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VINTAGE PHOTOS CD LADIES #3 Victorian women showgirls

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Victorian Edwardian Vintage Ladies Photos #31,000 Lovely Antique Images on CD

COLLECTION #3 vintage photos of women from the 1800s & early 1900s

IMAGES ARE 300 DPI - (BONUS IMAGES ARE 600 DPI)We are pleased to present our vintage photos with consistent resolution for quality results. 
Pictures may be enlarged or reduced before printing to suit your needs! 


Collection #3:
A thousand MORE gorgeous vintage pictures of women! Beautiful black & white and sepia photographs and photo postcards, many hand-tinted and decorated.

Many styles, from elegantly posed to
playful and flirty.

Beautiful vintage portraits of women in amazing hats, lovely frocks & gowns, flapper fashions, exotic & fancy costumes.

MORE LADIES PORTRAITS 9-12Hundreds of portraits of women in beautiful dresses, jewelry, furs, veils, and big hats.  Many fashion postcards.  Four "albums" full of beautiful photos!
BELLYDANCERS 2Great selection of bellydance photos
in exotic "orientale" and "Egyptian" style dance costumes!  Vintage caberet style, tribal, Middle Eastern, veils & jewelry.ACTRESSES & SHOWGIRLS 2 & 3More lovely actresses and flirty 
show girls in fabulous dresses and costumes.  Ladies of the Moulin Rouge, Folies Bergere, Casino de Paris, opera, etc.  Two full albums, hundreds of postcards!BATHING BEAUTIES PART 2More bathing beauties in their vintage swimsuits!  Victorian & flapper styles.
BONUS: Extra Hi Res images35 beautiful images at 600 dpi!
Most are vintage actress portraits
on tinted postcards, many in lovely Art Nouveau style.  Carefully restored. 
Very collectible! 
Fun to use or just browse through. 

Many creative uses!
Wonderful resource for altered art, cards, scrapbooks, collage, decoupage, charms and jewelry, hang tags and labels, assemblage, fabric transfers & much more!


  Images are beautifully and professionally presented in our unique image browser, which enhances the beauty of every images, and makes browsing, zooming, resizing, and printing very easy.  
Our unique presentation gets rave reviews from buyers!
(If you prefer, you may also open images into your own browser/viewer for editing.
Version without viewer available upon request.)


These are JPEG images, 300 dpi, 1200 pixels longest side.  They are carefully organized & beautifully presented for your enjoyment. 

While many of these photographs date from the Victorian era (roughly 1860-1901), most are more properly referred to as Edwardian.  The Edwardian era describes the years from about 1901 to 1919.  Edwardian styles were opulent, elegant, and refined.  The camera and photography became more widely available, and ladies and children posed in their finery or against a charming background for portraits.  Other photographers captured scenes of "real people" on the street, in front of their homes or schools, at historical events.
Also during this time postcards became very popular.  These postal cards featured famous sights, holiday greetings, showgirls and other performers, posed scenes, and personal photos.  Many early postcards originated in France, hence the name "French postcards."  The term French postcard eventually became associated with slightly risqu� images (most risqu� postcards originated in Paris).

This collection also includes many photographs of a later vintage, the Twenties, age of the Flapper in her cloche hat.  Women bobbed their hair and donned shorter skirts ~ and eventually voted, thanks to the suffragists!  Make up became fashionable (if still not entirely respectable) for American women thanks in part to returning GIs' experiences with makeup-wearing Parisian "fancy women" during World War I!

These images of antique and vintage ephemera offer a charming and fascinating glimpse into the past, revealing much about the era and its changing ideals ~ a great way to look at cultural history and fashion trends, or find artistic inspiration.  It is a pleasure to make these images available in this collection.
This text copyright K. Goode, SummertownSun 2004, all rights reserved. Unauthorized use or copying prohibited by law.


BONUS: 35 gorgeous
hi-res scans 600 dpi.Beautiful decorative postcards of actresses, plus other vintage photos.

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What makes our digital image collections the best available anywhere?Our Image Gallery Viewer sets our collections apart from all others we've seen. Most other image collections are just loose files dumped in some folders on a CD.  We've taken the time and care to make sure each of our thousands of images is displayed in its full beauty, with a beautiful background and with all menu options just a mouse-click away.  
We've spent many months and hundreds of hours arranging and preparing these CDs, to bring you the best, most professional collections available. We know the numbers can be overwhelming, and we wanted our customers to be able to experience our collections as easily as they might go through a carefully organized library of family albums of photos. 
Scrolling thumbnails are always visible for quick finding.
All images are carefully categorized into albums of pictures.
We use only the finest quality Taiyo Yuden CDs.
Click here to read what our customers say!

