting calling me after the mail carrier delivered it. They had been calling me all day. LOL!!!! She got on the phone and said thank you and I love you and I love all my combs. I am wearing them all. She handed the phone to her mom and her mom said wants them all in. LOL!!! She said I have put them all in today. She said they are all gorgeous. You sent her different colors and styles. That she just doesn't know which one to chose. LOL!!! Bless her heart! I believe I made her day. ;-) I just wish I could had seen her face when she opened them. :-) Well sorry my story's were so long. I just enjoy telling my second story though. LOL!!! IMPORTANT INFORMATION ALL SALES ARE FINAL! Shipping and Handling is a Flat Rate of 8.55 USPS Priority Mail. USA BIDDERS ONLY. I will COMBINED S H as long as the auction ends within 3 days apart of each other. I will ship the same day or the day after I receive the payment. Insurance is left up to you and it starts out at 1.75 for 50.00 coverage and it goes up from there. I can't be responsible for the item or items once it leaves my possession so I do recommend the insurance. Also the above quote for S H is not the exact shipping amount. I have to charge alittle more for packing materials. I just want everyone to understand that. I will do my BEST to describe everything and that includes any flaws that I see. I am not perfect but I will honestly do my best. PAYMENT At this time, I can ONLY except Money Orders. NO PERSONAL CHECKS because in the past I did have some to bounce and I get charged 25.00 for every bad check I receive so NO PERSONAL CHECKS. ALL PERSONAL CHECKS WILL BE SENT BACK. At this time, I DON'T take PAYPAL. Payment is due within 10 days after the auction has ended and PLEASE contact me within 48 hours with your information so I can get your package ready for shipment. TN Residents ADD 9.75 Percent For SALES TAX Thank You!!!! GOD BLESS and Have A Great Day! :-) Get Twitter Buttons

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