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Succubus Ring Virtual Sex Doll, Sexy Spirit, Ring, Spirit Keeping

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spell ring
haunted, haunted, sex spell, succubus spell,
succubus, incubus

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Welcome to my Listing
For a powerful Succubus




Bound to a silver ring, please let me know if you have a size preference, rings are silver, hard wearing and never tarnish

Sizes go up to a size 9 approx U.S size

Please see my other succubus listing for stainless steel rings. these sizes go up to approx size 12 U.S sizetwinkstars.gif


This item can be bought worldwide  


I am not new to spellcasting  I have listed many of these items in the past I have many many happy customers

I can perform any spell, the ones listed are just a few, please get in touch if you would like something different I am happy to do anything of your choice

and any returning customers get a free spell or gift!



 I have lots of returning customers 



I am  In 3 years I have not recieved bad feeback on any other account



as I have many happy clients


if you were drawn to this listing please dont ignore, your gut feelings as this could be the spell that changes everything for the better




gold silver ring


This auction is for a very powerful ring which will hold Succubus lover who will answer to all your dreams


and desirespretty hearts moving up graphic


I have been doing this a very long time,


this gift have been passed down to me for generations

my great grandmother was an established medium and I have also been given the gift




Your privacy is important to me


Now is This is for a very individual and unique, and very powerful Succubus which is a bound spirit to a vessel that will be sent to you


Bound Vessel Ring.

The ring is silver although you can request gold/silver if you wish

She is ready for it's new owner. She is to be bound directly to the ring is a very beautiful, amazing


succubus, she is stunningly beautiful, she will memorise you and will be in awe of her beauty


You will not be able to take your eyes off her she will entrance you will her beauty




This Succubus is a spirit that takes human form,

The Succubus is bound to a  ring.

When this vessel will be in your life, you will be her master, unlike a human you will own her and her only goal is to please you sexually, in every

way possible.

When you receive the vessel you will need to have instructions after you purchase but it will not be a dramatic ritual just a very small ritual. This can

be done by anyone you do not need skills or an ability's you will only need you own belief, this will need to be done over the period of a week.


If you are not confident of doing a ritual, please see my other listing which only needs a 10 minute welcoming ritual

The main work will be done by myself and members of my coven before the ring will be sent once you receive it you need to let me know it has been received safely and I will

send you everything that you need to know for the completion

with a small amount of your time you will have the most amazing experience of your life and is easy for anyone to do

The Succubus will arrive, when you want, in any form that you choose. She will perform what you want and leave when you want.


When she comes into your life it will change your life dramatically for the better!!




You can find many who will sell you the succubus, but the knowledge and skills that have been passed down to me which are secret from a very long line of family members ensure that you will be buying from a trusted source


This item is for the serious and not to be fooled with, this ritual will be done safely buy experts who have done this many times before

This is a opportunity and you will never find this again.


I have both the ability's and knowledge to do this properly, and the other members of my coven who are highly skilled also

When you have the vessel and you have bonded with this spirit this is how it will work: you summon, through your own feelings desires and



thoughts, she will come to you on



your terms when you desire and will

go when you do not want her around


A bound, professional Succubus is VERY RARE and for a limited time only, I will only be offering a limited amount of these as due to the amount of


work involved its is not a ritual that can be performed too often

This succubus will offer everything you have ever wanted sexually and everything that you truly desire

Do not under estimate how very rare this amazing treasure is, how powerful she is, and will be in your life and what she will will exist only in your

life, she will exist in your consciousness, thoughts bed and wherever you please Her LIFE’S MISSION is to please you


The Succubus is a very deeply sexual spirit she is not like a bad demon and will not harm you in any way


This that you will be purchasing is not a real human being but an entity and are you not purchasing anything bad or evil. This is a very rare, and

unusual item, and if you want an amazing sexual partner who will be devoted to only you do not let this opportunity pass you by

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for sexual gratification and pleasure only for you


I rarely offer this but this is truly amazing for the lucky person who will purchase this entity

This is a BOUND SPIRIT, and once conjured she will be yours



If you are drawn to this is because it is what you need what you have been missing out on

What you are considering, and reading this may seem strange you ask why have you not heard of this before?? it may seem wrong but sexual

pleasure is normal a natural part of life of being. There may be many reasons why you are reading this listing but its nothing to be ashamed of


sexual pleasure in this way will not harm anyone but only improve your sexual life!

