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Russian cooking Cookbook by A. Krasheninnikova printed in Moscow

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Publication Year
Cooking, Food & Wine
A. Krasheninnikova
Edition Description
Second Edition Revised
Mir Publishers

More about this item

The sources of the material used for compiling "Russian Cooking" include old manuscripts and cookbooks, ethnographic researches, current selections of recipes.

In this book, therefore, the reader will find some long-forgotten Russian national dishes as well as those popular today.

Every country has its own favorite dishes, traditional ways of preparing food that are historically determined and that best suit the national taste, the people's way of living, the climate. It took many thousands of years for eating habits to develop, bit by bit, thanks to the collective efforts of ancestors and a long process of evolution before they became crystallized into the "national taste". That is why to a Russian, shchi (cabbage soup) and okroshka (cold kvass soup) seem more delicious than the most dainty dishes of European cuisines.

The mode of life of a nation is influenced by many factors - natural, social and others. To some degree it is also affected by cultural interchange with neighbors in the course of which each nation adopts all that is most valuable and more to its taste, including culinary recipes.

Hence, the daily fare of Russian people has come to include such foreign dishes as cutlets, sauces, jelly, etc., so that now it is hard to conceive of a menu without these dishes, no matter how or when they happened to come to Russia.

In the course of historical development, changes occur in the national diet with the appearance of new foodstuffs and new dishes. Tomatoes appeared in Russia comparatively recently. yet now it is hard. for example. to imagine a solyanka (thick tart meat or fish soup) or borshch (a beet soup laden with vegetables and meat) without them. Potatoes made their appearance in Russia about three centuries ago. At the present time. various dishes made with them have long become characteristic of the standard fare of many peoples of the Soviet Union.

The aim of the composer of the book was to select recipes for preparing the most nutritious and tasty dishes from the great variety of national dishes with which the Russian cuisine abounds.

To all readers of "Russian Cooking" who have sent us their comments and requests concerning the content and design of the book Mir Publishers is very grateful. In the new edition we have. as far as possible. tried to take into consideration all the remarks and suggestions made by our readers. which. we hope. has helped to increase the value of the book and make it more convenient to use.

We believe that English-speaking readers interested in different national cuisines and those who wish to experiment with Russian cookery will find much of value in our new edition.

The recipes in this book are for 4-5 servings unless otherwise indicated.  Above information is from the Book Foreword.

All recipes in this book are based on metric weights and measures. Book contains a weight and measures table to help with converting recipe to equivalent cups and teaspoon measures.

Sample of recipes in the book:

Beetroot Salad

Sauerkraut Salad

Summer Borsch

Cabbage Sprout Shchi

Ukrainian Borshch

Fish Boiled in Oiled Paper

Steamed Sturgeon

Codfish Stewed in Milk

Fried Codfish with Green Peppers and Tomatoes

Boiled Lamb in White Stock Sauce

Larded Fillet of Beef with Boiled Salt Tongue and Champignon

Cabbage Leaves Stuffed with Meat

Sucking Pig Roll

Beef Drop Dumplings (Kietski) with Curds

Pozharsky Cutlets

Lamb Chakhokhbili

Potato Patties with Mushroom Filling

Eggplant with Walnut Sauce

Potatoes Stuffed with Meat

Barley Porridge with Pork Suet

Mannacroup Pudding with Fruit (Zapekanka with Fruit)

Boiled Milk Zapekanka

Uzbek Plov with Quince

Ukrainian Cottage Cheese Dumplings (Galushki)

Belyash (Kazakh Meat Pie)

Pumpkin Oladyi

Spring Cake with Almonds (Almond Kulich)

Moscow Doughnuts (Ponchiki)

Sour Cherry Kissel

Bread Kvass

This book translated from Russian to English was printed in Moscow, Russia.  Second edition revised printed in 1980.

Book is an illustrated hard cover in very  good condition with 230 pages with index.

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Priced $8.00. Categorized under Books >> Cookbooks. Condition: Very Good, Publication Year: 1980, Category: Cooking, Food & Wine, Author: A. Krasheninnikova, Edition Description: Second Edition Revised, Publisher: Mir Publishers. The sources of the material used for compiling "Rusian Coking" include old manuscripts and cokboks, ethnographic researches, curent selections of recipes. In this bok, therefore, the reader wil find some long-forgoten Rusian national .