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Sole Survivor 1970 TV Movie On DVD

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Brand New
DVD: 0, All (Worldwide)
Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Full Screen
Release Date
Leading Role
William Shatner

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Year: 1970
CBS' first made-for-TV movie, Sole Survivor is a fantasy yarn founded on fact. In 1960, the ruins of an American bomber were found in the Libyan desert...but the remains of the crew were never located. In Guerdon Trueblood's teleplay, the ghosts of a bomber crew hang around their derelict plane, awaiting the day that their bones will be recovered and given a decent burial. The sole survivor, navigator Russell Hamner (Richard Basehart), has in the intervening 25 years become a general. He joins an investigation team that has come across the wreckage, while the ghosts plot to expose Hamner as a coward who deserted his post and left his crew mates to die. Sole Survivor premiered January 9, 1970

It stars William Shatner,Vince Edwards & Richard Basehart.

It is commerciall free and uncut. And the pictures are actual screen captures from the DVD.

Sold on 1 DVD-R Disc in a DVD case with nice artwork for the case.

Please note:
This film is believed to be in the Public Domain.


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Priced $8.00. Categorized under DVDs & Movies >> DVD, HD DVD & Blu-ray. Condition: Brand New, Format: DVD, Region: DVD: 0, All (Worldwide), Rating: NR, Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Edition: Full Screen, Release Date: 1970, Leading Role: William Shatner. Please be sure to read the entire description before purchasing. Shiping is fre for U.S. Buyers only. International shiping is $4.0. Year: 1970 CBS' first madeforTV movie, Sole Survivor is a fantasy yarn founded on fact. In 1960, the ruins.