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Tiger Original Furby 1998 Furby Baby 1999 McDonald's Furby 1998

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Original Furby 1998 Furby Baby 1999 McDonald's Furby 1998

  • Furby
  • Original 1998
  • 2nd Series Giraffe Fur
  • Furby Baby
  • Original 1999
  • Mint Green and White
  • McDonald's Furby
  • Original 1999
  • Pink with Green Fur
  • Excellent Used Condition
  • Tags Attached

This set of 3 of the original Furbies has been asleep for just about 14 years. They have been woken up and have started to communicate. You will have the fun of starting them all over as they will come without batteries. Each of the original Furbies takes 4 AA batteries. The McDonalds Furby is a pull back racer toy.

Original 1998 Furby is brown and white with a grayish brown tuft down his back. This is the 2nd series put out and the pattern of his fur is giraffe. His model number is 70-800. Original Furbies were not as active as the Baby Furbies. It will take more communication from you to get him going and keep him going.

The 1999 Baby Furby is mint green with a white tuft. His model number is 70-940. He is much more active and will respond at the slightest touch.


The 1998 McDonald's Furby has a pink plastic body and green fur tuft. It is a friction roller racer toy. You pull back and it will then roll forward.


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Priced $29.99. Categorized under Toys & Hobbies >> Electronic, Battery & Wind-Up >> Battery Operated >> 1990-Now >> Other. Condition: Used, MPN: 70-800, Brand: Tiger, Related Retailer: Target. Original Furby 198 Furby Baby 19 McDonald's Furby 198 Furby Original 198 2nd Series Girafe Fur Furby Baby Original 19 Mint Gren and White McDonald's Furby Original 19 Pink with Gren Fur Excel.