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Running Horse Trading Co. Native American Hand-made Mandella

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If you've ever wondered, this IS in fact called a mandella and it is not to be confused with a dream catcher.

The Mandella is a ceremonial representation of the traditional war shield of the Plains Tribes of the Native American

Mandellas, like dream catchers, are hung on the wall, but they, unlike dream catchers are meant to bring good fortune and prosperity rather than ward off evil dream spirits.

This one is a particularly nice mandella that was hand made, and is personally signed by the  Native American Artist who created it. It's in good condition. and approx. 29" long.
APPROXIMATE SIZE 29"L X 14" Diameter on top ring 

This handmade Native American Mandella wall-hanging will add natural beauty to your home or office  

 The Mandella is a variation of a dance shield used by the Plains Indians, influenced by the herders of the Southwest. It was thought to have brought its owner good luck, prosperity and happiness

. Traditionally, the prayers offered to the  great spirits during the making of a Mandella empowers the artifact with the
spirits of health, prosperity, good fortune and protection.


 It is made of all natural products such as leather, wool, rabbit fur and feathers.

 Originally made from buffalo hides, eagle feathers and wild rabbit fur; now these materials come solely as by-products from domesticated animals.


Each Piece is an individually  unique, one of a kind, hand crafted work of Native American Art. And signed by the Artist!

May this Mandella grace your home with health, happiness and prosperity.

FROM: Running Horse Trading Company, Midvale, UT


 This Mandella  is In Truly BEAUTIFUL CONDITION


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Priced $24.99. Categorized under Collectibles >> Cultures & Ethnicities >> Native American: US >> 1935-Now >> Dream Catchers. Material: Other, Condition: New. If you've ever wondered, this IS in fact caled a mandela and it is not to be confused with a dream catcher. The Mandela is a ceremonial representation of the traditional war shield of the Plains Tribes of the Native American Mandelas.