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TIMELESS PIECES LIFESTYLE: Cashmere silk embroidered pashmina scarf stole wrap

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Cashmere & Silk

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BEFORE WE START: This is a ONE-OF-A-KIND, VERY SPECIAL, LIMITED EDITION SCARF/WRAP/SHAWL/PLAID. Designed by TIMELESS PIECES, hand-spun in Nepal, individually dyed by artisans in Kathmandu, masters of the traditional techniques. This item is NOT MASS PRODUCED, but it takes 4-7 days to finish this amazing wrap. We have kept our production intentionally very small and many scarves are unique and one of a kind.



  • Stunning cashmere silk scarf shawl with embroidery

For the last 3 years, our team has been spending the bulk of their time in Nepal and India collaborating with local artisans, incorporating centuries’ old handicrafts and creating the most beautiful cashmere scarves and accessories.


Our line pays homage to the colors of (Jaipur pink, blue, curry yellow, cardamom green, etc.) as we attempt to capture their essence.


While esthetics, function and price are important to us and to the consumer, we are keen on offering handmade environmentally sustainable products at the same time gaining respect and appreciation for other cultures. Our products are all made under Fair Trade conditions. 1998



Commonly asked questions:

  • What is Pashmina? The word pashmina (cashmere) has been used and abused for years and most of what is sold as pashmina (cashmere) in the market is usually highly adulterated. It comes from the Persian word “pashm” which means “wool or warmth.” In fact, cashmere and pashmina refer to the wool from the same goat, except pashmina is the very finest of the separated wool, having a diameter of 12-14 microns, and the goats mostly live in the highest altitudes in Kashmir and Tibet.  (human hair is 75 microns). In ancient times, the times of Moghul emperors, pashmina wear was a matter of pride of its owner, similar to jewelry


  • Why is cashmere so expensive? Cashmere is the highest class of all natural fibers. It is warmer, softer and lighter than all the natural fibers. A goat only produces about 50 grams washed cashmere annually. A ladies sweater usually weighs between 150 grams - 300 grams, that is the cashmere from 3-6 goats. A man's sweater usually weighs about 250-450 grams, that is the cashmere from 5-9 goats! Furthermore, the production process is complicated, a sweater requires more than 20 processes of production, expensive special equipment and a lot of manpower


  • How come some cashmere is more expensive than others? Some manufacturers use coarser cashmere. In the raw material market, the price difference between high quality cashmere (fineness under 16.8 micron, fiber length above 32mm made in upper and middle reaches of Yellow River in China) and coarser cashmere is very big, the price of the latter is 2/3 or even 1/2 of the former. Some manufacturers even mix camel hair or chemical fibers.


  • What is sold on the street corner/store/airport  for $50+ (buy 3 get one free...)  is NOT pashmina (and surely not cashmere) but an imitation. These are cheap, synthetic-fiber shawls or at best made from wool and silk-like fibers


  • Last but not least, we work with FAIR TRADE organizations (greater equity in international trade)  and commit to its prescribed standards (laws governing child labor, forced labor, discrimination, fair wages, etc.)  We carefully choose our trading partners, do hands-on research and have personally visited the production sites.

Luxury cannot be faked and quality is non-negotiable.  (Authentic high end) cashmere scarves are a wise investment (if properly cared for).

Scarves: a seasonless accessory!  We have a large collection of beautiful wraps listed:  Check out our other items!

Our price for this beautiful, luxurious item is amazing, please check with other high-end cashmere retailers: Lor* Pian*, Herme* (Herme* offers many cashmere/silk scarves handwoven in Nepal and India) , Mal*, Dennis Colom*, etc. similar wraps sell for $500+



  • Name: Abhiram  (Nepali for extremely beautiful, sublime)



  • Style:
    • Lightweight gauze cashmere silk shawl (see close up pictures)
    • lightweight but not flimsy
    • looks beautiful worn double and layered
    • generous size (see measurements)
    • intricate embroidery and embelishments (sequins) on both ends of the scarf (see pictures)
    • scarf has threads of lighter gray running through its entire length
    • small fringe detail
    • handwoven in Kathmandu, Nepal for TIMELESS PIECES
    • label: chui se (nepali textile producer) and TIMELESS PIECES 


Please make sure this is EXACTLY what you/the intended gift recipient want especially at this price point. Our ultimate goal is to make our customers happy, but our auctions are not trial and error auctions for you to find out if you "might" like the item or if the item suits you or suits the intended gift recipient. If that is your intent, please shop at a department store with a liberal return policy. ALL OUR SALES ARE FINAL!



