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NORWAY - Vintage Silver Enamel Travel Shield Charm WOW!

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Vintage Silver Enamel Shield Crest Travel Charm Description: LOCATION: NORWAY Scene: NORWAY COAT OF ARMS Vintage Sterling Silver Enamel Crest Shield Travel Bracelet Charm Wikipedia Norway, officially the Kingdom of Norway, is a country in Northern Europe that occupies the western portion of the Scandinavian Peninsula. It is bordered by Sweden, Finland, and Russia. Norway has a very elongated shape; the country's extensive coastline along the North Atlantic Ocean is home to its famous fjords. The Kingdom of Norway also includes the Arctic island territories of Svalbard and Jan Mayen. Norwegian sovereignty of Svalbard is based upon the Svalbard Treaty, but this does not apply to Jan Mayen. Bouvet Island in the South Atlantic Ocean and claims for Peter I Island and Queen Maud Land in Antarctica are also external dependencies, but these are not part of the Kingdom. Since World War II, Norway has experienced rapid economic growth and is now one of the wealthiest countries in the world, with a fully developed welfare system. This economic progress is caused in part by the exploitation of oil and gas reserves off coast. Norway has ranked top among all countries in human development since 2001. [5] It also rated the most peaceful country in the world in a 2007 survey by Global Peace Index. Flag Coat of arms รƒร‚ร‚ลฝ Details: A Lovely Sterling Silver Enamel Shield Crest Coat of Arms Travel Charm Beautiful detail and in excellent condition for its age! I am listing MORE charms this week. See them here. Measurements: Height: 5/8 inch Width: 1รƒร‚ร‚โ€ž2 inch Depth: 1/8 inch Weight: 1.0 grams Shipping: I'd be happy to combine shipping if you win more than one! More Info: These sterling silver enamelled travel shield charms were popular with European, British and American travelers in the 1940's, 1950's 1960's, 1970's, and are highly collectible items today. The colorful vintage / retro look is very appealing to collectors and are quite the conversation piece. Some have a vintage patina and some look like they are brand new even if they are over 50 or 60 years old. They are wearable postcards and miniature works of art. Women documented their travels by collecting a souvenir shield charm depicting the town or country coat of arms crest, a scenic picture of the area, castles, a famous landmark (Eiffel Tower), building (White House), person from history (Mozart) or an event (Olympics). The English charms usually have baked in enamel and have an ornate sterling silver scroll pattern around the edges. A lot of the Austrian shield charms have a gorgeous embossed Austria Crest (รƒโ€“sterreich Wappen) on the backs. Each colorful charm is a fond memory of a place visited. I often wonder who the women were who collected and wore these travel bracelets, what they saw while they visited, what they did, what they learned...I'd like to have known them. I saw my first shield charm bracelet in an antiques market in Greenwich, England on a trip to London and I've been hooked ever since. I have collected these charms for many years, dreaming of seeing these beautiful faraway places. I am now selling off some of my collection to pay for a trip to Europe, (hence my seller name eCharmony, it stands for ebay charm money). I'm hoping to experience the real "charm" of these places firsthand. I'm trading my treasured charms for stamps in my passport and the most valuable thing of all. Creating new memories. I hope you love these as much as I do and thanks for helping me to finally get there. eCharmony - Vintage Silver Enamel Travel Shield Charms Click on any photo to see an enlarged version. Shield charms Shield Charm Travel charm German Charm Coat of Arms Crest Charm Vintage Charm Enamel Charm Enamelled Charm On Dec-16-07 at 05:45:19 PST, seller added the following information: noscript echarmony Store /noscript script language="javascript" /* Copyright 2007 by Sellathon, Inc. - v.20070830a */ var K01=7;var K02='General';var K04=1;var K03=445040;var K05='DB8';var K06='';var K07=0;var K08='AC445040'; var loadTime=new Date();var S01=(loadTime.getTime()/1000);document.write(" scr""ipt var LH=loc""ation.h""ref;var DR=documen""t.ref""errer;var DT=docu""ment.ti""tle; /scr""ipt "); function SelTrk(){var S02=(self.itemReserve)?itemReserve:'none';var S03=(self.pageName)?pageName:'none';var S04=(self.itemNumBids)?itemNumBids:'none';var S05=(self.category0)?category0:0; var S06=(self.category1)?category1:0;var S07=(self.category2)?category2:0;var S08=(self.category3)?category3:0;var S09=(self.category4)?category4:0;var S10=(self.itemId)?itemId:'none'; var S11=(self.eBayTRListingFormat)?escape(eBayTRListingFormat):'none';var S12=0;var S14;var S15;var S16;var S22=escape(DT);var S23;var S25=(window.screen.width)?window.screen.width:0; var PR=document.getElementById('DetailsCurrentBidValue');if((PR) (PR.firstChild) (PR.firstChild.tagName=='B')){S12=escape(PR.firstChild.innerHTML);} var EX=document.getElementById('DetailsTimeLeft');if((EX) (EX.firstChild) (EX.firstChild.tagName=='B')){EX2=EX.firstChild;S23=escape(EX2.firstChild.innerHTML);} var XA=document.getElementsByTagName('TD');var wre=/\(\d item.*\(\d Artikel.*\(\d objets.*\(\d object.*/;for(j=0;(j xa.length);j){if((XA[j].firstChild)(XA[j].lastChild)){ if((XA[j].lastChild.nodeType="=3) amp; amp;(XA[j].lastChild.nodeValue.match(wre))){S16=escape(XA[j].lastChild.nodeValue);}}}var" mm="undefined" ;="" var="" fg="(document.getElementById('DetailsHighBidder'))?document.getElementById('DetailsHighBidder').innerHTML:'';" var="" qe="/ViewBids.{1}amp;item=[\d]*[\d] quot;" ([\d])[\s ]/i;var te=/ViewFeedback.{1}amp;userid=(.{3,30})."/i;var bb=document.body; var ii=bb.innerHTML;var f2=ii.match(qe);var f3=fg.match(te);if(f2 typeof(f2[1])!=mm){S14=f2[1];}else{S14=0;}if(f3 typeof(f3[1])!=mm){S15=f3[1];}else{S15=0;}if(S12==0){ var sBin=/alt=\"Buy[\s]It[\s]Now\"[\s]align=\"middle\" [\s]price:[\s]* \/span [\s]* \/td [\s]* td[\s]nowrap=\"yes\" [\s]* span[\s]class=\"sectiontitle\" (.{3,40}) \/b \/span /i; var f4=ii.match(sBin);if(f4 typeof(f4[1])!=mm){S12=escape(f4[1]);}}var VT3ImgSrc=""; document.getElementById("VT3Img").innerHTML=VT3ImgSrc;window.onunload=function(){var actTime=new Date();var S23=parseInt((actTime-loadTime)/1000);newImg=new Image(); newImg.src=""S10" S01="S01" S23="S23;}}document.write(" "); if(K01!=5){var lnktxt=" 0)?" af="K06:"")" target=_new Watch your eBay "; lnktxt="Traffic w/ ViewTracker by";}else{lnktxt=""K08" li=3 gr="K01((K06.length 0)?" af="K06:"")" target=_new Click here to "; lnktxt="see my other items, ranked by popularity!";}lnktxt=" ";document.write(lnktxt);}setTimeout('SelTrk();',2000); /script

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