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Wealth, abundance, Money, Cash, Prosperity Spell, Cast QUICK Spell

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spell, spells, wealth spells, money spell, cash magnet, money drawing, black magic, witchcraft, spelled item, enchanted item
money spell, wealth Spell

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QUICK CASTING - This spell which I will do on your behalf will be cast within 48 hours of purchase-Guaranteed 

Wealth, abundance, Money, Cash, Prosperity Spell Ring Spell ,- Free Recasting- Money back guarantee

I can provide you with many happy customers feedback, if you look up dawnshimeringspirit or spellsshop on google you will find numerous feedback, and information and guaranteed professional 100% 5*service 
Free Delivery anywhere worldwide, accept any currency

This Spell will give you success in every thing related to Money. This is a POWERFUL Money Spell that will give you Wealth, Success, and Prosperity. If you want a future bursting with Good Luck and Good Fortune, this is the spell for you.
Do you want to have more luck with money, lottery, on line games, want to attract money to you and help you achieve a better life, if you want help winning lotto, bingo, the pools scratch cards or if you want to come into money, be promoted success with starting a new business or enterprise whatever the reason you need more cash this spell is for you

I will use the information given when you purchase, no other information is needed. As I am psychic I can easily tune into you from this information, this allows me to cast without the need for you d.o.b. This will be a single cast, cast over one evening within 48 hours, when I receive your order, I will only message you AFTER the spell has been cast, this allows me to keep my quick cast spells prices low. Although your spell will be guaranteed to be cast within 48 hours, sometimes sooner, I will email you within a week after the spell casting to let you know your spell has been cast. If you would like a CUSTOM cast please see my other listings.

About Me
Hello My Name is dawnshimmeringspirit I have been working in this field for many years helping people face to face and then working on other sites for many years I can cast ANY spell in order to offer a range of services to my clients. Please get into touch if you want something different to the ones I have listed
I have always been psychic since i was a child and regularly seen people who have passed over to the other side
I noticed I had a gift when, I was being given regular messages, and all my dreams felt real and were always coming true, I can always remember my dreams since I was a child as I regularly predict future events, and had the ability to feel energy from people, know what they were thinking and feeling and experience what they were going through almost within seconds of meeting them, at night I have regular visitors and visit other astral planes when I am asleep
I have practised all forms of divination and spells for over 25years

I have extensively trained over the years and have always tried to help people I am a trained nurse, counsellor and artist, masseur as well as registered psychic I am honest and caring and genuinely try to help others, I have travelled extensively met all walks of life different cultures and have lived abroad for many years always living amongst people in different cultures , I have always been able to adapt to any situation and love to live amongst different walks of life, adapting easily to different ways of life
I and am not shocked easily,and try to be as helpful as possible 
and any spell performed will be done at the utmost discretion 
As I have been given I gift to help others I always try my best to get you the best results
the gift has been passed down to me for generations and been practicing my crafts for over 25years
My great grandmother was an established medium and I have also been given the gift

If you have any questions please contact me.
All my spells are performed individually and customised to the individual using my own words
I offer a personal and discreet service and have had many happy customers I have added real genuine feedback from recent clients and am an established spellcaster for over 25 years.

Im so confident of the results that I offer a
Free Recasting- Money back guarantee, if you do not receive your results within 90 days I offer a free triple recast of your original spell, if you still don't receive your results a further 90 days after this I will give you a Full money back- no quibble guarantee


As a spell caster im obliged to point out by law that this is  "ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY" AND ARE NOT "EXPERIMENTALLY PROVEN".This does not replace any medical, psychiatric, finance person, ect and that also there are no guarantees, you must be 18years or over
I do not take any responsibility for any choices you make and are your personal and legal responsibility , I do not take any resposibility for any paranormal activity that does or does not appear.
Delivery informationany medical,psychiatric,finance person,ect and that also there are no guarantees, you must be 18years or over
I do not take any responsibility for any choices you make and are your personal and legal responsibility 

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20% off w/ $100.00 spent
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Product reviews for "Spellsshop Spell"


Wealth, abundance, Money, Cash, Prosperity Spell, Cast QUICK Spell


The quick version I ordered a spell never heard a word from Dawn I started sending messages(after almost a month went by)no answer until I asked for a refund, this seller is a liar and nothing but rude and also threatened me there are plenty of other great spell casters don't use this one, Dawn's threat to me was if I did not change my feedback she would make a spell do the opposite of what I wanted and I have all of the emails to prove it also she lied in the feedback portion saying I had unreasonable demands I don't this asking for a refund after a month of not answering me is unreasonable.

Purchased Spellsshop Spell on Bonanza

Beautiful Cats Eye Stone Wealth Ring Spell for Money, Riches,Success Abundance


I have never seen such an intense green stone. Everybody around me noticed it and I could not be happier with my choice!!! Perfect service!! I love it!

Purchased Spellsshop Spell on Bonanza

Powerful Love spell, passion, lust, new love, bring love back, haunted item

Never heard back from this seller despite sending messages through message centre

Unfortunately despite taking my payment this seller never got back to me. To say I'm disappointed is a bit of an understatement.

Purchased Spellsshop Spell on Bonanza
Priced $16.00. Categorized under Everything Else >> Metaphysical >> Psychic, Paranormal >> Spells, Potions. Condition: New, Brand: Spells, UPC: spell, spells, wealth spells, money spell, cash magnet, money drawing, black magic, witchcraft, spelled item, enchanted item, MPN: money spell, wealth Spell, Toolholding: Mantra. QUICK CASTING - This spel which I wil do on your behalf wil be cast within 48 hours of purchase-Guaranted Wealth, abundance, Money, Cash, Prosperity Spel Ring Spel ,- Fre Recasting- Money back guaranteI can provide you with many hapy c.