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NEW POPEYE Eye Glasses RARE Frames Eyeglasses Eyewear

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Hello Everyone!!!!! Thank you for checking out my auction. Smoke Free and Pet Free Home. I am not against smokers or pet lovers. LOL!!! I got asked that question so I just want everyone to know that I have bad allegories so I can't be around smoke or enjoy pets. Usually when I go to ESTATE SALES I have to ask that question. I can't guarantee that anything I buy at the sales are but if nothing bothers me then I would say they are fine. ;-) DESCRIPTION These are so AWESOME. These belong to one of our family friends. :-) Their youngest son wears glasses. Well, he is suppose too. LOL!!! He just doesn't want too and he is telling everybody he isn't going too wear glasses either. LOL!!! He is 9 or 10 and he is already telling everybody what is not going to do. Anyway, his parents purchased these glasses hoping he would wear them. :-) They have got Popeye written on each side of the frames. They are so neat and I haven't ever seen any like them before but I don't wear glasses so I don't really know to much about them. LOL!!! ;-) Their son is a Big Popeye fan. Well that is really all he ever talks about so his parents figured he would wear glasses if they had Popeye on them but they just stay in he's Eyeglass Case. They ask me last night if I would list them on Ebay. Of course, I didn't say no to them. LOL!!!! This is the information they gave me and this is all I have to go by. I just don't know nothing about Eyeglasses. The Lens are Prescription and they can be easily replaced by an Vision Center Specialist. You would just have to purchase the lens in your child's prescription. The lens usually run from 100.00 to 200.00 and that depends on child's prescription. Now he said that his son CAN NOT see to good far off. Like when he watches TV or when he looks at something from a distance. He DOES NOT have a problem seeing close up or reading a book. He forgot the names the eye doctor used to describe this. LOL!!! Also he thought the eye doctor said he's son needed 2 point 00 (2.00) in strength in each eye in order for him to see real good. They are the same for both eyes. Now he wasn't really sure on the strength or if he even if go the point correct. LOL!!! He believes he is close though. :-) They also had a special scratch resistant coating put on them too. He said that does cost more but it helps keep the lens from getting scratched. :-) The Frames you can have your child's Prescription Lens put in them at a Vision Center. They are 4" from the ear to the front of the frames. Across the front from each ear piece is alittle over 4 1/2". Nose piece section is 3/4" and around the eye is Top to Bottom alittle over 1 1/4" and across is 1 3/4". I almost forgot the Frame Colors. On the Front you have some red, gold, blue,and black. The Side is all gold looking. It has that brushed look to it with Popeye being smooth. The ear pieces looks to be a brownish color with some black in them. These are very attractive Eyeglasses if you ask me and well made too. :-) These are still NEW and their son has only tried them on 4 or 5 times. Then he would only have them on 5 minutes or less. LOL!!! He say's he doesn't like anything touching his face but I just think he doesn't want to wear them. LOL!!!! They said they just purchased these right before Christmas of last year. Also if I am not mistaken, I believe he said he had to special ordered the frames too. I think that was the frames we were talking about that he had to special order. We were taking about how expensive Eyeglasses are. LOL!! I will have to ask and be sure on that. ;-) He said the Eyeglasses all together including the lens cost them alittle over 650.00. Of course, the frames were what cost so much but the lens weren't cheap either. LOL!!!! Now they purchased these for their son so I am guess they got them out of the boys section in the Vision Center. That is if they have a boy's section. I don't believe I have ever been in one before so I don't really know. LOL!!!! They may be like some stores and have for either sex or unisex. I don't know about Eyeglasses. Honestly, If a girl liked Popeye, then I don't see why she can't wear these Eyeglasses too. That is just me though. That is just what I think. :-) The FRAMES are Shinny and NOT a mark on them. LENS ARE NOT scratched or have a mark on them either. :-) Sorry about my CAM but it isn't very good at taking pictures. It looks much better in person. Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions but Please don't wait till the last day of the auction to ask because I will need at least 24 to 36 hours to return your email. I am away from the computer so I don't get to check my email but once a day. If you would like to see more PICTURES of this item or other items in my auctions at Bonanzle. I am on Webshots public view under ExcellentBargains. If this item is not listed on Webshots, then I have listed to many pictures. LOL!!! I will be happy to send you the links or more pictures. JUST PLEASE be sure to edit your inbox so you can accept the pictures because if you don't then they will bounce back. HAPPY BIDDING and GOOD LUCK! Also check out my other auctions for some more wonderful buys. IMPORTANT INFORMATION ALL SALES ARE FINAL! Shipping and Handling is a Flat Rate of 10.75 USPS Priority Mail. USA BIDDERS ONLY. I will COMBINED S H as long as the auction ends within 3 days apart of each other. I will ship the same day or the day after I receive the payment. Insurance is left up to you and it starts out at 1.75 for 50.00 coverage and it goes up from there. I can't be responsible for the item or items once it leaves my possession so I do recommend the insurance. Also the above quote for S H is not the exact shipping amount. I have to charge alittle more for packing materials. I just want everyone to understand that. I will do my BEST to describe everything and that includes any flaws that I see. I am not perfect but I will honestly do my best. PAYMENT At this time, I can ONLY except Money Orders. NO PERSONAL CHECKS because in the past I did have some to bounce and I get charged 25.00 for every bad check I receive so NO PERSONAL CHECKS. ALL PERSONAL CHECKS WILL BE SENT BACK. At this time, I DON'T take PAYPAL. Payment is due within 10 days after the auction has ended and PLEASE contact me within 48 hours with your information so I can get your package ready for shipment. TN Residents ADD 9.75 Percent For SALES TAX Thank You!!!! GOD BLESS and Have A Great Day! :-) Get Twitter Buttons

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