Why do more sellers recommend Bonanza than any other marketplace?

Simply put, we've spent years listening to our sellers. Their entrepreneurial spirit inspires us to work harder and build smarter. The result is a marketplace that lets you hit the ground running and scale quickly.

And it probably doesn't hurt that you can save 50% in fees vs. our competitors2

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Item importers

You don't have to sell on just one site. Bonanza makes it easy to bring your listings over from eBay and Etsy and cover more ground. We also offer inventory file importing and a full API.


Patent-pending background burner

Great pictures are key to making sales. Our tools can pick out the item in your picture, removing the background clutter to leave you with studio-quality photos.

The best of both worlds

Instant buyers of a marketplace3, flexibility of a standalone store


Part marketplace

Like eBay and Etsy, Bonanza is a growing brand that buyers visit directly to make purchases. Unlike other marketplaces, we give you the flexibility to do your own advertising with no upfront cost.


Part standalone store

Like Shopify and Magento, Bonanza gives you tools to grow your personal brand, and own your customers. Unlike other standalones, you don't have to pay thousands in costs before buyers start to find you.

Not to mention...

  • You pay absolutely no fees on referral traffic you drive to your store
  • Publish Bonanza items to eBay store seamlessly
  • Crop and rotate photos while you list items
  • Top rated customer support experience online.
  • Automatic integration with Google Shopping, Nextag, Pricegrabber, and other leading shopping engines
  • Real time chat baked into every store, free of charge
  • Adjust thousands of items at once with our Batch Editor

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