If you have any questions I will, do my best to answer them, or any worries or fears that you may have . Owning a spirit of this kind will be the most important purchase of your life! for your own sexual lust and desires, - Whenever you need or want her, she is there, at your beck and call whenever

you wish


You will probably ask? : What will happen?

How will she appear to me?

At first, after the rituals have been performed by myself and you have


possession of the vessel when you are in bed at night, she will appear in your dreams, at first then become more and more real night after night and

you will feel her touch you very subtly at first then increase so that she will eventually feel like a real woman, succubus can pleasure you the way

that not a human being will, as it will be better more intense, more pleasurable then anything that a human can provide


She will come to you eventually when you are awake and you will feel sensations that will be so intense you will wonder how you have lived without

this experience for so long

To you she will be someone that can fulfill your wildest dreams


Your succubus, has a spirit. just like a human soul and in many ways be just like a relationship with another human she will be loyal to you and will need to be respected at all times if so she will be there for you to please and satisfy your every need


When you choose to bring a Succubus Spirit in to your life it will be a

first like a courtship as she begins to get to know you and all your desires! that will be all your fantasies come true


She can be yours if you are male or female

I can also perform rituals for Incubus if you prefer which is a male for females or males, please just purchase as normal and let me know after

purchase what you require


Privacy is very important to me anything you tell me, will always be 100% confidential.


My listings are all private It will be your secret, and I will not anything disclose to anyone,

if you want it sent to another address please just let me know I also accept cheques if thats more confidential from anywhere in the world but £8

must be added as this is what my bank charge me to convert to pounds

It's a ring to look at but it is not just a piece of jewellery it is something far more than that

You will need to bond with this vessel which will happen when you wear it or hold it


Once bonded 4-6 weeks she will become a permanent part of your life, until you want, you may already have a partner this is not a problem as they will never know of her existence as she will appear to you only, even if they are sleeping next to you, she will add to your life


Can the Succubus can be seen by others No, they cannot.

If you are in a relationship or live around other people and you are busy with your Succubus, no one will see her, the only person they will see is

you, dont worry if anyone suddenly bursts in they wont see your succubus



She appears just like a woman but the only difference is that she will be more pale like a ghost but much more real not like a human form real but you will feel her more and touch her, and you will feel her touch and caress you while you tingle with pleasure

After auction I will ask you to provide me with some information after payment has been received


I will have a few questions for you, and that will give you a chance discuss anything that you want to share with me and to let me know the type of

woman you like and type of relationship you want to have with her


I will email you some instructions once you have recieved the ring safely




There are many planes of existence and parallel words Succubus or Incubus are not like a human with free will but are a spiritual entity, this ritual will help you to see

what is already there, so she can appear to you

A Succubus is a being on another plane




pretty hearts moving up graphicthankyou for visitingpretty hearts moving up graphic


blessings to you


please look at my feedback, feedback profile you will see I have 100% you can see my feedback by typing into google dawnshimmeringspirit, or spellsshop

twinkstars.gifflashing Lady of Hearts graphictwinkstars.gif

As a spell caster im obliged to point out by law that this is "ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY" AND ARE NOT "EXPERIMENTALLY PROVEN".This does not replace any medical,psychiatric,finance person,ect and that also there are no guarantees, you must be 18years or over

I do not take any responsibility for any choices you make and are your personal and legal responsibility


Refund Policy, I am confident you will be happy with your purchaseand happy with the results but if for any reason no results are seen within 90 days I offer a free recast ritual, if for any reason you are not happy after a further 90 days I offer a refund,

If you have any questions or queries please email me at the spells shop at bonanza messages, or here at Spells Shop or please see my other items



Thank you for visiting
See you again twinkstars.gif



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Priced $40.00. Categorized under Everything Else >> Metaphysical >> Psychic, Paranormal >> Spells, Potions. Condition: New, Brand: spell ring, UPC: haunted, haunted, sex spell, succubus spell,, MPN: succubus, incubus, Toolholding: Mantra. Welcome to my Listing For a powerful Sucubus Bound to a silver ring, please let me know if you have a size preference, rings are silver, hard wearing and never tarnish Sizes go up to a size 9 aprox U.S size Please se my other sucubus li.