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VINTAGE Photos CD PANORAMIC panorama city groups images

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Vintage Panoramic PhotographsOver 1,030 photo images on CD

Balboa, California Bathing Girl Parade 1925
Click on the picture above to see full-size!  (The gallery picture is a small section of this panorama)

Amazing photographs of cities and towns in the early 1900s,
Edwardian ladies and gents, vintage bathing beauties on parade, devastating fires and floods, majestic mountains and waterfalls,
vintage baseball teams, and a whole lot more.
 To buy prints: Search for ID SummertownSun! 

Due to the unusual dimensions of these photographs, we have decided not to present them in our image gallery viewer.
They are carefully sorted and arranged in folders which can be viewed with the default browser on your PC or Mac.
These photographs are truly fascinating to browse!  Click on samples to enlarge!You cannot fully appreciate them unless you see them full-size, so PLEASE do click on the samples in this listing to see the full-size images.  After you click and an image appears, move your cursor over the image until you see a little box in the lower right corner, and click that to enlarge the image to its full size and explore the details.


Chicago, Illinois 1927 (click to see full size)

 Over 200 fascinating panoramas of American cities and towns.  See the skylines of the early 1900s and 1920s, and amazing 180- and 360-degree portraits of small town America. 
Includes cities and towns from all parts of the country.  An especially nice collection of town views in Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma, but you'll also find Southern towns and cities, California towns and cities, Colorado, Missouri, Alaska, Texas, Florida, Oregon, Arizona, South Dakota, Maine, Connecticut, Ohio, Pennsylvania, the list goes on! 
Beautiful buildings and skylines of New York and Los Angeles and Chicago, of course, but much more! 
 Plus HARBOR VIEWS & WATERFRONTS including Boston, Baltimore, Tampa, Havana, Seattle, Catalina, Juneau & many more.
There are also vintage city scenes in Paris, London, Venice, Florence and Rome as well as views in Switzerland, Germany, Panama and other countries.

Panorama of Bellingham, Washington 1909  (click for full size)
We have carefully retouched many of these images to remove vertical lines and signs of age.  Some retain the lines where original plates met.

New York City, East River bridges 1909  (click for full size)

Panoramic Group Portraits in Victorian, Edwardian & 1920s fashions.Everyday men, women, and children posed to record all sorts of events and occasions. 
Firefighters and policemen, fashionable society ladies, baseball players and other athletes, high school students, college classes, gentlemen of the chamber of commerce, Sunday school classes, salespeople, ladies of the
Temperance League and Women's Trade Union, soldiers and navy officers, and more groups and gatherings.Plus great crowd scenes & city street scenes!

Women's Metropolitan Golf Championship, Nassau Country Club 1913 (click to see full size)
Gary, Indiana, fire fighters 1914 (click for full size)

Plenty of lovely ladies in their vintage swimwear and bathing costumes!  Lots of fun!

Bathing Girl Revue, Galveston Texas May 14, 1922   (click to enlarge)

Incredible photographs of natural disasters and war-torn Europe    Scenes recording the devastation caused by floods, fires, storms, and World War I.  Historic floods in Ohio and Pennsylvania, shelled French cities, the destruction of Dreamland on Coney Island.  Numerous photos documenting the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire, both during and after the fire.

San Francisco burning, April 18 1906, view from St Francis Hotel  (click to enlarge)

Pittsburgh flood, Fifth and Liberty 1907  (click to enlarge)

Beautiful panoramas of nature's majesty: 
mountains, waterfalls, redwood forests, gorgeous landscapesMany vintage photos of Yosemite, Niagara Falls, Alaska, California's Mariposa Big Tree Grove, Lake Tahoe,
the Grand Canyon, Crater Lake as well as mountains, lakes, rivers, glaciers, and other lovely scenes all over America. 
They are all so striking, it is hard to decide what to show you!

Lake Chelan in the Cascade Mountains, Washington 1908 (click to see full size)

Yosemite Valley, California 1899 (click for full size)
Many of these (including the two above) have been carefully retouched to remove vertical lines and restore their beauty.

   All Categories:American Skylines  * American Towns  *  Bathing Beauties & Beach Scenes
Bridges Dams & Panama Canal  *  City Scenes & Buildings
Crowd Scenes  *  Disasters Natural & Military  *  European & South American Scenes 
Groups & Gatherings  *  Industry & Agriculture  *  Majestic Scenery
North American Harbors & Waterfronts
Parks Inns & Stately Homes  *  Planes Trains Automobiles Ships
Schools Universities & Students  *  Sports  *  Waterfalls

Chicago Cubs, National League pennant winners 1929 (click to see full size)

Havana, Cuba waterfront 1921 (click for full size)

Hundreds of vintage images at your fingertips, ready to browse and enjoy and use for all your projects. 

  Click here to see all our image CDs 


Images are in easy-to-use JPG format.  Works with PC or Mac.Longest side is typically between 1000 and 2500 pixels. 
Shortest side is consistently 420 pixels.
Print onto any paper, card stock, transfers, transparencies,
whatever works in your printer.
Use for cards, scrapbooks, altered books and mixed media art,
T-shirts and fabric, calendars, journals, reports, and many more
creative uses.  Crop out close-ups or use whole, copy to your image editor to resize or modify.  Have fun!
Great for for any one interested in vintage images, photography, American history and cities, Edwardian and Twenties fashion. 
And they are just truly fascinating to browse!

What makes our digital image collections the best available anywhere?We've spent many months and hundreds of hours arranging and preparing these CDs, to bring you the best, most professional collections available. We know the numbers can be overwhelming, and we wanted our customers to be able to experience our collections as easily as they might go through a carefully organized library of family albums of photos. 