  • Size: Measurements are always approximate and are taken to the best of our abilities:
    • width: approx. 37.2" or 94,4 cm
    • length: approx. 87" or 220,9 cm
    • embroidery measures (on both ends) approx. 7.5" or 19 cm


The photos may make this item appear smaller or larger than it really is. To confirm sizing, we recommend drawing the dimensions on a piece of paper. Measurements are clearly stated!

Our mannequin measures 5.8" (1.75 m) is a SMALL size US 6 and is a lifeless object without any body flaws. Item might or might not look or drape the same on you. We decline all responsibility!



  • Material:
    • 80% cashmere 20% silk
    • scarf has no material tag - scarf was made for TIMELESS PIECES for our new line of handwoven scarves. We guarantee the material content. If the lack of a label bothers you, please do not bid.
    • we are a company and our team has spent the last 3 years designing scarves in Nepal and India collaborating with local artisans
    • azo free colors
    • natural organic ecological sustainable material



  • Color:
    • cloud (our name for this color)
    • light gray with a hint of blue
    • when layered the scarf has a more blue-ish tint (remember color perception is in the eye of the beholder)
    • embellishment/embroidery in light gray, purple etc. (not limited to these colors) with small sequins
    • subdued colors, very elegant
    • A word about colors: We try our very best to capture the exact color of the item we are selling. Our computer screens are carefully calibrated (via a software called Spyder3 Eli*te) and re-calibrated monthly. We cannot be responsible how the color translates on your screen or how you might interpret the shade. There are literally 100s of variations of gray/grey blue, etc. We use the same name the weavers use when coloring the scarves.

This is the best we can describe these colors. If you are ambiguous about your choice, please do not bid. We are NOT responsible if you perceived the colors to be different or if the colors don't suit you.

The visual sensation of color is very subjective. Each person experiences the sensation of color differently because many variables influence our color perception. Even if we did all see color the same way, we would still interpret and describe it differently based upon our individual life experience.

Disclaimer: On some computer screens colors MAY appear differently. This is due to the color calibration on your monitor and your Internet Browser. We disclaim all responsibility!

  • Condition:
    • Scarf is new and was made for TIMELESS PIECES for our new line of scarves and wraps
    • Colors on your screen may vary, we decline all responsibility
    • Handmade/handwoven items often have minor imperfections. These imperfections are not considered "defects" but add to the uniqueness of the product. If you have something else in mind, please do not bid.
    • All sales final =  No returns, no store credits, no exchanges, no additional discounts and no buyer's remorse
    • If you disagree with our terms and condition (i.e. all sales final, etc.) PLEASE DO NOT BID!

We do our very best to make our customers happy. We attach lots and lots of pictures, show the item from every angle and explain ad nauseam everything in great detail. We are happy to provide additional measurements and/or supply additional information (if available) but it is ultimately the buyer's responsibility to make sure that the item fits and that the material, cut and look is to his/her liking (or to the liking of the intended gift recipient). Our auctions are not trial and error auctions for you to find out if you like an item. We do not allow returns nor exchanges and make NO PROVISIONS for buyer's remorse, so please bid carefully. For complete conditions kindly refer to our
"About Me" page


**This auction is for 1 (one) new cashmere/silk shawl wrap - No material tag - Scarf is new and sold AS-IS. BEFORE BIDDING: a) Please read the ENTIRE description b) double-check the measurements  and c) please make sure this is EXACTLY what you or the intended gift recipient want before bidding. ALL SALES FINAL - NO RETURNS NO EXCHANGES AND NO PROVISIONS ARE MADE FOR BUYER'S REMORSE (i.e. too small/large, too heavy/light (pls read the description), don't like the colors (cannot be our problem) or any of the other myriad excuses, etc etc etc)**



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