With our automatic self-opening image viewer, all you do is point and click! 
This CD is self-loading and user friendly.  Just put this CD into your CD drive and it will load automatically.  A simple-to-use image viewer will automatically show you the albums of images. 
Select an album and view the images in a beautiful image gallery. 
All you do is left-click on a thumbnail to open the larger picture.
Just right-click on the larger image to print or zoom or copy!  So easy!You can also view a slideshow with fancy dissolves and pause/rewind, and make any image your screen wallpaper, and more.
(If you prefer, you can just open the "Images" folder into whatever picture viewer or editor you usually use, or copy & paste an individual image.)
MAC USERS: Tell us when you order and we will send you the Mac-friendly version
(same images, same excellent organization, without the viewing software)

 "Click here to see more Lunagirl vintage photos on CD" 

Imagine 1,000 vintage images at your fingertips, ready to use for all your art and crafts.  With our ease of use, excellent organization, and fine images....


These beautiful old photos are so much fun to browse through & you’ll think of many ways to use them.  Great for anyone who loves to create, loves antique photos & old postcards, or just loves vintage ephemera.
  “Other sellers may imitate our products, but they cannot duplicate our quality.” 
by SummertownSun Publishing, LLC  ISBN #978-1-934688-37-3

� Copyright 2005, 2007 Lunagirl Images/SummertownSun Publishing, LLC. All rights reserved.  

All Lunagirl Images products are � SummertownSun Publishing LLC.  Individual images may also be copyrighted due to creative alteration of the originals.  All Lunagirl images are offered under license, subject to the terms of a license agreement.  “Lunagirl” is a trademark of SummertownSun Publishing LLC.

Personal Non-commercial Use: You may print unlimited copies of images or collage sheets for your own non-commercial personal or educational use.  You may alter images to print for your own non-commercial use.  Refers to your own use; images may not be forwarded to others.

Art:  You may incorporate images into unique collage art or mixed media art projects, which may be sold.  If your work is displayed online or published credit Lunagirl Images or our website for the image(s) used (please contact us for link address to our website)

Personal Web Pages:  You may use up to 10 images on your own non-commercial website or web page with credit and link to our website (contact us for URL).  Lunagirl images displayed in online listings must be watermarked “Lunagirl Images.” 

Auction templates: Please contact us for permission, usually OK.  Credit and link back to our website must be included on templates.

Handmade Items for Sale:  1) Using Image CDs: You may use up to 10 images to create handmade items for sale (handmade altered art cards, jewelry, ornaments, etc.) or to create labels or tags for your items for sale using your home printer. To use more, please contact us for permission.
2) Using Collage Sheets: You may use each picture on a Lunagirl collage sheet up to 10 times to create handmade items for sale.


Lunagirl CDs & collage sheets may not be copied, shared, redistributed or resold, in whole or in part, in any printed or digital format.  Individual images may not be resold or distributed alone or as part of any other compilation or design resource (including, but not limited to, prints, CD, DVD, downloads, e-cards, templates, scrapbook kits, digital scrapbooking kits) without written permission and additional license.

Lunagirl images may not be used to create design elements for sale (including, but not limited to, sale of collage sheets, stickers, “tubes,” photo charms, fabric squares, etc.)  Images may not be used for sale of items on “print-on-demand” sites.

Images may not be stored on any public server or network accessible by anyone other than the licensee and may not be uploaded to image sharing sites.  Permissions herein apply only to individual licensee. 

No image may be used as a trademark or service mark.  No image may be used for any unlawful purpose or use.

For graphic design, advertising, sale of decals patterns transfers etc., or use of images/sale of items in larger numbers ask about commercial licensing. 
Use in media production, digital scrapbook design for resale, or sale of prints requires rights-managed licensing. We can make a special listing for you.

Questions? Use the "Ask Seller a Question" link at the top of this page to contact us.Thanks for your visit !

We are Proud to be members of ZNE Mixed Media & Indie Artists Connected!


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Priced $15.00. Categorized under Crafts >> Scrapbooking & Paper Crafts >> Paper Crafts. Condition: New. Victorian Edwardian Vintage Ladies Photos #31,0 Lovely Antique Images on CD COLECTION #3 vintage photos of women from the 180s & early 190s PLUS BONUS IMAGES - ART NOUVEAU ACTRES POSTCARDS @ EXTRA HIGH RES IMAGES ARE 30 DPI - (BONUS I.