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New - Spool rack - Yarn Cone Holder - 5 feet tall USA

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New spool rack. Made in the U.S.A .

$140 to your door, or $100 pickup,

I used a 1 foot ruler to show scale.

It disassembles for shipping or long term storage. The dowels are 1/2" hardwood and can take a very heavy or large cone with no problem.. The central steel rod rests on a steel washer instead of just the wood and this allows all but the base to rotate easily so you can choose your yarns. I used this same 2 foot wide base plate on a taller (6-1/2 foot tall) rack that I made for my Mom. For a weight test I added about 10 -15 old rifles and shotguns to it (guy thing), these are solid and stable, however, you would not want to load all heavy yarns on one side only...

I make these to last.

 Butterfly nuts are used throughout and no tools are needed for assembly and dissasembly. This has 48 dowels that you will need to tap in place. I test all dowels before shipping for fit, however if I shipped this with the dowels in place it would greatly add to the shipping costs. Please contact me with any suggestions or if you have a special request. Im using a "stock photo " but you'll get one just as nice. Yarn is not included.

Shipping is a flat $40. I have to make the boxes at this time by hand and includes insurance and delivery confirmation. I take time in making sure everything is well packed. Several shuttles could fit into the boxes and would be shipped combined at no additional cost ... if you are in western WA contacting us and picking up is a nice option.

Options ....This is at present is unfinished, let me know if you would like it finished. If purchased you can chose to have a shellac finish, Watco walnut oil, or Mahgony , I recomend clear Watco stain finish If you feel any need for finish ..... I left an item out in a heavy cold rain for 1/2 hour a while ago with this finish and then I realized my mistake and hurried it inside and dried it with no perceptible damage to the finish. Repeated foldings shouldn't wear the surface of oiled woods. If you chose one of these finishes there will be no additional cost but it will take a few days to finish and ship. I can do other finishes such as maple or cherry for an additional cost as I do not have other stains in stock.

I can include a riser to these that will raise the height , I tend to have a fair amount of excess steel conduit so no additional cost for a 1 foot or less riser

I can also do woodburning at additional cost with a pattern you provide, ask before, price will be about $6 per hour of work. If you want more or bigger pictures contact me and I'll email them.

Buy now as I may very likely add to shipping in the future.

Buy some Shuttles and I'll toss em in the box with no additional shipping cost.


Ask about international shipping , I will need to make the marginally shorter , 1 less increment of dowell - 5 per side


It can be 1-3 weeks before I get an item mailed , alot of items I make too or on order


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Priced $100.00. Categorized under Crafts >> Needlecrafts & Yarn >> Crocheting & Knitting >> Other. Condition: New, Manufactured Type: Handmade. New spol rack. Made in the U.S.A . $140 to your dor, or $10 pickup, I used a 1 fot ruler to show scale. It disasembles for shiping or long term storage. The dowels are 1/2 hardwod and can take a very heavy or large cone with no p.