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Retro unique Japanese horse- folk art ceramic Haniwa figurine/ statue

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We’re excited to bring you a splendid variety of Japanese collectibles in our new curio and bric-a-brac section. This section includes assorted treasures- new and old, big and small- but all found right here in Japan. Many are antique handcrafted folk art items. For anyone who loves something uniquely Japanese and unusual to bat… this is the spot for everything wondrous and charming we couldn’t fit into any one specific category.

We hope you will be just as taken with our hand-picked selection of miscellaneous, decorative, sentimental, interesting, ornamental and rare Japanese bric-a-brac as we are. Open your heart and your home and be ready to be enamored and inspired - there’s nothing quite like it… we present to you the true spirit and artful expression of Nippon, the Land of the Rising Sun.

This is an artist original traditional Japanese Haniwa style ceramic horse figurine. The Haniwa are terracotta clay figures which were made for ritual use and buried with the dead as funerary objects during the Kofun period (3rd to 6th century AD) of the history of Japan.

During the Kofun period, a highly aristocratic society with militaristic rulers developed. The cavalry wore iron armor, carried swords and other weapons, and used advanced military methods like those of Northeast Asia. Many of them are represented in haniwa figurines for funerary purposes.

The most important of the haniwa were found in southern Honshū—especially the Kinai region around Nara—and northern Kyūshū. Haniwa grave offerings were made in numerous forms, such as horses, chickens, birds, fans, fish, houses, weapons, shields, sunshades, pillows, and male and female humans. Besides decorative and spiritual reasons of protecting the deceased in his afterlife, these figures also served as a sort of retaining wall for the burial mound.

Additionally, during the middle Kofun period (mid-5th century C.E.) shrine maiden, horse, dog and other animal-shaped haniwa were introduced. As the practice of having ceremonial burial mounds declined in the mid 6th century C.E., haniwa became rarer in the Kinai region; however, the haniwa were still made in abundance in the KantU region.

This horse is a more recent artist rendition of a traditional Haniwa figurine. The horse is breathtaking- stylized, modern, strong lines, great movement- and what impact!! It's crafted entirely from clay- glazed, fired, and the base has been finished off with forest green felt. Would make a wonderful addition to a horse collection or a stunning home decor accent. This figure is in outstanding vintage condition.

Measures 8.5" in height (22cm), and 7.5" across (19cm)


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Priced $14.00. Categorized under Collectibles >> Cultures & Ethnicities >> Asian >> 1900-Now >> Japanese >> Figures & Statues. Material: Ceramic, Condition: Used. Wersquore excited to bring you a splendid variety of Japanese colectibles in our new curio and bricabrac section. This section includes asorted treasures new and old, big and smal but al found right here in Japan. Many are antique handcraf.