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FREE SHIP PICK 5 pokemon 2 packs YOU GET 5 tomy double pack toy figure new

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you get to pick 5 of these.this is for 5 double packs message me with the one you want or put them in the checkout. these are the packs of figures. metapod and butterfree and slowpoke and slowbro are pictured but i don't have anymore. the packages will have denting and creasing.

i do have mankey and primeape, machop and machoke, hitmonchan and hitmonlee, horsea and seadra, psyduck and golduck, sandshrew and sandslash, dewgong and seel, kakuna and beedrill, pidgey and pidgeot, ekans and arbok, geodude and golem (not pictured), venonat and venomoth, rattata and raticate, growlithe and arcanine, gloom and vileplume and poliwag and poliwrath. once again this is for 5 of them so message me with your choice. i also have these listed in bigger lots, smaller lots and individually.


Please check out my booth--->

There are almost 500 listings, specializing in figures, toys, and/or games pertinent to the following: Sonic, Pokemon, Dragonball Z, Gremlins, South Park, Nightmare Before Christmas, Godzilla, Mortal Kombat, and others


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Priced $27.99. Categorized under Toys & Hobbies >> TV, Movie & Character Toys >> Pokemon. Condition: New, Related Retailer: Bloomingdales. you get to pick 5 of these.this is for 5 double packs mesage me with the one you want or put them in the checkout. these are the packs of figures. metapod and buterfre and slowpoke and slowbroare pictured but i don't have anymore. the package.