We use only the finest quality Taiyo Yuden CDs.
What some of our customers say about our image CDs in our feedback:
"Simply the finest ephemera CDs out there!" - L. A.
"best images I have ever seen on a cd...great to work with, shipped real fast A+" dragonbythelunar "Simply the best vintage reproduced images on the market-THANK YOU!!!" lrgent
"One of the best items I have ever purchased on eBay!!!!!! Excellent quality"  the-glass-fish
"Amazing Product! Value received far exceeded what I paid! A++" djohnsonian
"Perfect, just what I needed. Scans are good, price reasonable and FAST shipping." gopetersen
"What a wonderful and generous offering - thank you so much" papercollage

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Sunday parade, Fifth Avenue NYC 1902  (Click for full size image)

 Click here to see all Lunagirl Image CDs!    We offer fine quality CD collections of Victorian Postcards, Vintage Photographs,
Vintage Ads, Antique Labels, Historical Images, Theater Posters, Fine Art & More

The History of Panoramic Photography
The desire to show overviews of landscapes, cities, and historical scenes gave rise to panoramic photographs early in the history of photography.  The first panoramas, in the 1840s through late 1800s, were created by placing two or more daguerreotype plates side by side.  The lines between plates are still visible on many of these photographs.
By the end of the 1800s, special cameras were manufactured for taking panoramic photographs.  These worked by either the lens or both the lens and the film actually rotating while the camera stood on a tripod.  Some could produce full 360-degree photographs.
By 1900 mass-produced panoramic cameras were available.  Al-Vista, Eastman Kodak, and Conley offered panoramic cameras for the amateur photographer.  These made small panoramas about twelve inches long with a nearly 180-degree view.  Meanwhile, commercial photographers used the Cirkut camera, patented in 1904, which used large format film and could capture 360-degree views up to 20 feet long.  These were used to create many of the city views and group portraits in this collection. 
Some photographers went to great lengths to capture their images.  For example, George Lawrence specialized in aerial views, climbing high towers and even shooting pictures from flimsy cages suspended from balloons to photograph cities.  Finally he invented a method using a camera suspended from kites!  He also developed a flash powder for indoor banquet photography in the days before electric lights.  Flash powder in as many as 350 locations would be simultaneously exploded by a single charge.  When viewing these antique images, remember the ingenuity that went into creating them!
Text and entire listing copyright 2006 SummertownSun Publishing. Unauthorized copying is illegal.

These great antique images are so much fun just to browse through,
and you’ll think of many ways to use them.  An amazing collection of pictures.
Great for crafts, art, historians, photographers, and everyone interested in days gone by.
Published by SummertownSun Publishing, LLC
ISBN # 978-1-934688-21-2


� Copyright 2006 Lunagirl Images/SummertownSun Publishing, LLC. All rights reserved.  

All Lunagirl Images products are � SummertownSun Publishing LLC.  Individual images may also be copyrighted due to creative alteration of the originals.  All Lunagirl images are offered under license, subject to the terms of a license agreement.  “Lunagirl” is a trademark of SummertownSun Publishing LLC.

Personal Non-commercial Use: You may print unlimited copies of images or collage sheets for your own non-commercial personal or educational use.  You may alter images to print for your own non-commercial use.  Refers to your own use; images may not be forwarded to others.

Art:  You may incorporate images into unique collage art or mixed media art projects, which may be sold.  If your work is displayed online or published credit Lunagirl Images or our website for the image(s) used (please contact us for link address to our website)

Personal Web Pages:  You may use up to 10 images on your own non-commercial website or web page with credit and link to our website (contact us for URL).  Lunagirl images displayed in online listings must be watermarked “Lunagirl Images.” 

Auction templates: Please contact us for permission, usually OK.  Credit and link back to our website must be included on templates.

Handmade Items for Sale:  1) Using Image CDs: You may use up to 10 images to create handmade items for sale (handmade altered art cards, jewelry, ornaments, etc.) or to create labels or tags for your items for sale using your home printer. To use more, please contact us for permission.
2) Using Collage Sheets: You may use each picture on a Lunagirl collage sheet up to 10 times to create handmade items for sale.


Lunagirl CDs & collage sheets may not be copied, shared, redistributed or resold, in whole or in part, in any printed or digital format.  Individual images may not be resold or distributed alone or as part of any other compilation or design resource (including, but not limited to, prints, CD, DVD, downloads, e-cards, templates, scrapbook kits, digital scrapbooking kits) without written permission and additional license.

Lunagirl images may not be used to create design elements for sale (including, but not limited to, sale of collage sheets, stickers, “tubes,” photo charms, fabric squares, etc.)  Images may not be used for sale of items on “print-on-demand” sites.

Images may not be stored on any public server or network accessible by anyone other than the licensee and may not be uploaded to image sharing sites.  Permissions herein apply only to individual licensee. 

No image may be used as a trademark or service mark.  No image may be used for any unlawful purpose or use.

For graphic design, advertising, sale of decals patterns transfers etc., or use of images/sale of items in larger numbers ask about commercial licensing. 
Use in media production, digital scrapbook design for resale, or sale of prints requires rights-managed licensing. We can make a special listing for you.

Questions? Use the "Ask Seller a Question" link at the top of this page to contact us.Thanks for your visit!

We are Proud to be members of ZNE Mixed Media & Indie Artists Connected!
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Priced $15.00. Categorized under Crafts >> Scrapbooking & Paper Crafts >> Paper Crafts. Condition: New. Vintage Panoramic PhotographsOver 1,030 photo images on CD Balboa, California Bathing Girl Parade 1925 Click on the picture above to se ful-size! (The galery picture is a smal section of this panorama) Amazing photographs of cities and to.